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The presentation I delivered at the APA's afternoon conference 'The Future of Advertising' on 17th Feb 2009

Transcript of The Future of Advertising, APA, 17/02/09

  • John V Willshire Head of Innovation PHD
  • past future
  • A group of people who form relationships over time, by interacting regularly around contexts which are of interest to all of them Jake McKee,
  • network information economy Benkler, 2006
  • mass media
  • The internet revolution
  • Yochai Benkler, The Wealth of Networks
  • Remember this?
  • Production
  • Duplication
  • Distribution
  • We havent had all the groups weve wanted weve simply had all the groups we could afford Clay Shirky, Here comes everybody,
  • quot;The history of the modern media age is littered with casualties of people who believed in technology rather than content.quot;
  • There's no point spurning technology, creativity follows it
  • most of the brilliant technologists are actually motivated by is providing usefulness, entertainment, education and social connectivity
  • ed @ bssp
  • connect useful educate entertain
  • How did this advertising make you feel? Word clouds based on verbatim responses Source: Hall & Partners
  • Source: Hall & Partners
  • connect useful educate entertain
  • content tactility advertising p.r. direct
  • TV = 20m = 11m
  • connect useful educate entertain
  • It works. +8.3% Source: Cadburys
  • <
  • connect useful educate entertain
  • Inspirational leaders
  • connect useful educate entertain
  • 3x > online brand click-thru dwell time > 50% > red button social networks 16 million viewers Source: BARB / Sage
  • NOW
  • connect useful educate entertain