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Man set the buzz on aliens and extra terrestrials going. Centuries after centuries slipped by, but the progress and pace by either of the earthlings or the aliens, has been barely close to a stand off by both. Now it is time we snapped the suspense, got the fuss undone and the euphoria regarding existence of an alien civilization closed.

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  • Myths centered around UFOs, Extraterrestrial Life, Aliens, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Lake Champlain Monster, Piltdown Man, Roswell, Area 51, Antigravity Aircraft, Crop Circles, Bermuda Triangle and Life on Mars.

Man CREATINGMYSTERIES FOR HIMSELF! 3. EARTH seen from (3.7 billion miles) or6 billion kms away! A view of around 1800 billionSquare Miles of space with the view of Earthover 3.7 billion miles away 4. DOALIENS EXIST?

  • Human beings are extraordinarily skilled at conjectures,confabulations and now at sting operations as well. Greater still is their aptitude at confounding confusions. UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrials happen to be their latest victims.
  • All the gossip about the existence of life on Mars apart, the latest scoop is much about the possibility of a direct confrontation with the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), aliens and extraterrestrials poised to throw in their weight to pillage Earth of its vast resources and all the precious wealth of heavily fortified human brain.

How far are the A L I E N S from truth? 5. UFO

  • All predictions notwithstanding by Scientists or Astrologers for the coming centuries or millennium as the case may be, a mere talk of existence of alien life in outer space, primitive or intelligent, is bound to blow apart even the semblance of faith the earthlingsnurture in God and the creation.
  • Giving no thought or weight-age to such illusions or fantasies of people would amount to dealing a deadly blow to the reasoning and aspirations of people, who have hitherto been confined through fate to occupy a tiny spherical ball within the endless universe that came off the big bang.So be it the big bang!


  • When Thor Heyerdahl in the company of his five companions, undertook a 101-day journey from Lima to Polynesian islands in his raft Kon-Tiki made of balsa wood, no soul expected the expedition to last that long or the Thor group to survive the expedition. Thanks to Thors imagination that started ticking some ten years back i.e. in 1937, when he with his wife decided to settle on Fatu Hiva, one of the South Pacific Marquesas Islands. Thereafter, there was no looking back and the six of them went about with preparations in full swing, running from pillar to post for getting the expedition Okayed from governments and states. After months of toil, his idea started materializing and as much provisions stored on the raft for six of them to last as many and more days. Finally on 28 April 1947 the expedition set sail from Callio, Peru reaching Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands some 8,000 kms (4300 miles) on 7 August 1947.

MAN MUST HAVE HIS WAYTO SURVIVE HIS QUALMS! Mancircumvents truthand shapes illusionsto suithis imagination ! 7.

  • After Thor Heyerdahls exploits, do we imagine that extraterrestrials exist even on this very planet as well?
  • Thor managed to survive with his five other companions because of publicity, approvals, support and a much foreseen provision prudently stored for the group to last till they found land one way or the other, which in their own assessment, could not have got delayed more than the provisions stored to outlast any untoward circumstances.So what?

GOD THE DIVINECREATORM A NA HUMANA R C H I T E C T LIFE MAY EXIST ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE, BUT TO SYNCHRONIZE AND ALLOW IT TO PERCOLATEIN TO A LONG LASTING PROCESS UNIVERSE REQUIRES A SUPER BRAIN ! 8. UFO sightings date back to 1561. ( ) .Even after years of sighting UFOs, the alleged intelligent beings have not crossed over from space or planets for an interaction with the humans. If the UFOs are genuine and real, then the aliens surely would have an intent or curiosity to check in to the earth atmosphere for acquiring knowledge. It would seem a futile bid on the part of any alien intelligent being to appear and disappear after traversing for so long a distance from other planets merely for a view and return! These intelligent beings if they do exist would surely have developed better techniques and attitude to interact with human beings or earthlings by now say after more than 100 years to place at the least! Aliens even if they existed would not wait for indefinite period in order to make contact with live beings across the universe because curiosity is everybodys butter. But for last 100s of years the stories have remained merely in the minds of people! ALL ILLUSIONS I L L U S I O N S&IMAGINATIONS ! UFOS ON THE VERGE OF IDENTIFICATION 9. ORIGIN OF LIFE ON EARTH Agiant mass of solid matter that exploded about 20 billion years ago, referred to by Scientists as the Big Bang gave shape to the present day universe consisting of stars, galaxies and the Solar system in which Earth, the only known planet harboring intelligent human beingsevolved out of bacteria-like tiny cells and self-replicating genetic moleculesthatsurvived for last about four billion years. 10. BIG BANG On the basis of Big Bang Theory, Scientistsaver that approximately 20 billion years ago a giant mass consisting of solid matter exploded into infinite number of solid or gaseous spherical heavenly bodies, of which Earth happened to be one cold planet, which while rotating of its own revolved around the massive Sun. And some 4 billion years ago the crust of the Earth cooled under rain or through natural process due to which certain chemical reaction allowed the development of bacteria-like tiny cells and self-replicating genetic molecules all of which gave rise to life on Earth. 11. A P E R I O D I C A L H Y P E THAT REFUSES TO DIE Scientists are no infallible human beings who, in order to quell their abounding curiosity to study deep in to the mysteries of universe and life, have come up with various theories of complex nature, Big Bang and evolution of life being one. However, these theories fall short of mass expectation and conviction. 12. LIFE & THE BUILD-UP -A ticklish issue !!!

