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Top Cigars For Beginners

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Top Cigars For Beginners

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Are You a Beginner?● As a beginner, choosing a cigar from

an overwhelming number of options available can be confusing. If you are looking to graduate to a classier option of smoking or are new to smoking altogether, you may begin your journey with any of the cigars listed here.

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Gurkha Cigars

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● The "Rolls Royce of Cigars", each and every one of the Gurkhas comes packed with the finest tobacco. Gurkha mostly makes high end, premium cigars but it also offers a range of every-day, smoking cigars which are a great bargain at the prices they are offered at.

● Gurkha Ancient Warrior: This very well-known Gurkha cigar has special smoothness to it. It’s a medium to full strength cigar wrapped in Brazil with Dominican binding and filler.

● Gurkha Warlord: This high strength cigar is wrapped and filled in Nicaragua, and bound in the Dominican Republic.

● Gurkha Spec Ops: Originally created for the U.S. special forces, this medium strength Dominican cigar is wrapped in Connecticut, bound in Nicaragua and filled in the Dominican Republic.

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Arturo Fuente Cigars

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● Made in Dominican Republic, Arturo Fuente cigars are very most famous for its excellence. Dominican filler and binder under a Connecticut wrapping make these mild to medium strength cigars a classic.

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My Father Cigars● Nicaragua made, My Father cigars belong

to the legendary Garcia cigar family. Don Pepin Blue and Don Pepin Black are the cigars that one must try. Available in many sizes these are very robust Pepin creations.

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So, beginners and soon to be cigar aficionados, take your pick and indulge in these high quality cigars.

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Mike's Cigars1030 Kane ConcourseBay Harbor-FLUS- 33154(800) 962–[email protected]