The Painted Ponies were prancing,

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Twas the night before Christmas,when all through the stables.

The Painted Ponies were prancing,on the chairs and on the tables.

They were hanging from the raftersand down the chandeliers.

And everyone could tell this was their favorite time of year.

Soon Santa will arrive and he’ll put them in his sleigh.

He’ll carefully wrap each one,and they’ll go up, up and away!

And so on Christmas morning,with the rising of the sun.

The Trail of Painted Ponieswill bring joy to everyone!

Happy Holidays and Happy Trails,

The Trail of Painted Ponies

Holiday 2011 Figurines & Ornaments with Collectible Tins

Appy Holidays Figurine and Ornament with Collectible Tin

Victorian ChristmasFigurine and Ornament with Collectible Tin

Song of AngelsFigurine and Ornament with Collectible Tin

Santa’s SurpriseFigurine and Ornament with Collectible Tin

Without question, this is one of the most delightful Holiday collections we have ever crafted. Celebrate Christmas in 2011 with Holiday Painted Ponies figurines and ornaments in collectible tins. Happy Holidays!

Cowboy Christmas Musical Centerpiece

Dashing Through the SnowHoliday CD

A Painted Ponies ChristmasHoliday Giftbook

Cowboy Christmas Musical Centerpiece

This Cowboy Santa travels in style, delivering Christmas gifts in his Holiday Horse Drawn Sleigh. The delightful music of “Jingle Bells” fills the air as “Dashing Through the Snow” takes Santa on a magical sleigh ride, on a snowy winter’s night. “His horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through the white and drifted snow, oh!”

Friends and family will cherish this Holiday collectible for years to come. “Cowboy Christmas” plays the classic holiday song “Jingle Bells.”

Holiday CD Holiday Giftbook

Fall 2011 Release

Buckskin Cowgirls Rule

Storm Rider The Magical Swan

Suddenly, there is something worth celebrating in this challenging economy! The announcement of the Fall 2011 Painted Ponies is a bright spot in the world of gifts and collectibles bringing smiles to the faces of collectors and customers from coast to coast. These four new Painted Ponies reflect the spirit of America...strong, resilient, proud and capable of weathering any storm.

Bestfriends Cruisin’ in Pink

Simply Home BraveHearts Flight of Fancy

On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary, we are proud to introduce the Happy Trails Collection: a companion collection to the classic Painted Pony figurines. Slightly smaller in size but just as artistically adventurous…inspired by original designs and crafted with exceptional attention to quality and detail…an extraordinary value at a recommended retail price under $25…the Happy Trails Collection is a brilliant new collectible that is also a unique gift which will communicate humorous and heartfelt emotions to family and friends. This dynamic collection will have everyone singing “Happy Trails to you.”

Saddle up for the Ride of a Lifetime with the Happy Trails Collection!

4” Tall

Keepsake Box Collection

Cowgirl Cadillac Earth Angels

Silverado Wish Upon a Star

This wonderful Keepsake Box Collection features hand-sculpted and painted decorative boxes that showcase some of the most popular Painted Ponies. The beautiful brass title plaques feature the name of each Painted Pony and the soft interior make the Keepsake Box Collection perfect for jewelry and other keepsakes. Priced perfectly for collecting and gift-giving! COMING SOON

Celebrity Collection

BARBARA EDENAcclaimed actress Barbara Eden takes center stage in the Celebrity Collection with her stunning new Painted Pony titled, “Dreamcatcher.”

Barbara Eden has been named one of “America’s 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons of the 20th Century” by People Magazine and one of TV Guide’s “Most Popular Comedy Television Stars.” Barbara starred as “Jeannie” in the classic 1960’s television show “I Dream of Jeannie,” which continues to be broadcast to adoring fans around the world. Barbara Eden’s accomplishments have been honored with a “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Barbara Eden believes in the power of dreams and has created her Painted Pony to share the magic of dreamcatchers with her fans and collectors. She is a strong supporter of breast cancer awareness, research and treatment and a portion of all proceeds from “Dreamcatcher” figurines will be donated to support worthy breast cancer organizations.


2012 Wall Calendar

The Trail of Painted Ponies 2012 Wall Calendar is one of the most stunning calendars of the New Year. Featuring breathtaking Painted Ponies and all of the days and dates of importance. This Wall Calendar will remind you to make each day a work-of-art.

Special Features:1) Twelve magnificent Painted Ponies are showcased in beautiful backgrounds.2) Large daily grids for jotting appointments, birthdays and reminders.3) Four bonus months of September through December 2011.

This is the perfect calendar for everyone who appreciates horses and art!

Winter Dreams True Love Charmed Daisy Wishes

Remember Me Forever & Ever Liberty Sunshine

Magical Moments Happy Harvest Thankful Hearts Season’s Greetings

The Celebrations Collection features 12 miniature, resin, hand-painted Ponies that celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all of life’s special seasons and moments.

This “giftable” collection, crafted by The Trail of Painted Ponies, is created especially for collecting and gift giving.

2.5” tall

2.5” tall

Handcrafted Soap

Children’s Prayer PonyStrawberry Kiwi Fragrance

King of HeartsFrankincense Fragrance

Cowgirl CadillacPrickly Pear Fragrance

SilveradoRosemary & Lemongrass Fragrance

Artisan crafted soaps have been cherished in Europe for centuries. And now, The Trail of Painted Ponies is proud to introduce four custom blended soaps, handcrafted in Sedona, Arizona.

