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  • Jan - Feb 2017 VOL. 2 ONE ISSUE 1



    Carol Ray

    Phone 916.777.5931 or 916.777.7889


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    As you plant, put Epsom salts

    and sugar into each hole.

    Plants will grow larger, leafi-

    er and greener. (Epsom salts)

    to 1 (sugar) ratio.

    What’s New!

    Just a reminder that Notary2Pro has made some changes.

    We have changed our Additional Resources into the Library. The Library

    is filled with videos, audio recordings and many items for print. We be

    adding more items soon.

    We have added “Experts” to our Graduate Website. We are so excited to

    present these experts that will help our graduates utilize their commission

    and make them not only more marketable but also bring in additional in-


    If you are a mentor that uses your commission to provide a service please contact us and we

    can discuss the opportunity of placing you on our website.

  • Notary2Pro 916.777.5931

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    OUR EXPERTS As you know by now we have added an “Experts” section to our graduate website. These specially trained

    experts offer our graduates mentoring in certain fields that use their commission. Some of the courses we

    offer are: Weddings, Apostille, Field Inspections, Process Serving, Live Scan/Fingerprinting, and more. We

    have added a few experts willing to mentor our graduates for free; Mr. Roger Rill, President of the Ohio

    Society of Notaries and Mr. Michael Gilman of Score. We have also added a husband and wife team that

    can assist you with your taxes, and a professional computer expert who can help you with problems you’re

    having on your computer. Check out these “experts” at

    Here is a little more about our computer expert Steve Sorkin:

    I have been in computers since 1972. I have worked on Digital Equipment Computers for 15 ½ years. When I first started working on computers I worked for Raytheon data Systems. I customers were Eastern Airlines, Pan AM, Southern, Aero Mexico and Mexicana. Within the first year was Corporate support for all Eastern Airlines. I also wrote to service manuals on two different types of printers. I would have to teach other techs on how to work on certain printers. While working for Digital equipment. I was used as District support for several branches that I was in. Sometimes I would have to travel to other cities outside of my district to support other engineers. I was in a black badge area. There we had no other support, but the people that I worked with. I was trained on the old printers, dot matrix printers and finally Laser printer. Some of the laser printers that I have worked on are as follows: 40 page per minute lasers, 20 page per minute laser that print front and back of the page. HP lasers, Samsung printers, Ricoh printers, Lexmark printers and Okidate Printers I have done support for other companies. While working with customers I was able to troubleshoot the trouble and then ordering the correct part. I can log into the other peoples computer and see what is go- ing on.

    I will charge on the length of time to diagnose the problem. The cost will probably not more than $30.00


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    Everything Else Marketing is offering a Website Special:

    Hosting (1 year)/ Unlimited Pages

    Domain Name Acquisition Maintenance/Free Marketing Book

    Free marketing item


    Barbara Ray 916.777.5931 or 916.777.7889

    Special ends March 15, 2017


    I can help you make sense of it all.

    “Journey Into Your Past”

    I offer the following services:

     Family Research  Family Trees on Video

     Family Websites  Family Tree Scrapbooks

    For more information contact Barbara at 916.777.5931 or 916.777.7889

    “Out of clutter, find simplicity.

    From discord, find harmony.

    In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.”

    Albert Einstein


    Felice McCallum Tammi Veltri Alicia Boyd Anita Hood

    Patricia Hoffman Maribel Reyes Donald Soran

    The list below showcases those Notary2Pro graduates that have completed all

    three courses including the TRID training.

    Notary2Pro ALL STARS

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    If you are asked by a Lender, a Title Company, etc. to submit Borrowers Driver’s Licenses to them and you need to capture the images from you smart phone, don’t. Instead have the Borrowers take the photo from their phone and either email it to you or to the company who is requesting the information.

    We like to feature stories, articles and items related to the Notary. If you have an interesting story to tell please email us as

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    Michael Gilman, SCORE Counselor:

    ”Mentoring from SCORE mentors is always Free of cost…the only cost is your time and effort…we act as a “Tour Guide” in that we are not allowed to do any “Work” for you and we cannot accept any type of compensation from any client or their company. What we can do is be that advisory board which can help show you the path.. teach you how to ask the right questions and deter- mine what you do not know and how to find the correct answers so that you can make a good quality decision moving forward.

    We in fact teach folks to work On the business instead of In the business.”

    I started volunteering with the SCORE organiza- tion in 2010, acted in many capacities including Vice President and President of the Syracuse Chapter. SCORE provides free business mentors to anyone wishing to start or who is currently in business. When I say Free there is no cost other than your own time and effort. (for full disclo- sure some of the local chapters charge a nominal fee for local workshops which typically cover the venue cost… food and handouts but all mentor- ing and many of our other resources are free of cost). SCORE volunteers there are close to 11,000 across the country have all been there and made all the possible mistakes that could be made… and are willing to share that experience so you do not have to make those same mistakes.

    Roger is President of the Ohio Society of Nota- ries, ( a non-profit, profes- sional association dedicated to providing educa- tion, awareness, and advocacy for Ohio’s nota- ries.

    A leading authority, speaker and trainer on Ohio notary topics, he is at the forefront of efforts to update and reform Ohio’s antiquated notary sys- tem with the goal of producing better-trained and competent notaries to protect Ohio citizens. He established the only helplines in the state where any Ohio notary can receive a straight an- swer to their questions 7 days a week. He sits on the Notaries Public Committee for the National Association of Secretaries of State. He is a staunch advocate of the Notary office as defender of the public trust; emphasizing the centuries-old tradition behind the notary title, importance of proper notary procedures, and best practices.

    A third-generation Notary, and owner of Notary One Signature Services, Mr. Rill was commis- sioned in 1978. He was one of two national recip- ients of the 2011 Exceptional American Notary Award from the American Association of Notaries. Roger is available to assist any Ohio Notary with questions about signing procedures, unusual documents, or best practices. Mentoring is also available.

    More Experts

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    Newsletter Editor: Barbara Ray Articles used with permission. If you would like to submit and article for the next newsletter email us at:






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