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Learn best practices in disability recruiting from Think Beyond the Label and join them in their online career fairs in 2013!

Transcript of Think Beyond the Label Online Career Fair

  • 1. Best Practices inDisability Recruiting February 13, 2013

2. What is Think Beyond the Label?+ Think Beyond the Label is a public-private partnership that is creating new opportunities for businesses to nd resources and connect to qualied job candidates with disabilities 3. Think Beyond the Labels Path toSuccessful Disability RecruitingDiverse Recruiting Recruitment Partnerships PoolOnlineCareer Jobs Fairs PortalCandidateOutreach 4. Overview of Todays Conversation+ Differentiating disability recruiting from other types of diversity recruiting+ Finding unique opportunities to engage, recruit and hire qualified job candidates with disabilities+ Showcasing your companys diversity hiring initiatives to enhance your employer brand 5. Job Candidates with Disabilities area Heterogeneous Group+ One in ve Americans has a disability globally its equal to the population of China (1.3 billion)+ The disability community is the 3rd largest market segment ahead of African Americans and Hispanics + Nearly 30% of U.S. families have a family member with a disability 6. What does TBTLs Pool of JobCandidates with Disabilities Look Like?+ TBTL candidates are looking for high-skilled, professional level jobs+ TBTL candidates have experience in 40 different industry categories and live in all 50 states;+ 10% are new college graduates;+ 20% have between 5-10 years of job experience;+ 30% have more than 11 years of job experience+ TBTL candidates are not connected to services from the public employment system 7. Example of a typical TBTL JobCandidate:+ Paul +Lives and works in Louisville, KY; +Has 3-5 years of sales experience; +Currently seeking a career change; +Is willing to relocate for future job opportunities; and +Successfully used a screen reader to participate in our last online career fair 8. Recruiting for Diversity Strong Employer Targeted RecruitingBrand FormatsDisabilityRecruitingConsistentAccessible LogisticsCandidateCommunications 9. Recruiting for Diversity: Building aStrong Employer Brand+ Advertise your company as an equal opportunity employer and include an accessibility statement on your corporate website+ Use your corporate career pages to tell job applicants that you accommodate disabilities during the hiring process and/or include it in your job postings+ Align your brand with disability recruiting brands that are recognized and trusted by candidates with disabilities 10. Recruiting for Diversity: Targeted Recruiting Formats+ Meet new federal regulation requirements with an accessible application process+ Increase access to job candidates with disabilities through outreach on sites like TBTL that target this recruitment pool+ Start connecting directly to candidates with disabilities in targeted online career fairs+ Work with sourcing firms that specifically place candidates with disabilities 11. Recruiting for Diversity: AccessibleLogistics+ Make the interview process as accessible as possible+ Consult with job candidates who request interview accommodations to determine what format works best for them+ Consider opportunities like online career fairs that make logistics easy for both job candidates and recruiters 12. Recruiting for Diversity: ConsistentCandidate Communications+ Generally, employers cannot ask disability- related questions before an offer is made+ Create formal policies and procedures on accommodations to help ensure consistency+ Include information about accommodation policies in all offer letters/communications 13. Finding Unique Opportunities toEngage Job Seekers with Disabilities+ Participate in online career fairs and other online opportunities targeting job seekers with disabilities+ Tailor social media messaging to engage workers with disabilities+ Engage professional search rms who specically place workers with disabilities 14. Recruiting outside the box withTBTL Online Career FairsBusiness participants receive:+ A custom-branded employer page displaying open positions, videos, benets information and more+ A full Candidate Report with information and resumes of attendees+ Space for up to 3 recruiters, with an option for more+ Dedicated, personalized account support. + Logo placement on Think Beyond the Labels website+ 10% discount for webinar attendees on an event package with code: tbtlwebinar 15. Showcasing your Diversity Hiring Initiatives to Enhance your Brand+ Start building outreach to ensure greater recruiting and hiring from this pool of job candidates with disabilities+ Promote your disability hiring initiatives to diversify your workforce and meet compliance needs+ Implementing these recruiting techniques actually benefits ALL potential job candidates 16. TBTLs Corporate Sponsor Program is well positioned to help+ Featured sponsors get prime logo placement on TBTL website, jobs portal and in the Hire Wire+ Featured employers have targeted logo placement on TBTL jobs portal+ Partners share co-branded PR opportunities and featured success stories+ TBTL can identify qualified job candidates through partnership with a disability focused search firm+ TBTL can create content for corporate social media outlets on disability hiring initiatives and co-branded marketing materials to show corporate commitment to disability hiring initiatives 17. Questions?Barbara Otto barbara.otto@thinkbeyondthelabel.comLaura Wilhelm laura.wilhelm@thinkbeyondthelabel.comThank you