The Online Portfolio Project All About Me Me me me me.

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The Online Portfolio Project All About Me Me me me me Me me me me
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Transcript of The Online Portfolio Project All About Me Me me me me.

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  • The Online Portfolio Project All About Me Me me me me
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  • (Ms. H has an online portfolio)
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  • What is an Online Portfolio? A portfolio is a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time. The portfolio can advance learning by providing students and/or faculty with a way to organize, archive and display pieces of work. The online portfolio is a powerful tool to reflect on your own learning and can be advantageous in the application process to make you "stand out" in the crowd of applications by providing samples of your creativity, work ethic, academic skill, and technological proficiency.
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  • What is the Portfolio Project? This project will involve the creation of a website utilizing a free site building platform. The website is to take the form of an Online Portfolio demonstrating all the academic skills and leadership experiences you are gaining here at SPCHS. The Online Portfolio: Will be graded the first semester of junior year and the first semester of senior year Is a requirement for graduation Will be a valuable tool for your application process when it comes to the next school you will attend and scholarships you wish to acquire.
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  • Capstone Event: Begin with the End in Mind
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  • Capstone Event
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  • Pages Junior Year (Developed during Study Skills for Academic Success online course) Home Page Career Plan College/ Business Success Skills Senior Year (Developed during Leadership Seminar online course) Service Leadership Ethical Leadership
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  • Home Page Content The Home Page is the first page the viewer will see. The following are required components of this home page: Your name, first and last, featured clearly A photograph of you. The photograph should be clear and school-appropriate. An introduction or well-developed autobiographical sketch. You may consider polishing the bio you posted for this class and incorporating it into your introduction. You may also wish to include a favorite quote, an interesting background, or other elements to personalize the site.
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  • Home Page Example (Weebly)
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  • Career Plan Content What you include on this page depends on what you want to do for a career! This is an excellent opportunity to examine your future career in depth and to explore the education, training, and experience needed to reach your career goals. Type of career you are interested in pursuing Why you are interested in this particular career--Your inspiration The type of degree you will need to earn to get a job in your chosen field The university you would like to go to to prepare for your career The program within the university you would like to attend Necessary internships or job training you may need to take part in
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  • Career Plan Example (Wix)
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  • College/ Business Success Skills Content Overall, this page should highlight the skills you have that make you effective at work and/or at university. What kinds of skills are those? They could be general skills associated with technology, communication, organization, time management, or people skills. Or you could choose to highlight skills more specific to your field. Do you speak several languages? Can you build websites? Do you play an instrument? Do you tutor your peers in math? Etc. Many students use this page as an expanded resume of sorts. Take this opportunity to explain some of your activities and interests in detail. This is a great place to post some of your best work from sophomore or junior year. Choose dynamic presentations and videos! Choose compelling essays! And if you do post them, take a sentence or two to explain why you chose that piece of work to share. This is also a great place to brag about any honors or awards you have received.
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  • College/ Business Success Skills Example (Weebly)
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  • Service Leadership Content Community service projects you have participated in through National Honor Society, Interact, Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, JA, etc. Service work you have done for Bright Futures Service work you have done for another community organization outside of school Any leadership positions you've held in school or community organizations/ clubs Include photos, details, examples, anecdotes, and reflections.
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  • Service Leadership Example (Weebly)
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  • Ethical Leadership Content Here are some general ideas about what goes on the Ethical Leadership page: Your personal vision, mission, and core values Reflection on how you use ethics at SPCHS A profile of an ethical leader you admire (past or present, famous or not famous) Information about the ethical considerations involved with your future field of work More specific criteria will be given senior year
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  • Ethical Leadership Example (Weebly)
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  • Self Awareness Content The Self Awareness page is yours to use as you see fit. Highlight topics that do not fit on the other pages of the website. For example: Personal interests such as arts, movies, music, etc. Travel experiences Excellent coursework Family and friends Photographs Poetry or creative writing
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  • Self Awareness Example (Google Sites)
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  • Things to Include This assignment involves using elements in addition to plain text. You will be required to include a variety of the following components: Working links : They could be links to the business you would like to work for, the university you would like to attend, or another relevant website. If you choose to link to personal accounts, such as a Youtube channel or Pinterest board, please be careful that the content is appropriate. Photographs! Photos that feature you in action are the absolute best. Other good options include photos taken by you or a friend, and photos from the internet that are free for you to use. Other Images: An organization's symbol or logo is a great choice. Any image that helps you tell your story visually is helpful. Files: Audio, video, and text
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  • Website Builders Not Recommended: Tumblr (gets confusing) Squarespace (charges after free trial) Any site more commonly used for social media or micro-blogging Recommended: Weebly: Wix: Wordpress: Webs: Google Sites:
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  • Considerations When Choosing a Website Builder Most importantly: Select a site with a privacy setting you and your family are comfortable with. Free! Ability to make 6+ static pages, accessible by tabs/ menu Level of control vs. Ease of use
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  • 15 Minute Break Photos are golden! Please take 15 minutes to take some pictures on campus. Use the school or nature as a backdrop. Take a profile photo. Take photos with your friends.
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  • Get Started Today Use the rest of your time today to get started on your online portfolio. You could: Get online and shop for the best site-building website. Establish a portfolio website that features a professional/ scholarly address. Be sure all or most of your name is part of it. Collect excellent coursework you would like to highlight. Create tabs for each of the required pages. Begin work on the Home Page.