THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing...

THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications
THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications
THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications
THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications
download THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications

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Transcript of THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR - Epson THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing...

  • THE WORLD IN SURECOLOR Your guide to a realm of creative printing applications

    SureColor printers open up a world of lucrative new business prospects for Print Service Providers (PSPs). Whatever the print service specialism, investing in Epson’s wide-format printers means they can produce a wide range of quality, premium products to explore significant new market opportunities to boost their business and revenue.

    Alongside the ability to print the broadest range of interior and exterior display graphics and signage, our SureColor printers enable PSPs to create luxury metallic wall and glass coverings, lightweight soft signage and displays, and a host of quality, customised premium décor, promotional products, sports and fashion accessories – and more.

    Imagine a world in SureColor: now retailers, fashion and interior designers, architects, agencies, photographers and artists can print their unique designs, images and graphics onto a myriad of surfaces and materials to sell, decorate and display. And by doing so they can also boost their business in turn.

    With SureColor, PSPs can help their customers quickly change designs to stop a range looking stale, encouraging regular repeat shopper visits to see the new designs on offer, and allowing them to deliver new lines with minimal investment, keeping pace with fast-moving trends.

    What? Why? How?

    Cushions, curtains, sofa, armchair, covered stools

    Any image or pattern can be printed in photographic quality onto a wide choice of easy-wash, abrasion-resistant, quality-feel materials

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Deck chair, bean bags, lampshade

    Create quality, hard-wearing bespoke or branded upholstery on a range of materials

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Mouse mat, mug, pen, phone and tablet covers

    Give pens, mouse mats, mugs, phone and tablet covers and much more a personal or promotional touch with quality, colour images

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Decorated lift doors, ceramic tiles, serving desk, table

    Dye-sublimation is ideal for printing and transferring scratch-resistant, photographic-quality images onto a wide range of polyester-coated substrates such as aluminium, steel, plastics, MDF boards and ceramic tiles

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Pop up ‘special offer’ banner Print quality, durable signs and banners quickly and cost-effectively onto a range of PVC, vinyl, paper and recyclable stock

    SureColor SC-S Series

    A1 to B0+ poster Deliver long-lasting indoor posters, short-term outdoor ones and even flags, with high-quality colour on a wide variety of media including coated fabric. Produce designs quickly and economically using a selection of pre-defined layouts, including themed graphics for groceries, travel, toys and more

    SureColor SC-T Series

    Manifestation on glass screen (ad or décor) showing metallic effect, wallpaper

    Print luxury décor wall and glass coverings with fine detail and premium, creative metallic effects for home, business and retail interiors on a range of materials including white and clear vinyl, and smooth or textured wallpapers

    SureColor SC-S Series

    Backlit ‘quality’ poster Produce high-impact, high-quality backlit displays with smooth graduations and rich blacks. Ideal for stand-out, premium signage and in-store decor

    SureColor SC-S Series

    Woman’s dress, man’s tie, football shirt

    The huge range of material available to dye-sub printers means you can produce quality sportswear, t-shirts, dresses, skirts and ties – ideal for team kit, sponsor branding or simply making a fashion statement

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Shoes, clutch bag, sports bag

    Any image can be printed and transferred onto material with a percentage of polyester to create branded items such as bags and other fashion accessories

    SureColor SC-F Series

  • IncredIble performance, IncredIbly versatIle The SC-T Series is designed to deliver CAD drawings, long-lasting indoor posters, short-term outdoor ones, with high-quality colour, on a wide variety of media.

    all you need Is polyester There are hundreds of ‘sublimation-ready’ materials you can print on, from coffee mugs to clothing and from bags to interior decor metal plaques.

    Welcome to the World of epson surecolor: A range of quality printers that enables many creative applications and commercial opportunities.

    thInk It…prInt It!

  • dedIcated Indoor and outdoor 64-Inch sIgnage prIntIng solutIons From affordable to highly productive with the highest quality, cutting-edge white and metallic printing, The SC-S Series delivers superior results on a wide range of media.

    precIsIon desIgn, hIgh performance The SC-F Series is developed to deliver exactly the benefits our customers need; quality, performance, reliability, maximum productive uptime and profit at a low Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Why choose Epson Our SureColor printers combine our precision inkjet technology, design and engineering with our UltraChrome inks to give the professional print sector the ultimate in versatility, functionality and reliability across an extensive range of applications.

    Choose from the SureColor SC-T, SureColor SC-S and SureColor SC-F Series of printers to produce quality POS, signage, décor, apparel, decorated giftware, gadgets and furnishings. These printers are designed to deliver maximum quality, productivity, flexibility and a low Total Cost of Ownership on the widest range of substrates, and are available in widths from 24 to 64 inches.

    Find out more about the SureColor ranges here:

    SureColor SC-F Series

    Produces a wide range of quality soft signage, sportswear, apparel, accessories, customised promotional items and decorated gadgets. They are the first printers in the dye- sublimation sector in which every component – from the ink and printhead, to printer chassis and optional accessories – are all designed and manufactured by one company. As a result, quality, performance and reliability are all optimised for maximum productive uptime and profit.

    SureColor SC-S Series

    Offering a choice of speeds and colours (from four to 10 colours including white and metallic) for the production of high-quality and durable indoor and outdoor POS, signage and wallpaper graphics onto the widest range of materials, including vinyl, window film and recyclable stock. This range is also ideal for delivering a variety of other outputs from exhibition displays, posters, banners, textiles and backlit panels to vehicle wraps and labels.

    SureColor SC-T Series

    Printers that produce great colour, as well as fine tones and text, on a variety of coated media including photo paper and card or board up to 1.5mm thick, in large poster sizes ideal for long-lasting indoor displays. They are perfect for environments where production speed and economy are paramount. Outstanding ease of use means anyone can use them, not just print professionals. Based on aqueous pigment ink technology, their output is water-resistant, which is great for short-term outdoor use.

    For further information please contact your local Epson office or visit

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    Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of Seiko Epson Corporation or their respective owners. Product information is subject to change without prior notice.

    For more information on our range please visit the relevant page below:

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