Tots100 2013 Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey

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This summer, Tots100 surveyed 1,500 UK parent bloggers. We asked who they are, what they love to blog about and how they work with brands and PR agencies.

Transcript of Tots100 2013 Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey

  • 1.2013 Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey

2. Tots100 is the UKs largest network of parent blogs We work with brands to devise and implement creative, high-quality blog outreach campaigns Our community has 7,000+ members and a monthly audience of 6m readers If you want to connect with them, come and talk to us 3. Who are the parentbloggers?* Data based on survey of 1,500 parent blogs conducted by Tots100, Summer 2013 4. Most parent bloggers (59%) are aged between 30 and 40 92% are female 5. Around half of parent bloggers (48%) have 2 children 9% have four or more 6. Bloggers are concentrated in the South 27% reside in the South East 14% live in the South West 7. 35% are stay at home parents 25% work part time 20% work from home 8. 47% have children aged 3 or under 25% have children aged 8 or over 9. 36% have been blogging for one year 21% have blogged for 2 years 12% have blogged for 5 years or more 10. 34% prefer to be called a parent blogger 29% are happy to be called a Mummy blogger 11. Are bloggers digitalinfluencers?* Data based on survey of 1,500 parent blogs conducted by Tots100, Summer 2013 12. Bloggers use: Twitter 87% Facebook 83% Google+ 59% Pinterest 57% Instagram 40% YouTube 20% 13. 87% active on Twitter Average of 1,470 followers 10% have more than 3,000 followers 14. 83% of parent bloggers use Facebook to promote their blogs 15. 59%of parent bloggers have a G+ account but 36% of them have zero followers 16. 30% write mostly about parenting and kids 29% write mostly personal opinion 25% write mostly about products 17. Bloggers and thebrand Connection 18. 90% of UK parent bloggers want to work with brands 19. 49% like trying new products 40% like earning extra money from brands 31% enjoy going to new places with their kids 20. 54% of bloggers say their biggest challenge is being noticed by PR agencies and brands 21. 28% say they get much more email than a year ago On average, just 20% of PR emails are of interest to bloggers 22. 47% of bloggers say that a brand, agency or SEO has asked them to do something unethical this year 23. 38% of bloggers accept paid posts 25% currently host advertising 14% write for brand websites 24. 27% of parent bloggers receive 10 or fewer PR emails each week 5% of parent bloggers receive 50+ emails per week 25. 27% of bloggers say that they hate being stalked by PR agencies chasing coverage 26. 43% say that brands often send irrelevant information 40% say brands dont offer to pay for their time and expenses 27. Want more? Invite us to your placeand well share all the details* * We like biscuits 28. Tweet us: @tots100 Email us Visit us