TIFFIN MOTORHOMES Company Fact Sheet Company Fact Sheet Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. is a leading...

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Transcript of TIFFIN MOTORHOMES Company Fact Sheet Company Fact Sheet Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. is a leading...

  • TIFFIN MOTORHOMES Company Fact Sheet

    Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Class A motorhomes. A family-owned business since 1972, Tiffin Motorhomes is the only privately held company of the top 5 manufacturers in the motorhome industry. Bob Tiffin started Tiffin Motorhomes in 1972 in Red Bay, Alabama, because of his love for the recreational vehicle lifestyle. Today, Bob Tiffin works with his three sons – Tim, Van, and Lex – at the plant. Tiffin Motorhomes is a leading employer in Northwest Alabama and Northeast Mississippi. In addition to the company’s main production plant in Red Bay, Tiffin Motorhomes has a state-of-the-art paint facility in nearby Belmont, Mississippi. Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2012, Bob Tiffin and his family still believe in taking care of customers “one at a time.” The company’s steady and conservative business philosophies

    give us the stability to continue to provide our customers with unmatched service in the years ahead. In addition, Tiffin Motorhomes provides what is considered the best warranty in the industry.

    Tiffin Motorhomes applies vertical integration and is a true manufacturer of motorhomes instead of an

    assembler. Tiffin controls the process from start to finish, which allows us to design components that optimize performance and value for our customers. Tiffin builds its own windows,

    doors, cabinets, sidewalls, fiberglass walls, caps, wiring harnesses, and most other parts.

    This process allows for a better designed coach, with replacement parts available for years to come. Tiffin also designs its own PowerGlide® chassis used on the Allegro Bus® and Allegro Breeze®.

    Company founder and president Bob Tiffin, with sons Tim, Lex, grandson Leigh, and son, Van.

  • TIFFIN MOTORHOMES FACTS Headquarters: Red Bay, Alabama Founded: 1972

    LEADERSHIP Bob Tiffi n: President/Founder Tim Tiffi n: General Manager Van Tiffi n: Product Development Director Lex Tiffi n: Quality Control Director

    BRANDS Allegro®: Tiffi n Motorhomes fl agship brand and only gasoline model. Built just as sturdy as our top-of-the-line models, the Allegro’s aff ordable price tag is a great value.

    Allegro RED®: Built with the quality, comfort, and aff ordability of our popular Allegro model, the RED off ers increased torque and horsepower with a rear engine diesel (RED). Like the Allegro, the RED is aff ordable, practical, and value-packed.

    Allegro Breeze®: Designed for those customers who want the quality of a Tiffi n Motorhome that is more effi cient and easier to handle. Introduced in 2010, the Breeze is now off ered in 28- and 32-foot models.

    Phaeton®: Consistently Tiffi n’s best-selling model, the Phaeton is also one of the top-selling Class A motorhomes in the industry. Th e Phaeton provides more luxury and practicality at a greater value than any other diesel pusher on the road.

    Allegro Bus®: One of the most powerful diesel pushers on the market, the Allegro Bus is also one of the most luxurious. Built with full-time RVers in mind, this luxurious coach has it all.

    Zephyr®: Our top-of-the-line model, the Zephyr is built with the best of everything we know to make it a moving masterpiece. Th is includes 40 years of knowledge, innovation, and skill merged into one magnifi cent and luxurious 45-foot solid structured coach.

    CONTACT INFORMATION 105 2nd Street NW Red Bay, AL 35582 (256) 356-8661 Parts & Service: 256-356-0261 www.tiffi nmotorhomes.com www.facebook.com/tiffi nmotorhomes www.twitter.com/tiffi nmotorhome

    Tiffi n Motorhomes’ Phaeton has been the No. 1-selling diesel pusher for the past 3 years.