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  • 8/6/2019 The Giants






    Contained in this Website is extraordinary information that brings to theforefront worldwide issues that has been tormenting intellectuals forcenturies. It is about two phenomenal discoveries that I have found existing

    in the Solomon Islands and this Website is a further attempt once again tobring them to the attention of the Modern World.

    The first discovery is about how the people of the Solomon Islands haveshared their Islands with 'previously undiscovered to the modern world'race of hominoids for millennia right to this present day, and for a variety ofreasons explained, this has not been known about by the rest of the World,until now. The second discovery is about the whereabouts of hidden UFOBases that I have found existing in the Solomon Islands for quite possiblythe same amount of time, and how there seems to be a link between theGiants and the Extraterrestrials making the Solomon Islands their home.

    For many reasons, these groundbreaking discoveries have compelled me toshare them with the rest of the World. It has always been my sincere hopethat hundreds of researchers follow up my work by going to the Solomon'sto continue on. Science is definitely a progression of new discoveries, andthese are some of them.

    The Solomon Islands people name the undiscovered hominoids mentioned"The Giants", which is linguistically ironic for the isolated Solomon Islanders,as throughout history, including in the Bible and other prominent books, thesame name has been used in other parts of the World to describe thesehuge elusive hominoids. To explain some facts about the Giant raceexisting in the Solomon Islands, I will use the Giants of Guadalcanal as anexample.

    "The Giants of Guadalcanal" are named as such by the Guadalcanal people,and from my observations they seem to be very similar to the Sasquatch,Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie and such suspected to be found in other parts of theworld. At this moment of time, there are hundreds quite possibly thousandsof these Giant people (and I use the word people for a reason) living inside

  • 8/6/2019 The Giants


    the huge tropical rainforest Jungle Mountain ranges of Guadalcanal, as theGuadalcanal people will tell you. All claims made on this Website about theGuadalcanal Giants can be support by the indigenous Guadalcanal peopleof the Island, as it totally plays the major part of their entire grass-rootsculture, past and present.

    Apart from being known for building timber base structures with shelteringsago palm and other leaf, they have vast cave systems running within themajority length of the mountains of this 200 plus kilometre long tropicalJungle Island. Some of the Guadalcanal Giants live in organised lifestyleswith social structures, and I have come across many Guadalcanal peoplethat believe they can go from east to west through their cave systemswithout seeing the light of day, and many believe that their populationnumbers in the thousands. The Guadalcanal Islanders also believe thatthere is a huge city of them living inside or underneath the big mountains ofthe Island. "Mount Tatuva" is definitely one of this city's main entrances,

    and if anyone ever wished to film them, the closest villages to Mt. Tatuva,where they are also seen regularly is a good starting point. But that is notrequired, because they are all over the place and are seen on a daily basissomewhere around the Island. Actually, I can think of a dozen places aroundthe Island apart from the Mt. Tatuva area that are good starting places forthe beginnings of gathering documentary photographic evidence of them.For that matter, I can think of dozens of places around the Solomon Islands,and Vanuatu that would be the same.

    Virtually, you can ask anyone from Guadalcanal, and for that matter theSolomon's, if any of their recent ancestors, or themselves has had pastexchanges with these Giants, and one finds a very positive response withmany tales supporting their existence. I know for a fact that upon arrivingwithin the Solomon Islands, one can ask the first person they see as towhether the Giants can be found there, and they'll start pointing in everydirection, and if not, they'd quickly steer you onto someone who would tellall about them.

    To my understanding, there are three different species or types of theseGiants. The larger and more commonly seen are over 10 foot tall, but I havecome across numerous Islander accounts with evidence that supports thatthey do grow much taller than that. These Giants have very long black,brown or reddish hair, or a mixture and when they want to have a good look

    at you, they pull it aside from their face with one hand. They have aprotruding double eyebrow, bludging red eyeballs, and flat nose widegapped mouth facial features, and have an unmistakeable odour, which thecoastal people would once use as a sign of their presence, depending onthe wind. From the large hairy type, they range down in size with reducingamounts of body hair. The smaller version, although bigger than normalhuman beings, are like a wild man living in the jungle and are not as hairyas the big ones. This is the way the Guadalcanal Islanders describe them.

