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  • 1. Translation,Localization & Globalization Zhu XianchaoLan-bridge Group April 16, 2011

2. Translation PurposeCommunicationUnderstandingA traditional word since thousands years ago. 3. Localization Why localizationWhen in Rome do as Romans do 4. Localization What is localizationDo you like hot pot?Are you localized, the food, the weather, the people here, etc?More than translation, not only language issues, but also physical, cultural, technical related.It is a new word. 5. Localization-examples Food: McDonalds Adapted to different markets Automotive: Audi A6 L Vs. Audi A6 Cultural background Time-zone & Measurement Beijing Time vs. London Time, km vs. mile, kg vs. pound Technical related 6. An In-depth Example - McDonaldsCHINA 7. An In-depth Example - McDonaldsINDIA 8. An In-depth Example - McDonaldsARABIA 9. Globalization Why globalization,It is a small worldIt is a world standing on the internet 10. Globalization What is globalization,Going abroad, going internationalIt is a old word, since thousands years ago, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, and the Americans.It is also a new word, 11. 50 yearstime-span 1978-2000 China and the rest of the world Import more technology and ideas Localized into China, one-direction 2000-2010 Two-way, two-direction 2010-2020, 2030, now China Multi-way, multi-direction, the rest of the world. 12. HSBC ? 13. HSBC 14. Localization & Globalizationtwo words, one meaning 15. Translationis the Language-bridge forLocalization & Globalization