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Transcript of THE INFANTRY HERITAGE · PDF file GEN Barry McCaffrey, Vice Chairman Emeritus GEN Lloyd Austin...

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    VOLUME 16, issUE 4 OCTOBER 2018








    NIA welcomes new president

    GWOT Memorial Rededication gallery

    Doughboy and OSM awardees

    Unexpected tribute for Gold Star family

    New executive chef at the NIM

    Cheer to 100 Years!




    One year after the dedication of the Global War on Terrorism Memorial at the National In- fantry Museum, a rededication event was held to pay tribute to the men and women who have given their lives in the war in the past year. Annual rededications will be held until

    the war ends. Today, the memorial’s black granite panels carry the names of 6,943 brave warriors who must never be forgotten. Here are the 28 whose names have been added:


    Board of Directors

    LTG Carmen Cavezza, Chairman Emeritus

    LTG Tom Metz, Chairman Dr. Carl Savory, Vice Chairman

    Mr. Brian Abeyta HON John Allen Mr. Mark Baker Mr. Cecil Cheves Mr. Jake Flournoy Mr. John Hargrove Sen. Hunter Hill Mr. Tony Link

    Ms. Jacki Lowe Mr. Frank Lumpkin III

    Mr. Warner Neal Mrs. Becky Rumer

    Mr. Michael Silverstein HON Judy Thomas

    Ex-Officio Members BG David Hodne

    COL (Ret) Mike Burns COL (Ret) Bob Brown Mr. Dave Hanselman

    Mr. Bill Huff Mrs. Jean McKee

    GEN John Abizaid, Chairman Mr. Jim Weaver, Vice Chairman

    GEN Ed Burba, Chairman Emeritus GEN Barry McCaffrey,

    Vice Chairman Emeritus GEN Lloyd Austin Mr. Jim Balkcom LTG Mike Barbero LTG Jerry Bates MG J.B. Burns

    LTG Carmen Cavezza LTG Charles W. “Bill” Dyke

    GEN Larry Ellis MG Carl Ernst

    LTG Mike Ferriter LTG Tom Fields GEN John Foss

    Mr. Joe Galloway LTG Dave Grange

    Mrs. Richard Hallock GEN William Hartzog GEN Chuck Jacoby GEN Buck Kernan

    GEN Frederick Kroesen MG Will Latham

    LTG John LeMoyne MG Ken Leuer

    Secretary of the Army John Marsh LTG Tom Metz

    Honorable Bob Poydasheff COL Ralph Puckett

    Mr. Tom Rabaut GEN Bill Richardson

    Gov. Tom Ridge GEN Robert W. RisCassi

    COL Mike Sierra LTG Mike Spigelmire MG William Steele

    Mr. Mat Swift Mr. Fred Taylor

    LTG Sam Wetzel MG Jerry White

    GEN John Wickham MG Walt Wojdakowski

    BG Jim Yarbrough

    National Advisory Board

    Advisory Board members attending the Sept 7 meeting included (left to right) Bob Poydasheff, Mike Sierra, Joe Galloway, Walt Wojdakowski, John Abizaid, Carl Savory,

    Mim Hallock, Jim Weaver, Chuck Jacoby, Ralph Puckett, Tom Metz, Jim Balkcom, Carmen Cavezza, Greg Camp, Andy Redmond, William Steele, and Pete Jones.

    National Advisory Board Meets

    Leadership Changes at the National Infantry Association With the retirement of its longtime president, the National Infantry Asso- ciation is welcoming a new leader. COL (Ret) Rob Choppa has been selected to take the reins from COL (Ret) Dick Nurnberg, who has held the position since 2001. Choppa says he’s honored to represent all Infantrymen and looks forward to growing the association. “Our continued support of the Chief of Infantry, the National Infantry Museum, and our individual / corporate members are our priorities,” he said. “We look forward to increasing our social media exposure, online marketing for memberships, expanding recognition of deserving leaders, and teaming with other corporate and organiza- tion entities.”

    The NIA is a parent organization of the National Infantry Museum Foundation. Since 2009, it has contributed more than $240,000 to the museum’s construction and operations. During his Army career, Choppa served on several operational and train- ing deployments in Infantry/Maneuver Command and Staff assignments, serv- ing as Chief of Infantry at Fort Benning

    from October 2013 until his retirement. Nurnberg, with 17 years of institutional knowledge to share, will continue to support the NIA as a consultant until January. He then plans to enrich his retirement volunteering with the museum’s archives department. Nurnberg served 32 years in the Army, retiring in 1996 as the commander of USA DENTAC at Fort Benning.

