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This is our work in progress - timeline of the world.

Transcript of TimeLine of the World Table


Century 5000 BC 4000 BC 3000BC


Event The Stone Age


The Egyptians Pyramids of Giza The Babylonians: Hamurabi and Nebuchadnezzar & hanging Gradens of Babylon

3100 BC 2000 BC 1900 BC 1800 BC 1700 BC 1600 BC 1500 BC 1400 BC 1300 BC 1200 BC1250 Hebrews: Prophet Musa (as) Pharoah

The Pheonicans: Glass, Purple Dye, Can

1100 BC 1000 BC 900 BC 800 BC 700 BC750 Rise of Rome Hanging Gardens if Babylon

The Bronze Age

600 BC 500 BC 400 BC 300 BC 200 BC

Celts In England

Celts In England, swords shields

urple Dye, Canaan

238 250

Parthians and Sassanids Light of Alexandira was built - Egypt, Alexandria

100 BC150

1 AD40

Roman Empire


56 55 43

Romans 1st Invasion Romans 2nd Invasion Romans 3rd Invasion, this time they stayed

Romans In England

1 100 AD 200 AD255

Prophet Jesus was born Isa (alaihis salam)

Sassanids Overthrow Parthians Alexander the Great Romans left England Anglo Saxons Invade The Roman Empire Ends. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) was born Sayidena Uthman (r.a) was born. Nebuchadanezzar becomes King of Babylon and builds the Hanging Gardens Emperor Heraclius in Byzantium

Sassanids - King Ardashir makes Zorostrianism the sta

300 AD366

400 AD410 476

500 AD570 577

Prophet Muhamma

600 AD605 610

Anglo - Saxon


ophet Muhammad's Life (s.a.w)

Zorostrianism the state religion

Anglo - Saxons In England


Sayidena Uthman (r.a) migrates to Abyssinia with 11 men and 11 women. One of the women was his wife.

Emperor Heraclius

628Hsuan Tsang's Travels

638 632 637 641 645 697 660

Hijra of the Muslims to Medina. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msJvT-S4hgA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJ9Toqe5KE Muslims conquer Persia Emperor Heraclius dies Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) left this world Arabs invade North Africa Arabs conquer Middle East inc. Palestine

Ummayad Dynasty

Byzantine Empire (Constantinople)

Arabs in Africa

700 AD750 789 Abbassids Vikings Invade England

800 AD

Vikings in England

Abbasid Dynasty - Golden Age

900 AD962 Holy Roman Empire Starts

The Age of Exploration

1000 AD1037William the Conqueror William II Henry I

Fatimids rule Egypt (from Syria) The Moors (muslim

Selju Turks 1037-1243 Normans Invade, Battle of Hastings,

Normans in England

1066 1089 1095

Seljuk Turks

Pope calls for Crusades

1100 AD1135


Holy Roma


Normans Leave


e Moors (muslims) in Spain

k Turks

den Age


Holy Roman Empire


1200 AD1243 1258 1258 Suljuk Turks end Abbasids end Seige of Baghdad by the Mongol Hulagu Khan

Mongol Empire in China/Russia and Persia

Mamlukes in Egypt (Muslim Turks)

The Plantagenets

1271 Marco Polo 1300 AD1301 Sultan Osman I declares hiself Sultan of all the Turks

1304 Ibn Batutta was born 1347 Black Death Starts - 25 million died 1351 Black Death ends 1369 Ibn Batutta died1399

1400The Age of Discovery

1420 1453 1492

Age of Discovery 1420-1500 Fall of Constantinople to Istanbul Christiphor Columbus discovers West Indies

1500Henry VIII

Ottoman Empire

1509 1534

Henry VIII - left behind Edward, Mary and Elizabeth Ottomans take Baghdad Edward VI aged 10 Mary I - Bloody Mary. Catholic Elizabeth I

Edward VI Mary I

1547 1553 1558

Elizabth I

16001602 Decline of Ottomn Empire

James I

1603 1605 1607

James I Gunpowder Plot The first British Colony, Jamestown, Maryland.


Charles I 1625 Charles II 1660

Charles I

Mogul Empire

Charles II - Merry Monarch

Ottoman Empire Decline

James II


James II - first Catholic Monarch after Mary I

Baghdad under Ottoman Rule

1689 King William and queen 1700 1689 1760 1783 George III 1797 Horatio Nelson was in command of HMS Captain at the Battle of Cape St Vincent. William and Mary rule as joint monarchs George III

The British in India

Logic Enlightenment

18001812 George IV William IV 1820 1830 1832 1837 1855

19th CenturyThe Swiss Family Robinson Florence Nightingle was born William IV The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Queen Victoria ascends to the throne First Pillar boxes

Reign of Queen

1865 Reign of Queen Victoria 1866 1877 1879 1892

Rudyard Kipling was born in India Beatrix Potter was born Telephone was invented Alexander Graham Bell Lightbulb was invented, Thomas Edison The first car was produced by Frank and Charles Dureya

19001910 1912 Reign of King George V 1913 1918 1921 1926 1936 1939 Reign of King George VI 1939 1941 1945 1947 1952 1964 Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1968 1969 1969 1978

20th CenturyKing George V rises to the throne Titanic sinks World War I Begins 11th of November, 11am - World War I ends with Germany signing an armistice ( a truce). Baghdad under British Rule - end of Ottoman Rule Television was invented King George V dies, his eldest son, King Edward become king, and then is abdicated, his second eldest son, King George VI - August - Wizard of Oz is released September - World War II starts Attack on Pearl Harbour World War II ends with the atomic bomb Pakistan the country was born, separated from India King George VI dies, and his eldest daughter Queen Elizabeth II comes to the throne Mary Poppins was released. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was released. First man on the moon. Neil Armstrong Daddy was born Mama was born

Queen Elizabeth II

2000 2001

21st Century September 11th Aeroplane Attack on the World Trade Center