The "Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted". You cant escape 8th & Aug. 12th, 8...

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Transcript of The "Jonah, Navigating a Life Interrupted". You cant escape 8th & Aug. 12th, 8...

  • Church Office Closed July 4, due to the observance of

    Independence Day.

    New Summer Ladies

    Bible Study Offered July 11-Aug. 22,

    9:30 a.m. Join ladies

    on Tuesday,

    mornings for the

    Priscilla Shirer study,

    "Jonah, Navigating a

    Life Interrupted".

    You can t escape life’s

    interruptions, but you can change

    your perspective on them and see

    them as God's divine invitation to a

    life so much bigger than you can

    imagine. If attending, please sign-

    up in the foyer.

    For more info, contact Jennifer Scott


    July 2017



     Men’s Breakfasts July

    8th & Aug. 12th, 8 a.m.

     Pray Shawl Ministry at

    Nancy Sando’s home

    Thursday, July 13th &

    Aug. 10th, 1 p.m.

     Prime Time Fellowship

    Monday, July 19th &

    Aug 21st at 6pm. All 50+

    welcome to join us for

    potluck, hymn sing and


     Newsletter Deadline

    July 20th. Submit your

    stories, announcements

    to Nancy Sando,

    (231) 838-0903.

     Prayer Partner Breakfast

    July 22nd, 8-10am.

    Annual Church Picnic &


    Plan on joining us on July 16th at

    12:15pm on the back lawn of

    WLCC for our picnic full of food,

    fellowship and fun. Lunch and

    table service will be provided by

    the church. Please sign up in the

    WLCC foyer if you can help by

    providing a dessert. Please

    bring your lawn chairs or blanket

    to sit on.

    If the Lord is leading you to be

    baptized and would like to

    publicly declare your love and

    obedience to Him, please sign up

    in the WLCC foyer. You will also

    need to attend one of the follow-

    ing thirty minute mandatory

    classes offered on Sunday, July

    2th or July 9th at 12:15pm in the

    Family (cry) Room.

    The Pathfinder

    Softball Schedule 2

    Children’s Ministry 3

    Birthdays 4

    Anniversaries 4

    Youth Group 6


    Fellowship Motorcycle Ride August 4-5,

    destination Fayette & Big Springs State Park. Call

    Jon & Laura Kenny (231.582.1153) for more info re-

    garding motel cost etc. Don't own a motorcycle? That's

    O.K. Travel as a family by car along with us. Everyone


  • JULY 2017 P AGE 2

    Christian Softball League….Season is almost Over!

    2017 Schedule

    President – Ron Schrock 231-675-2833

    The tournament will be this month July 21st & 22nd. Come on out and enjoy rooting for us! It’s a

    great way to fellowship and have some fun along the way!

    ID Church Contact Person Telephone Number

    1. Genesis Lisa Veurink 838-3769

    2. Emmanuel Evangelical Dennis Luce 459-5601

    3. Walloon Ron Schrock/ Jordan Fair 675-7968

    4. Family of Christ David Radoy 517-499-8686

    5. St Francis Sara Hacker 838-6678

    6. Holy Cows 1% D.J. Jones 838-8671

    7. Church of Christ Jim Canada 881-8506

    8. NMBBC Willie Fosmore 881-2554

    Home team is listed first. Ball (from the league) and mat is supplied by home team. Visiting team

    of last game each night at Walker Field is responsible for raking the field. Home team leads pre-

    game prayer. Week eight will be used as tie-breaker for tournament seeding if needed.

    Date River Road


    River Road


    Walker Field


    Walker Field


    07-07 7 vs 3 8 vs 2 1 vs 5 6 vs 4


    07-21& 22 Tournament At Rotary Park Boyne City

    Women Volunteers Needed

    The Mary Margaret House is looking for volunteers

    to help as “Innkeepers” for both their early and late

    shifts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday &

    Sunday. The early shift is 5-9 p.m., and the late

    shift is 9 p.m. - 8 a.m. You can volunteer for 1 day

    a week, or 1 day a month, whatever fits your

    schedule. If you are interested in sharing God’s

    love with other women, please contact Gale

    Walker at 231-347-0363, ext. 3.


