The jungle

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  • 1. The Jungleby Upton Sinclair By Jackie White

2. Objectives How did Upton Sinclairs muckraking novel, TheJungle, lead to reforms in the meat packingindustry?Terms & Names: Upton Sinclair The Jungle Meat Inspection Act Pure Food & Drug Act 3. Bellwork: What did you have toeat in the past 24hours? (Breakfast,lunch, dinner, snack?) How was the foodprepared? Where did the foodcome from? 4. Upton Sinclairsshocking portrayalof Chicagoslaughterhouses in his novel The Jungle raised public awareness& prompted Congress to passthe Meat Inspection Act &Pure Food & Drug Act 5. Chicago StockyardThe pigs climbed a long series of stairways outside the building,to the top of its 5 or 6 stories. Here was the cute, with its river ofhogs, all patiently toiling upward; & then through a passagewaythey went into a room from which there was no returning forhogs. 6. It was a long room withan iron wheel, with ringsalong its edge. They hadchains to which theyfastened about the leg ofthe nearest hog, and theother end of the chainthey hooked into one ofthe rings on the wheel.So, as the wheel turned,a hog was suddenlyjerked off his feet andborne aloft. At the sameinstant the ear wasassailed by the mostterrifying shriek. 7. The hogs vanished with a splash into a huge vat of boilingwater. The carcass was scooped out of the vat by machineryand fell through the floor, passing on on the way throughnumerous scrapers to remove the bristles. 8. Passing through two lines of men, who sat upon a raisedplatform, each doing a certain thing to the carcass as it came tohim. One scraped the outside of a leg; another scraped an insideof the same leg. 9. One with a swiftstroke cut the throat;another with two swiftstrokes severed thehead, which fell to thefloor and vanishedthrough a hole.Another made a slitdown the body; asecond opened thebody wider; a thirdwith a saw cut thebreastbone; a fourthloosened the entrails,a fifth pulled them out-and they also slidthrough a hole in thefloor. 10. There were mento scrape eachside and men toscrape the back;there were mento clean thecarcass inside, totrim it and washit. 11. There was neverthe least attentionpaid to what wascut up for sausage;there would comeall the way backfrom Europe oldsausage that hadbeen rejected, andthat was moldy andwhite-it would bedosed with boraxand dumped intothe hoppers, andmade over againfor homeconsumption. 12. The Jungle Video Clip 13. Modern Meat