    Nurnberg Choppa

    The National Infantry Museum Foundation Advisory Board, made up of more than 40 retired general officers, business leaders and citizens, is tasked with helping the Foundation chart its course for the future. Mem- bers attend annual meetings at the museum and offer guidance on various issues throughout the year. Thank you to all for your service!

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    After years of planning and fundraising, the National Infantry Museum unveiled a major memorial to the Global War on Terrorism in October 2017. A year later, Gold Star families, military members, veterans and civilians gathered again to pay tribute to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who have given their lives in the conflict since September 11, 2001. “As long as there is one KIA due to the Global War on Terror, we will gather here on the first Saturday after Labor Day to rededicate this magnificent memorial,” National Infantry Museum Foundation Chairman LTG Tom Metz told the audience. “It is our responsibility, those of us safely at home, to honor their service with the compassion and dignity rightfully due those who made the ultimate sacrifice.” Joining LTG Metz on the dais were CSM (Ret) Joe Gainey, the first senior enlisted advisor to the Chair- man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Maneuver Center of Excellence Commanding General MG Gary Brito; National Infantry Museum Foundation President BG (Ret) Pete Jones; MCoE CSM Scott Brzak and MCoE Chaplain COL Robert Hart. The ceremony began with a Presentation of Colors by members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The MCoE band played each service’s song as the flag was raised on the memorial.

    Silence fell over the crowd and hand fans went still as CSM Brzak read the names of 28 service members whose names have been added to the memorial since 2017. Blank black granite panels remain for names that will be added every year until the war is over. More than 100 Gold Star family members attended the event, some traveling from as far away as Missouri, Texas and New Mexico. They talked about the comfort (continued on page 5)

    War on Terrorism Memorial Rededicated

    The ceremony closed with a bugler playing Taps and a missing man flyby performed by the Ranger Flight


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    Highest Infantry Awards Presented

    Members of Congress took a break from lawmaking and politics September 5 to honor a colleague for his contributions in support of the Infantry. They quiety gathered in Bob Hurt’s office as Infantry leaders surprised him with the Order of St. Maurice. As a young Infantry and Intelligence officer, Hurt served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade and Special Forces in Vietnam. This experience at a young age served as a foundation for a lifetime of service to our nation in many forms. Hurt would eventually become Sen. Sam Nunn’s Chief of Staff until the senator’s retirement in 1997. He then joined forces with another of Sen. Nunn’s key partners, COL (Ret) Frank Norton, who was the lead staff per- son for Sen. Nunn in his role as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Together they created the formidable Hurt, Norton and Associates consulting firm in Washington. In 2003, upon learning of the fledgling efforts to build a new National Infantry Museum, they offered to assist at the Congressional level. It is not an overstatement to say that without their expertise and experience the museum may never have come to fruition. They pursued this endeavor un- like any other that their firm has so successfully supported, largely because they both wore the Combat Infantryman’s badge. The project was personal and something that they would never let fail. Tragically Frank Norton died in 2009, only a few weeks after the museum opened. Bob poured much of his grief on the loss of his friend and partner into doubling down on his efforts to make sure the NIM would thrive. For his service to the Infantry in and out of uniform he was presented the Order of St. Maurice by National Infantry Association Chairman LTG Tom Metz in a surprise ceremony at Hurt’s office complex in Washington. Many members of Congress and their staffs were in attendance for this richly deserved recognition.

    NIM Champion Honored for Service to Infantry

    Consultant Bob Hurt poses with wife Virginia after being awarded the Order

    of St. Maurice.

    The National Infantry Association presented the Doughboy Award -- the Infantry’s highest award -- at the

    annual Dough- boy dinner at the National Infantry Museum on Sep- tember 11. The honorees included LTG (Ret) Sam Wetzel, CSM (Ret) Autrail Cobb and Gary Fox. Wetzel, a longtime member of the National Infantry Museum Foundation’s Advisory Board, told an audience

    of more than 300 friends and fellow Soldiers that the combat Infantryman is the noblest profession of all.

    Wetzel graduated from West P