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TRIPLA company profile. A Belgium company specialized in support for modeling tools like MEGA, Sparx Enterprise Architect. Experienced in helping clients setting up tooling for Business Architecture, Application Architecture, ALM, Archimate, Enterprise Architecture, GRC, etc. Furthermore, we also eat our own dogfoot by actually working on projects in the fields supported by the tool at the clients. Working for major clients like Colruyt, KBC, bpost, Euroclear, Eurocontrol, etc

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  • 1. TRIPLA BVBA Clarahof 32 3020 Veltem-Beisem Tel : +32 (0) 497 97 44 37 Company Capabilities Brief

2. Agenda Company Introduction Capabilities Questions 3. Company Introduction We provide services, solutions, and resources to enable our clients to achieve their modeling, architecture, and management needs Advice Analysis Architecture We tailor tools and methodologies to support our clients architectural needs We deliver expert analysis to help clients achieve project goals We provide professional advice to help clients better align business structure, processes, and Information Technology assets in conformance with standards 4. Company Introduction Background Enterprise Architect & Tooling Expert Experienced MEGA Administrator Knowledgeable in UML/ BPMN/ Archimate Problem Solver (MBTI = ESTP) Business Architect & Process Expert Experienced Process Expert Knowledgeable in BPM/BPMN/Lean Problem Solver (MBTI = ESTP) Stijn Van Schoonlandt Kris Segooris Founded in 2008 by Stijn Van Schoonlandt Mission: Be a (modelling) tooling partner for clients at both a technical & functional level MEGA Ambassador for Belgium and the Netherlands Key StaffExpertise Broad Enterprise Architecture experience across a various business areas Understand business needs Identify improvement areas Provide pragmatic solutions 5. Clients 6. We solve client problems How do we ensure our IT Assets are optimized to support our business? Where do we begin? We need help executing our vision Which framework or methodology should I use? Customers complain about our services although we are a well organized organisation How can we become more efficient? We would like to consolidate our IT systems in order to save money, but we dont know where to begin. We dont know anything about modelling or MEGA. We already use MEGA, but we need to tailor its functionality for our organization. These tools are too complex and difficult to use. 7. Capabilities Application Portfolio Management Architecture Methodology & Management Business Process Management Tool Implementation & Adminstrative Support Training & Coaching Certified MEGA Partner 8. Architecture Methodology and Management TRIPLA: Architecture is not just about creating models. A structured and well- defined methodology contributes to the exploitability of the Architecture effort. Business Architecture Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (TOGAF, eTOM, SCOR.) Artifact Development Roadmaps Governance How do we ensure our IT assets are optimized to support our business? Client: Where do we begin? Capabilities 9. Our Approach Architecture Planning We gather your requirements for Architectural concepts & views We elaborate a metamodel for your Architecture We help you select and implement the right tools Example EA Approach Preliminary Product Generation Generate Preliminary Products Publication & Delivery Publish Products Populate Tools & Repositories Present Results Data Collection Gather Requirements Review Documentation Conduct Interviews & Meetings Strategy Business Information & Data Applications & Services Technology Infrastructure Review & Revision Revise Products as needed Conduct Brainstorming Sessions & Interviews 10. Frameworks Client: Which framework or methodology should I use? 11. Our Approach (continued) Architecture Execution & Implementation We define your Vision We capture your As IS and To Be architecture We define your Strategic Roadmap AS IS TO BE Client: We need help executing our vision Governance We define your Governance Bodies, Roles & Responsibilities We help Implement your defined Governance Strategy Support setup of Governance bodies Coach actors in governance Manage change introduced by projects Governance Review Board Planning Management Council Architecture Review Board 12. Business Process Management TRIPLA: Most organizations believe they follow a process centric approach. In many cases they dont. We challenge organizations and give them an objective report on how efficient & effective they are managing their processes. We recommend concrete action to take BPM to the next level. BPM Audit BPM Setup LEAN Client: Customers complain about our services although we are a well organized organisation How can we become more efficient? Capabilities 13. Our Approach BPM Audit We Identify your processes & services We Assess your level of BPM maturity (CMM) We Recommend necessary action BMP Setup We define a Strategy & Focus for improved processes We set up