  • 8/6/2019 The Giants


    Inherently, when they see these small giant half human people, they makeefforts to kill them. These smaller versions are lower down in the Giantsocial order, living predominately outside their caves systems in the jungle,although all three (types) are found in the Island's jungle. Incidentally, thereare many newspaper reports, even recently, of these hairy Giants in Papua

    New Guinea, and also may I say that I know for a fact that the Vanuatupeople have also had a similar past with their Giants as the SolomonIslanders have had, as those that follow up on my research will find out.

    I must point out, that the Solomon Islanders, and I suppose the PNG andVanuatu people are lacking understanding that their Giant race living withthem are something big in scientific discoveries to the rest of the World.Whether by intentional design or not, it is appropriate that the SolomonIsland's National logon is "The Place That Time Forgot".

  • 8/6/2019 The Giants


    This is a map of west Guadalcanal showing where a huge population ofthem can be found on that Island. As a thumb-rule, this approximate 1,000square kilometre area of heavy mountainous jungle of the western sectionof this half-map of Guadalcanal, that doesn't have dots as signs ofinhabitation, are the free territory of the Guadalcanal Giants. Although theGiants are found all over the Island, more often than not, the dots seen aremerely 2-3 village huts indicative of inter-related tribal areas. Further, andof significance, is the fact that although land-possession is highly regarded

    by Guadalcanal people, and the Solomon Islanders, this 1,000 squarekilometre area does not belong to any particular tribe, and there is a goodreason for that too, which once again, can be easily found out by just askingany Guadalcanal person. For those Solomon Islanders seeing this Websitefor the first time, in particular Choiseul and Isabelle please excuse that Ididn't put a map of your Island on and discuss the similar situations thatyou have on your Islands.

    Guadalcanal is rich with Gold, a fact that the Europeans discoveredcenturies ago. Thirty years ago, different Gold mining companies startednegotiating with the traditional landowners with 'Memorandums of

    Understanding' in order to capitalize on this gold. A succession of failedattempts followed until of these recent years when 'Ross Mining' brokethrough with a 3% to the indigenous deal. In 1998, at "the Gold Ridge",central north Guadalcanal where the mine was being built, they got goingwith their bigger type of mining bulldozers pushing in roads and clearingthe mine area. The mine borders the Giant's territory, and it would appearthat the Giants are quite territorial. On one particular occasion, one of thesehuge bulldozers broke down with one of the pins on the blade attachment

  • 8/6/2019 The Giants


    rendering useless. As it was late in the afternoon, they decided to drop theblade there and take the bulldozer back to the workshop to do the repairsovernight to continue on the next day. When they returned the nextmorning, the blade had disappeared. All the boys became confused. Howcould such a heavy object vanish? Mind you, we're talking about ten tons

    plus. So they started scouting around in the bush looking for it andhappened to notice giant footprints around 3-foot in length close bye wherethe blade had been left. Finally, some 100 odd meters away on a smallnearby hill, one of the boys called out, "Here it is!" From further footprintinvestigation, they deduced that the Giants had not carried it there, but hadthrown it, or it got there some other way.

    By the way, this current inoperative Gold Mine at the Gold Ridge, whichfrom the Island's geology reports is small in compared to the potential ofseveral other areas, has an estimated 20 Billion Australian dollars of Goldstill remaining.

    Some years ago, as I had once been working as a Helicopter pilot/engineer,I was asked by a boss helicopter pilot of an American fishing fleet that hadhelicopters, to look after their spare parts required, as Australia was closerthat Guam. The job lasted six weeks and I was handsomely paid for my littleeffort. The office I took was just opposite the old Guadalcanal ProvincialHeadquarters, and at lunchtimes I would sometimes go across the road andhave a few beers there with the then Guadalcanal Premier, and Victor theFinance Minister. It w