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The Pierre Auger Observatory Auger North. Features of Auger North R&D Auger Collaboration Cost and Schedule The Role of Fermilab. Denver. Colorado Springs. Features of Auger North. State of Colorado. Auger North: 4400 detectors 1.41mi spacing 8000 mi 2 (21,000 km 2 ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Pierre Auger Observatory Auger North

  • The Pierre Auger ObservatoryAuger North

    Features of Auger NorthR&DAuger CollaborationCost and ScheduleThe Role of Fermilab

  • State of ColoradoAuger NorthAuger South to scaleFeatures of Auger NorthAuger South:1600 detectors1.5 km Spacing3000 km2 (1200 mi2)Auger North:4400 detectors 1.41mi spacing 8000 mi2 (21,000 km2 )

  • Detector LayoutFeatures of Auger North400 station in-fill 1mi spacing5 FD eyes 39 telescopes

  • Features of Auger NorthAperture and Energy ThresholdAnisotropies

  • Features of Auger North Fluorescence DetectorThe Auger North FD telescopes same as Auger South.Auger North enclosure is simplified for reduced cost.

  • Features of Auger NorthSurface DetectorAuger South 3 PMTsAuger North 1 PMT insulated

  • Features of Auger North Communications System

    Campus AreaMalargeLamar Community CollegeAuger South Detector stations talk directly to one of four towers.Auger North Detector stations talk only to neighboring stations, relaying the data to central concentrators via multiple hops.

  • Auger North R&DResearch & Development Array (RDA) Validate design changesCommunications (adapted to size and topography)Tanks (adapted to colder climate insulation added)Electronics (redesign with available components)Validate cost estimatesCircles functional stationsSquares comms nodes onlyRDA Lamar, Co

  • R&D on Radio DetectionFuture Detector Possibility Auger Engineering Radio Array (AERA) is funded for Auger South.

  • Cost and FundingAuger South ($54M):European Countries - ~50%Latin American Countries - ~25%US - ~25%Contribution:80% in-kind 20% common fund.

    Auger North ($127M)Current collaboration + possible new countries.US Auger North Requests: DOE $20M NSF $20MState of Colorado ~$10M

  • The Auger Collaboration91 Institutions, 463 CollaboratorsArgentinaMexicoAustralia NetherlandsBolivia* PolandBrazil PortugalCroatia*Slovenia Czech RepublicSpainFrance United Kingdom Germany USAItaly Vietnam*

    * associateTrue International Partnership - by non-binding agreement -No country, region or institution dominates

  • Spokespersons EmeritusJ. Cronin (USA) A. Watson (UK)

    SpokepersonG. Matthiae (Italy)

    Co spokespersonP. Sommers (USA)

    Collaboration Board

    Chairman: D. Zavrtanik(Slovenia) Cochairman: R. Shellard(Brazil)

    Project ManagerP. Mantsch (USA)Deputy (Auger South): I. Allekotte (Argentina)Deputy (Auger North) J. Harton (USA)

    Project Office:Systems Engineering Quality AssuranceCost & ScheduleEnvironment Safety & HealthAdministrative Support

    Technical Board

    Site Spokespersons:Auger NorthD. Nitz (USA)Auger SouthA. Etchegoyen (Argentina)

    Fluorescence DetectorsJ. RidkyH. Klages

    Fluorescence Detector ElectronicsM. Kleifges

    Surface DetectorsP. Mazur


    C. Lachaud

    CommunicationsC. Covault

    Surface Detector ElectronicsJ. Beatty T. Suomijarvi

    Data Processing and AnalysisT. Paul, M. RothB. Dawson, S. Sciutto

    Central Data AcquisitionA. Letessier-Selvon

    Site Managers:Auger NorthB. Fick (Acting) (USA)Auger SouthG. Avila (Argentina)

    Auger Organization

    Education/Public RelationsG. SnowP. Biermann

    Finance BoardChairman: A. Kurz (Germany)

    Auger NorthTask ForceLeader: H. Bluemer (Germany) Co-Leader: A. Olinto (USA)Co-Leader: Tiina Suomijarvi (France)

  • Auger at FermilabPhysicistsEun-Joo Ahn (Postdoc)Ivone Albuquerque (Sabbatical)Aaron Chou (Wilson Fellow)Hank GlassCarlos HojvatPeter KasperFred Kuehn (Postdoc)Paul LeBrun Paul MantschPeter Mazur

    Our participation: Project Management Data Analysis Surface Detector Design Data Mirror Calibration database Planning for Auger North FD/SD shifts at AS Airfly

  • Fermilab and Auger North

    Auger SouthSuccessful management, design and data analysisAuger NorthExceptional resources and experience in:Project ManagementComputingEngineering Strong Analysis team (close ties to the University of Chicago) Leadership of a US based, international project at the Cosmic Energy Frontier

  • Fermilab and Auger NorthImpact There will be one data stream no change in the analysis team.Experienced Management Organization is already in place for Auger North.Funding proposal includes funds for non-scientist management staff.(Site administration will be based at Colorado State University)

    *The Observatory is being built by an eclectic mix of high energy physicists, low energy physicists, cosmic ray physics and a few astronomers from 63 institutions in 16 countries. The Auger collaboration is unique among large international science projects in that there is no dominant country or institution indeed a true partnership.