The Nature of Art and Beauty

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The nature of art and beauty as explained through the eyes of a master photographer.

Transcript of The Nature of Art and Beauty

Beautyis neithergood nor bad,right nor wrong. Beautyis a universal absolute, distinct from morality and justice. The best illumination of the meaning ofBeauty is the process of art itself. Art isBeautypushing the soul to reconcile and actualize itselfto be more real and authentic. Art is the external expression of an internal process of reconciliation. Personality unification. Art, for society,is our collective consciousness,hazy mirrors of self-awareness. Cultural metaphors. Art isBeauty s constantand compelling invitationto create a personal state of grace. Grace and reconciliation exist as a dynamic balance between honesty and presence. Its called artwork. Creation and co-creation are ever-evolving processes. Any act performed with consciousness and quality IS art - the art of living. Art, like spirit, is a process of interaction. The most authentic artwork we create is the soul.