These all-natural soaps feature the sweet scents of Lemongrass, Strawberries, Kiwi and more. The Trail of Painted Ponies soaps are moisturizing and irresistible. Now every cowboy and cowgirl can be treated like royalty!

Handcrafted Candles

These beautiful hand-poured soy candles feature custom-blended fragrances that provide hours of warmth and light. Essential oils are carefully blended to create inspiring, exotic scents that will change the way your home and office look and feel. These artisan-blended candles are perfect for daytime, nighttime or any time. Available in two sizes, 6oz Tins and 9oz Jars.

Twelve Fragrances to Choose From!

Dashing Through the Snow - Cinnamon VanillaCowgirl Cadillac - Berry PinkCarries the Spirit - Four WindsGold, Frankincense & Myrrh - Winter StarCarved in History - SaddleApple-oosa - Apple Blossom

Earth Angels - Heavenly OrchidWoodland Hunter - AmberwoodMedicine Horse - Lavender SageLightning Bolt Colt - Healing RainChildren’s Prayer Pony - Sweet SpiritHappy Trails - Sunny Days

Jeweled Gift Boxes

Photo Finish Native Jewel Pony

Prairie Horizon War Pony Silver Bells

The Trail of Painted Ponies is pleased to announce a stunning collection of jeweled gift boxes. Cast in pewter and beautifully enameled, they are decorated with Austrian crystals and 24K gold or fine silver plating. Each Painted Ponies jeweled gift box opens and contains an Austrian crystal horseshoe charm to bring good luck to each collector!

The jeweled gift boxes from The Trail of Painted Ponies are LEAD FREE and crafted with great care so they may be enjoyed for generations to come.


Anniversary Edition Book Children’s Prayers for America Book

Ride the Sky A Painted Ponies Christmas

The Trail of Painted Ponies has a reputation for excellence in publishing and printing as well as in the fine art and collectible worlds. We are pleased to offer retailers a selection of best-selling books. The Trail of Painted Ponies books are helpful in promoting the Figurines as well as the other Trail of Painted Ponies merchandise.

Paint Your Own Pony Artist’s Sets

Running Artist’s Set Rearing Artist’s Set

Every retailer from coast to coast should join in on the fun and feature Paint Your Own Pony Artist’s Sets. Order extra sets and host a workshop at your store. Who knows, your store may help discover one of the next Trail of Painted Ponies artists!

Artist’s Set Includes:1 - ready-to-paint resin horse form 6 - different-colored acrylic paints

2 - brushes 1 - helpful instruction sheet with advice and tips

Limited Edition Art Prints

The Trail of Painted Ponies has a reputation for excellence in publishing and printing as well as in the fine art and collectible worlds. Handsome Limited Edition Art Prints offer collectors another way to enjoy The Trail of Painted Ponies.

This set of 6 Fine Art Prints feature the popular original Painted Ponies: “War Pony,” “Ghost Horse,” “Lightning Bolt Colt,” “Happy Trails,” “CowPony” and “Saguaro Stallion.” Each Fine Art Print measures 11” by 14” and is ready for framing. Each includes a digital artist signature, Story Tag, and is part of a limited edition of 2,500.

Ghost Horse War Pony CowPony

Saguaro Stallion Lightning Bolt Colt Happy Trails

Happy Holidays to collectors,and to those who like the best.

Here’s to all of you, who simply love the quest...

You seek the lowest numbersin every new edition.

And Painted Ponies enter your home,under one strict condition.

They must be extra special,retired or quite rare.

You see it takes a lot for a super collector to care.

And so to all collectors of The Vault and all its treasures,

We wish you Happy Collecting,for it comes with many pleasures!

PS: They say “you are what you collect,”and we really must agree.

Think of how beautifulall Trail of Painted Ponies collectors must be!

Happy Collecting and Happy Trails

Please visit us at Treasures from the Vault

Treasures from the Vault

Original Life-size Painted Pony

Crazy HorseCJ Wells

All of The Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines begin as original works-of-art created by the best established and emerging artists in the world. Is is our pleasure to offer retailers an opportunity to exhibit and sell some of these incredible, original Painted Ponies in their stores.

History books describe Crazy Horse as a respected war leader who fought against the U.S. government in an effort to preserve the traditions and values of the Lakota way of life. He was that and much more. As a young man he had a vivid dream of a horseback rider, with lightning zig-zagging down his cheek and a turquoise earring in one ear, who looked up to see a red-backed hawk fly overhead. When he related the dream to his medicine man father, Crazy Horse was told he would achieve future greatness in battle. A lifetime of victories on the battlefield followed, culminating with his triumph over George Armstrong Custer at the Little Bighorn. No photographs of Crazy Horse exist, but with this Pony CJ Wells, a Native “artist warrior” herself, has given him a high-voltage interpretation.

• 5' tall by 7' long• Cast in poly-resin• Appraised for $40,000.

Available for Purchase

Artist CJ Wells

Original Masterwork

Sacred PaintGary Montgomery

Native Americans have cherished Paint Horses for centuries. Native artist Gary Montgomery, of the Seminole Nation Indian Tribe, has captured the magic and mystery of the magnificent Paint Horse with his Painted Pony titled, “Sacred Paint.”

• 24” tall by 24” long• Cast in bonded marble

Available for Purchase

Wie-TouBarbara Janowitz

This attractive Painted Pony features iconic images from Native American history. From the mighty buffalo skull to the majestic eagle feathers to the entertaining Kokopelli, Wie-Tou carries his fellow spirits safely as he represents the rich heritage of Native American Culture.

• 24” tall by 24” long• Cast in bonded marble

Available for Purchase