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The Kite Runner. An introduction. Background. Set in Afghanistan (approx1970-81; 2004)and the US (1984 Coming-of-age novel or story of personal redemption. Main characters. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Kite Runner

  • Anintroduction

  • Set in Afghanistan (approx1970-81; 2004)and the US (1984Coming-of-age novel or story of personal redemption

  • Amir central character a Pashtun boy who betrays and is betrayed; finds escape from his sins in the US; has to come to terms with themHassan: Hazara boy he is self-sacrificing and true; courageous and loyal.Baba: father of Amir hypocrite(!) and victim; courageous and cowardlyRahim Khan Babas friend, Amirs conscience and father-figureSoraya: Amirs wife victim of a patriarchal society (and like her mother) of a patriarch! Rescued by Amir.Sohrab: Hassans son; rescued(?) by Amir

  • Assef psychopathic bully of German/Pashtun parentage; persecutor of Hassan and AmirFarid- Taxi driver who takes Amir back to KabulGeneral Taheri Sorayas fatherKhanum Jamila Taheri Sorayas motherSanaubar Hassans mother

  • the central concept of loyalty and betrayal how could Amir leave Hassan in the alley with Assef? the concept of growing up and accepting yourself, your limitations and the limitations of your heroes the concepts of love and jealousy between fathers and sons the concept of redemption there is a way to be good again the concept of patriotism what it means to love a country and its culture ... but to also live in another country and maintain your identity racism and its consequences.courage what is it?

  • Afghanistan of the 70s: a monarchy that becomes a republic that turns to Communism ...a society split by a racial hierarchyPatriarchy, and the role of, and treatment of women.Contrast and compare with the US

  • Patterns sin and redemptionSlingshot the hare-lip; Sanaubar/Soraya; theft (watch and money); Assef; Running the KitesFathers and sons