The Rise of Programmatic Branding: From Impressions to Interactions

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Transcript of The Rise of Programmatic Branding: From Impressions to Interactions

Chango 2014

Matt Feodoroff VP of Strategic Sales background 4 months at Chango previous 7 years at MSFT in LA and Chicago

Talk is called the rise of programmatic brandingCompany Confidential | chango.com1

Matt Feodoroff Thanks for joining! Tweet us your thoughts and questions to @mattfeds with #imediasummit

thank them for joining and would love to continue the conversation afterwards here in person or on twitter Company Confidential | chango.com2

We are a programmatic advertising company, purpose-built for the marketer.

- Chango is a programmatic advertising company we are headquartered in Toronto and have sales offices across the U.S. We take a no B.S. approach to the industry and we have a team that genuinely loves what we do We also love programmatic and want to educate the industry and much as possible because we feel that the more people can understand and embrace programmatic, the better the tech and product will becomeAn example of this is the quarterly magazine that we publish called the Programmatic Mind it is a trade publication where we dig into hot button topics, explain different strategies and interview some of the leaders across the industry from the brand, agency and technology sideIf you havent, please check it out it is available on our website and I believe that you should have received the latest issue in your welcome bags

Company Confidential | chango.com3

Use data to engage your audience across their journey

VideoMobileFacebook & TwitterDisplay Ads

Your Customers

Sooo. What do we do?

Well, we use data to help our clients identify and target specific audiences and individuals across video, mobile, social and display channels

Company Confidential | chango.com4

To answer the question, what is programmatic, we must take a brief step back and look at how the evolution took placeCompany Confidential | chango.com5

Search EngineAdvertisingBanner ads& video

Source: IAB

Company Confidential | chango.com6

The BrandAutomated TradingPlatformsAd ExchangeAUTOMATION + DATA (for targeting & feedback) = EFFICIENCY!Display Ad

-Ad exchanges and automated trading platforms began to allow the use of display inventory in a manner that was previously only available via search- Data could now be used on the display side and programmatic was bornCompany Confidential | chango.com7

70% YoYCompound growth!

Source eMarketer 2014

The use of real-time, software-based systems, rules and algorithms to automate and optimize the purchase and delivery of data driven, targeted and relevant ads to consumers. MARKETINGTECHNOLOGYDATA

Better targeting cross-deviceImproved performanceData and insights about target marketCost efficiencies

Source: based on the responses from 232 marketers to Brand Innovators Chango programmatic pulse, November 2014

WE ASKED 232 MARKETERS: What are some benefits marketers are telling their boss about?

Company Confidential | chango.com10

Link to Confidential | chango.com11

All questions based on survey of 232 marketers in the US, Canada and the UK, Q4 2014. Percentages may not add to 100% due to rounding

- I refuse to be the guy who stands up here and doesnt touch upon some of the challenges in the programmatic space and I admit that there are challenges in the industry with things like transparancy and fraud however, there is amazing work being done by some very smart people across the industry to minimize the impact of these and thwart

- Will it ever be eradicated fully? I dont know, but by selecting a partner that is open and honest around these issues you can work together to minimize risk Company Confidential | chango.com12

- Now that we have dug a bit into programmatic overall, I am very excited to look at how brands are adopting programmatic as a strategy to meet their goals

Due to its roots in search, programmatic began as highly DR focused and many of the success metrics were focused around Return on Ad Spend or site conversions

Brand advertisers are now starting to realize that they can get smarter and more efficient with their brand dollars by reaching their target programmatically and still drive to successful brand metrics whether that be GRPs, vCE or OCE audience guarantees or reserach studies to show brand favorability or awareness lift.

Its not remnant inventory and publishers are also realizing the movement to programmatic channels and the efficiencies that can provide on the supply side as well

In fact, Maris Meyer said in 2014 that, - The opposite of programmatic is manual, not premium.

Company Confidential | chango.com13

Iconic global brands such as Mondelez, Kelloggs and P&G have embraced programmatic as an integral part of their digital strategyCompany Confidential | chango.com14

And when we think about branding, we think about consumer engagement and impact

Most marketing presentations have something like this in them which is misleading when you look at reality this idyllic picture of 3 millenials engrossed in their phones and each other doesnt offer a real world view of what a consumers life is really like..

Company Confidential | chango.com15

Peoples lives actually look like this! Distractions, running around chasing kids, a to-do list that never ends.

Therefore, A brand connection is truly about timing as well as relevance only online has the data and technology to truly find the moment to tell them your story.

we are going to focus on the realities of the every day consumers lifeand use data and tech to address that.

Company Confidential | chango.com16

Company Confidential | chango.com17


Audience buyLimited targetingSiloed approachesPrecise audience targetingAbility to respond to signalsReal-time and multi-device

The old way to build audience was rooted in old media Television, radio and Print limited targeting, siloed approach and generic audiences .BUT using programmatic we can start to see patterns and respond in real time to signals in order to reach consumers in the moment.

People arent one-dimensional. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when trying to predict where or when a new customer will come knocking. Research shows that people switch devices 7 times an hour and I know that at my house it is probably more like 12-15, especially during the last 4 episodes of The Bachelor. Text to Twitter to ABC App to YouTube on laptop back to Text to facebook to a Fan Blog to INSTAGRAM (my sister actually pauses the broadcast to snap the screen and post with comments to her instagram account) and then back to text all in a span of what seems like 30 seconds.. Oh, and all this time the main focus is supposed to be the television

That is why understanding consumer behavior across devices, and media types, is so important to capturing your target audiences attention so you can message them at the right time on the right device when they are most open to receiving your content.

Company Confidential | chango.com18

Build brand awarenessAcquire new customersEngagecustomersAwarenessConsiderationAction/PurchaseExperienceLoyalty/Advocacy

And this strategy can continue straight through the consumers journey I realize that this is a branding conversation, but that must feed into the rest of your strategy and programmatic offers the ability to stay with and grow a relationship with that consumer Company Confidential | chango.com19

Reframe programmatic in a creative contextLeverage all programmatic formatsEmbrace creative sequencing

This is not just a conversation for buyers and strategy teams there needs to be symmetry with the creative teams as well in order to create the best brand message to show a qualified person

By using consumer signals different creative messages can be used depending upon how familiar a person is with your brand Industry studies show that 60% of people who view a video ad have the volume off so creative production must take this into consideration when building assets a :15 or :30 simply cant be recycled to be used digitallyPeople use each device differently video on mobile is consumed differently than video on display and certainly much different than video on TVProgrammatic offers the ability to sequentially message in one channel as well as across device so how should your message change from one interaction to the other?Company Confidential | chango.com20


4G Connected Cars30B connected devices by 2020$7.1tr market! (IDC)Nest$3.2bn

My Thoughts:Marketing companies quick to try to own the gateway to the consumerProgrammable WorldInternet of everything Programmatic is everywhereGM first wifi car programmatic in car?

Branding opportunity turn brands into services (can we PLEASE begin with rebranding the Internet of Things!!?!Opportunities to revolutionize healthcare and eco efficiency