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  • 1. Non-Suicidal Self Harm Coping Method Can Include: cutting or severely scratching skin / burning or scalding /hitting self or banging head /sticking objects into skin / punching self or throwing body into walls and hard objects / preventing wounds from healing /swallowing poisonous substances or inappropriate objects / breaking bones / biting / pulling hair out

2. A suicide attempt Performed to get attention An indication of potential harm to others A gesture that should be ignored An indication that the person is crazy 3. Scars Fresh unexplained wounds Keeping sharp objects on hand Blood stained items Frequent accidents Wearing long sleeves/pants even in hot weather Isolation/Irritability Need for frequent time alone Persistent questions about self identity Statements about lack of worth, hope or helplessness Behavioral and emotional instability and impulsivity Pervasive difficulties in interpersonal relationships 4. Momentary sense of calm and release of tension Expresses feelings one cannot verbalize Provides sense of control Distracts from current life situations Relieve guilt/ punish self Way to feel something, treat numbness Outward expression of inward pain 5. Released in 1999 Features Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder, Whoopie Goldberg Based on autobiography of Susanna Kaysen 18 mth stay in mental health institution 6. Vivid scars on her arms Practices self-harm as a way to release inner pain This is her method of controlling/coping with her pain Mocked by Lisa for continued self harm despite recent release and new home Found hanging with fresh wounds on her arms 7. Female Teens/ Young adults Those with friends who self-injure Traumatic life experiences Under the influence of alcohol or drugs Mental health issues 8. Increased risk of suicide Band-aid on an amputation Long term increases problems Maintaining secrecy difficult/draining Easy to cause serious harm accidentally Addictive Infection Scars 9. Tell someone!!! Discern the root triggers Develop new coping methods Counseling /therapy Medications Short term hospitalization in some cases Avoid people or websites that glamorize self-harm 10. Get informed Offer non-judgmental listening No ultimatums Remind the person they are not alone Share resources and alternative coping ideas LOVE them (and tell them so) Develop your own support system 11. National Suicide Prevention Line: (800) 273 TALK (800-273-8255) S.A.F.E. Alternatives (800) 366-8288 For referrals and support for cutting and self-harm 12. elf-injury conditions/self-injury