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This installment of the 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index looks at the emergence of the highly virtual workforce, characterized by employees that are connected to their workplace around the clock by virtue of mobile technologies.

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  • the connected workerImproved productivity increased improved pressureIn terms of efficiency and productivity, there is a narrow risk of work-life to staymajority (53%) of respondents who believe that mobile burnout balance connectedtechnology has increased their effectiveness. Less tha n 5h80% ou rs60% 23% 32% 40% 36% believe that say there has been say the greatest40% staying connected an improvement pressure to stay None with work after- on work-life connected comes Amount of time spent 49% hours poses a risk of fatigue balance as a result of online from themselves. The second most20% each week connected or burnout. The technologies. common source to work outside of the highest rate of Those in APAC of pressure typical workday burnout is in have best comes from 16% M o re0% APAC, where 37% integrated these employers (26%). Gen Y Gen X Baby Boomers Professional/ technical Non-professional/ technical Americas EMEA APAC are adversely technologies into affected. their lives with tha 50% experiencing n1 an improved 12% 0 ou work-life balance. h rs 6 10 h o ursconnected timeoutside of thetypical workday(by region) Americas 72% EMEA 74% APAC 89% Time spent No time spent 28% 26% 11% 2
  • contents Section 1: Section 2: The Kelly Global Workforce Index 2012 4Introduction 14Introduction The 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brings together the findings from almost 170,000 5 The connected employee 15 Impact on productivity (by region) respondents from 30 countries. It shows the results (by region) 16 Impact on productivity (by generation) of diverse forces impacting the contemporary 6 The connected employee workplace, including generational and geographic (by generation) 17 Impact on productivity (by worker type)