    Which is a greater legacy to leave? Owning a

    multimillion dollar corporation that employs

    hundreds of people...or focusing on home and

    successfully raising beautiful & brilliant children

    or working to share the Gospel and stop the spread

    AIDS among the tribes of Africa? The answer is

    simple. The greatest legacy will be left by the one

    who was obedient to run in their God-given lane.

    Don't fall into the trap of comparison. Success is

    knowing YOUR lane this season.

    Is your child considering baptism? Stop by the

    sign up sheet in the foyer and pick up a child

    appropriate guide to baptism.

    Thank You For Another Successful WLCC

    Day Camp!

    By the time this newsletter hits the press and

    website, Kids Camp 2017 will have come to an

    end. Over the past month we’ve had a dozen

    different people working to make Rainforest

    Adventure Day Camp a reality. I’m so thankful

    for their help with organizing the adventure. Their

    servants’ hearts and willingness to allow God to

    work through them are a blessing. I have no

    doubt that this year’s Day Camp has been a

    wonderful success. Thank you to everyone who

    provided time and resources and the many prayer

    partners, all, who helped make the week an

    unforgettable, life changing, God inspired

    experience for the children. To Him be the glory!

    Children’s Ministry  Dorothy Prins, WLCC Children’s Ministry Director

    This is a piece I came across written by Lisa Jacobson

    ( Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! -


    How Do You Bring Up Children Who

    Genuinely Love Jesus?

    Our children are people, not projects. We

    just can’t turn our kids into a Jesus-project. Above

    all, they need to see and feel that they are deeply

    loved and that you truly love Jesus yourself.

    Children are little people with tender souls, so

    tend them gently.

    Our genuine love for Jesus has a powerful

    impact. Children are incredibly perceptive and so

    as parents we need to be the “real deal”. Not

    perfect (kids care way less about this than we

    think), merely authentic.

    The church cannot replace us as parents. We can’t leave it up to the youth leader, the youth

    program, the Sunday School teachers, or even our

    awesome pastor to lead our children to Christ.

    God made you the parent of your children and

    they need YOU to teach and disciple them.

    And a parent cannot replace the Holy

    Spirit. It’s true. We have much to offer as the

    parent as we guide and direct our children, but

    only the Spirit of God can transform their hearts.

    So let’s not do this in our own power, but rely on

    Him to do the real work.

    Rejoice in the victories. This is very impor-

    tant. If your child does something kind, something

    honest, or something obedient – then rejoice!

    Maybe they have some areas (even lots of areas!)

    that they still need to grow in, but don’t let those

    be your main focus. Instead, celebrate each little

    step of victory!

    Discipleship is an ongoing process. Rather

    than looking for immediate results, patiently sow

    the seeds and pull the weeds. What it might look

    like today in your home doesn’t determine how it

    will always be. Take heart, my friend, for you are

    doing something wonderful for your children with

    your loving persistence.

  • JULY 2017 P AGE 4

    7-1 Dean Alger

    Carol Nason

    Laura Johnson

    Anna Knickerbocker

    7-2 Elizabeth Dickinson

    Annie Fila

    7-3 Hamish Denholm

    Cathy Jones

    Jennifer Vanderwall

    7-4 Ricardo Garcia

    Laurie Greenway

    7-5 Wilma Socia

    Chelsey Stephenson

    7-6 Kiley Graham

    Terrie Redmer

    7-7 Raquel Fair

    Ambria Kruger

    Tracy Tonsor

    7-8 Mary Cash

    Asher Dutcher

    Sarah Streifel

    7-9 Isabell Kirby

    Kirk Mansberger

    Anjanette Reynolds

    7-10 Debra Carlson

    7-11 Anita Clements

    Fawn Glassford

    Mel Schmidt

    Rachel Streifel