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Transcript of The story of me!

  • 1. The Story of Me!
    By Crystal Joseph

2. My Parents
3. I am born!
I was brought into the world in May, 1988.
Mummy and I after church
4. The Preschool days
I was the most outgoing little person ever! However,Preschool was hard for me.
When I left, I still could not write a thing!
What a shame!
5. Me during the preschool days
6. Infant school days
I attended the Ciceron R.C. Combined School.These were the best times of my life.
Climbing trees, riding my bike, breaking my arms5 times!Those were the days
7. Me during the infant school days
8. Primary school days
By then the lazy preschool days were over. I was now the smartest student in my class! I was no longer an adventurer but a NERD!
9. Me during the Primary school days
10. Secondary school days
In 2000, I satthe Common Entrance Exam. I was assigned to the St. Josephs Convent Secondary School. I began to take my Christian life seriously. That was the best decision I ever made
11. Me during the secondary school Days
12. The sir Arthur days
In 2007 I attended the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies. That was a waste of my time !
13. Me During the Sir Arthur days
Graduation Day
(thank God thats over)
14. $Money making day$
I decided to become a teacher. I enjoyed my job.
My students loved me very much.
15. My studentsand i
16. Back to School
I dreamed of a better life! I knew what I had to do
17. I came back here!

18. The future
I dont know what the future holds but I know God will make it GREAT! After all, he has already blessed me with the following wonderful people
19. My sister
20. My brother
21. other sister
22. Youngest sister
23. My crazy BF
24. And catty!
25. The end