  • All through the centuries, Scientists, Researchers and Scholars have, after in depth studies and debates, propped up various ambiguous theories that go to explain the origin of life. Even with the scientific explanations regarding constant reaction by self-replicating genetic molecules that may have allowed life to gradually evolve on the blue planet, many crucial questions remained unanswered while many more gaping puzzles went on to tickle the weary brain of these learned men, allowing even the most plausible theories to lie subsided without a convincing reply.
  • Even the much talked about proverbial phrase i.e. Give biologists a cell, they will give you the world renders no answer to the resurfacing question riddling in to human brain of thousands of Scientists all over the world without a credible answer i.e. How and wherefrom the intelligent being man originated?.
  • But whatever explanation one may provide, man can never satisfy himself on how and wherefrom life originated. The one and the onlyultimate course for acceptance regarding the origin of man wouldbe through faith in the Almighty at whose behest the universe came in to existence.

LIFE WILL GO ON AND MANS GOSSIP WITH IT. A DESPERATE MAN WILL ATTEMPT EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO GET AT THE TRUTH. THE ALIENS IN TURN WILL FEEL RELUCTANT TO DIVULGE THE TRUTH OF THEIR NON-EXISTENCE. AS A CONSEQUENCE, THE GOSSIP WILL GO ON AND ON AND ON TILL THE HUMAN BEINGS THEMSELVES VANISH FROM THIS SHADOWY WORLD OF - MYTHS AND MYSTERIES !?!?! 13. Pioneer Probes followed by Voyager racing in to Space! PROBES RACING TOWARDS DISTANT STARS 14. Several fact finding missions have been put in place, Pioneer and Voyager Probes prominent among them. While Pioneer Probes launched in 1958 traced a chain of unsuccessful attempts to relay back data and photographs of appropriate quality, two particular probes viz. Pioneer 10 and 11 relayed back some data which did not have the desired clarity. Later on, contacts with these probes were lost and matters remained still for a long time thereafter. However, Voyager I and II were powered to last up to 2025 A.D. and were launched as far back as in September 5 and August 20, 1977 respectively.These space probes have already crossed in to the interstellar space having traveled more than 10,816,616,569 miles or more away from the Sun. PROBE VEHICLES LAUNCHED AS FAR BACK AS IN 1958 15. Each voyager has, among other instruments and cameras, a gold-plated audio-visual disc with facsimile caricatures of human beings of both sexes along with photographs of Earth and its life forms, detailed information on human beings inhabiting the Earth and a series of sound recordings besides a brief greeting from the UN and US Heads, to convey to any intelligent being coming across the space probes what the Earth and Earthlings are like. Back home on the planet Earth, nation after nation in succession have been vying to pry on those adventure loving aliens playing hide-and-seek in the outer space. Probessent in to space half century ago have nothing to report 16. MANTALKSBIGBUTBREATHSHEAVY ON THE IMPENDING DOOM!

  • Man is faking truth into theories, illusions and imaginations.Theories are being cooked up to attain cheap fame, reputation and popularity. Theories of extraterrestrials being blown up to suit imagination of finite beings, many of whom can hardly make both ends meet, but are mercilessly dragged in to gossip and myth at the cost of their own peril.
  • Big bang has all the ingredients of a remote myth and a bluff more