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<ul><li> 1. The Story of Me!<br />By Crystal Joseph<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. My Parents<br />Mom<br />Dad<br /> 3. I am born!<br />I was brought into the world in May, 1988. <br />Mummy and I after church <br /> 4. The Preschool days<br />I was the most outgoing little person ever! However,Preschool was hard for me. <br />When I left, I still could not write a thing! <br />What a shame!<br /> 5. Me during the preschool days<br /> 6. Infant school days<br />I attended the Ciceron R.C. Combined School.These were the best times of my life.<br />Climbing trees, riding my bike, breaking my arms5 times!Those were the days <br /> 7. Me during the infant school days<br /> 8. Primary school days<br />By then the lazy preschool days were over. I was now the smartest student in my class! I was no longer an adventurer but a NERD!<br /> 9. Me during the Primary school days<br /> 10. Secondary school days<br />In 2000, I satthe Common Entrance Exam. I was assigned to the St. Josephs Convent Secondary School. I began to take my Christian life seriously. That was the best decision I ever made <br /> 11. Me during the secondary school Days<br /> 12. The sir Arthur days<br />In 2007 I attended the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies. That was a waste of my time ! <br /> 13. Me During the Sir Arthur days<br />Graduation Day<br />(thank God thats over)<br /> 14. $Money making day$<br />I decided to become a teacher. I enjoyed my job.<br />My students loved me very much.<br /> 15. My studentsand i<br /> 16. Back to School<br />I dreamed of a better life! I knew what I had to do<br /> 17. I came back here!<br /><br /> 18. The future<br />I dont know what the future holds but I know God will make it GREAT! After all, he has already blessed me with the following wonderful people <br /> 19. My sister<br /> 20. My brother<br /> 21. other sister<br /> 22. Youngest sister<br /> 23. My crazy BF<br /> 24. And catty!<br /> 25. The end<br />.<br /></p>