Roles & Governance We Facilitate & Support execution of the program Lean We introduce Lean Culture & Methodology We Guide & Support concrete Lean Initiatives Fig. - Projection of the Capability Maturity Model. (CMM) Client: We are process oriented, but then again, you are right, managers are managing individual units and process managers are not defined 14. Application Portfolio Management Application Portfolio Management Application Rationalization TRIPLA: Through Application Rationalization, we can provide better insight and decision making support regarding your current and future systems capabilities to include total cost of ownership. Client: We would like to consolidate our IT systems in order to save money, but we dont know where to begin. Application Consolidation Capabilities The first step in transforming IT environments to drive innovation 15. Our Approach Example Application Portfolio Management Approach Inventory Phase Establish Application Repository Collect Data Application Repository Transformation Phase Compare Transformation Scenarios Develop & Compare Transformation Scenarios Evaluation Phase Assess Application Portfolio Analyze Data We conduct Independent unbiased assessments of your application inventory, costs, resources, and value We map out your applications portfolio1 Inventory We determine application-business alignment and the true cost of your applications We align cost and business value and analyze technical and functional quality2 Evaluate We create a target landscape and road map We develop the business case 3 Transform 16. Why Perform Application Rationalization & Consolidation? Mergers and Acquisitions Vendor Management Outsourcing Compliance Management Business Process Insights Audit prioritization and remediation Standardize platforms Reduce Redundant Capabilities Lower Total Cost of Ownership Modernize aging applications Keep up with evolving customer needs 17. Application Portfolio Management We help manage your Application Inventory We secure stakeholder buy-in We help optimize your portfolio Advantages Reduce Complexity Free up time & resources Focus on innovation Enhance competitiveness Increase productivity Application Users Core Systems Processes Technology Business Lines Business Capabilities 18. Tool Implementation & Administrative Support Installation & Configuration Customization & Integration Administration Training (Beginner & Advanced) Change Management Staff & end-user acceptance TRIPLA: Our experienced staff will help implement your solution using a combination of technical and managerial support. Client: These tools are too complex and difficult to use. Certified MEGA Partner Capabilities Client: We already use MEGA, but we need to tailor its functionality for our organization. TRIPLA: We can customize a solution and increase your confidence and proficiency. 19. Our Approach Tool Implementation & Support We help select & integrate the right tools for your needs We build customized dashboards and interfaces We provide ongoing administrative support Training We provide introductory & advanced training to your staff & users We deliver classes and one-on-one sessions Change Management We guide your staff in tool implementation We educate and inform your end-users to ensure acceptance 20. MEGA as a key Tool Enterprise Risk Management Application Rationalization Roadmaps Architecture Compliance Process Management Governance Artifact Development Standardization Application Portfolio Management Analysis MEGA 21. MEGA Advantages and Benefits Certified MEGA Partner Recognition Expendable Solid FlexibleUsability SafeInsight "The only tool successfully combining Enterprise Architecture, Compliance and Governance" 22. TRIPLA Customized MEGA Products Flexible Word document creation Upload from Word to MEGA for text fields Advanced Excel Tool MEGA-Office Integrator MEGA-ERStudio Integrator MEGA-CA ERwin Integrator MEGA LogAnalyzer MEGA Release Manager MEGA ObjectTransformer Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014 2015 23. Training & Coaching TRIPLA: Our Training just as it should be: theory reduced to a minimum, with meaningful exercises and experienced insights. Formal Classes One-on-one Sessions Various Tools (MEGA, Sparx) Languages (BPMN, UML) Atlassian products Experienced & Certified Trainers TRIPLA: Even the most experienced users will gain value from our training. Client: We dont know anything about modelling or MEGA. Client: We already use MEGA TRIPLA: Let us tailor a training package to your requirements. Capabilities 24. Added Services and Quality Project Management Support Business Analysis Functional Analysis Customer Focus No-nonsense mentality Knowledge Sharing Passion We help you manage Scope, Time, & Cost We work with People We Ensure Quality We identify Stakeholders We gather business needs & define Requirements We model Processes & Information We define Business Use Cases We design Graphical User Interfaces We define process & information models 25. Questions? Email : Phone : +32 497 97 44 37 Website : Contact us