The Reimagination of Publishing

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The Reimagination of Publishing

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My presentation at The Project [R]evolution Digital and Social Media Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 31 August 2012. My presentation was on a topic I've been writing a lot about recently: the reimagination of publishing.

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2. Web publishing: Blogs, Websites 3. Digital Magazines 4. Digital Books 5. Some Key Drivers ForDigital Magazines & Books Tablets, especially iPad Multimedia; interactive, immersive experiences Kindle Highlights - easier to make highlights andshare them. Cheaper, quicker delivery (esp for us in NZ!) But... people still love paper books & magazines! 6. 1997 2012 7. A Brief History of WebPublishing Geocities (peaked 1999, when it was the third-most visited Web site on theWWW) Blogger, Movable Type, Radio Userland (2000s) Wordpress (began to get very popular mid-2000s) Tumblr (launched 2007, grew rapidly in 2011) Social: Twitter, Facebook (major growth from 2007 to now) Now: Medium, Branch,, Svbtle, ... 8. 1. Publishing Is Getting More Casual Its now less about composition (being a writer or blogger) and more aboutexpressing your thoughts as simply as possible. 9. 2. Topic Organization Is Finally Happening 10. 3. Moving From Pages to Streams 11. 4. Quality Is In Vogue Our philosophy is that quality begets quality, sowe will grow Medium smartly, ensuring that ourplatform is valuable to everyone in this increasinglymobile, connected, and noisy world.Evan Williams, founder of Medium (previously co-founded Blogger andTwitter) 12. 5. Non-Advertising Business Models 13. Richard MacManusFounder & Editor-in-Chief, [email protected]://www.readwriteweb.com