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In this May/June issue of the foodie you will find recipes varying from different ways to cook rabbit to party food and also some rubs for the bbq season. Enjoy!

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  • the foodieIssue No: 15 May - JuN 2012

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    the foodie May - June 2012

    We pride ourselves in promising a convenient and rewarding experience at Arkadia Foodstore. We know for quite a few this might seem like the normal corporate mumbo jumbo. But we truly believe in walking our talk. Following find 10 reasons stating our case.

    1.convenient: we open all dayYes. We dont close in the afternoons. But we actually open even longer than the normal 7PM. In Gozo we stay open up to 8PM, while in Portomaso we open up to 9PM from Monday to Saturday and up to 8PM on Sundays. Therefore take it easy... relax... we will be open any time of the day to be of service to you.

    2. convenient: we open on sundaysYes. We open every day of the week including Sundays. No day of the week is different to us as we promise to be of service to you every day, all day. We know you have a tight schedule. But be it a Monday afternoon, a Friday evening, or Sunday morning, rest assured we are ready to be of service. Unexpectedly organising a Sunday evening barbecue? Keep calm... we will be there to serve you.

    3. convenient: we open on public holidaysYes. We open on nearly all public holidays. Rest assured that this June, on Thursday 7th and Friday 29th, we will be open as usual

    throughout the whole day.

    4. convenient: all in one placeYes. You will find it all in one place when shopping at Arkadia Foodstore. At both our foodstores in Gozo and Portomaso, customers enjoy a complete range of fresh produce from our butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger, and fruit & veg section. Therefore why continue running around? Keep it quick and short. At Arkadia you will find it all. One stop. One purchase. Life is too short... keep your shopping time shorter.

    5.convenient: we deliver to youYes. We deliver all around Malta & Gozo. Such a shame that many customer dont know that we

    10 REASONS

    why shopping at Arkadia Foodstore is convenient and rewarding

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    provide a home delivery service. This summer we will also be providing a delivery service to marinas for boat owners as well. Just give us a call (Gozo: 2210 3335 | Portomaso: 2210 3350) and we will take care of the rest. Minimum purchase of 70 or more for FREE delivery.

    6. convenient: parking, parking, parkingYes. Parking is an essential part of your shopping experience. That is why our customers in Portomaso are entitled to 2 hours of free parking with 15 of shopping or more. Whilst in Gozo we just recently agreed with the Girls Secondary School next door to leave the school parking open after school hours. This way we have doubled if not tripled the parking slot available near Arkadia Foodstore in Gozo.

    7. rewarding: prima pointsOur foodstore customers get a PRIMA point for every 5 of shopping. With just 150 points Arkadia Foodstore customers are entitled to a 30 shopping voucher to use at selected fashion and home outlets. Need to update your wardrobe for summer? Considering a new barbecue for the outdoors? Believe us that Arkadia Foodstore customers can get it for free when redeeming their PRIMA points.

    8. rewarding: extraordinary offersMaybe you havent noticed but from time to time Arkadia Foodstore launches extraordinary offers. We dont believe much

    in minimal offers on selected products. We believe in real extra value as a reward for our customers shopping. This year we offered free BREAKFAST2GO and PICNIC2GO packs. Just now we are launching a fantastic MEAL2GO pack where customers gets free products to prepare a 4 course meal for 6 persons. And look out for our BBQ2GO pack in July. With these packs we reward our customers with lots and lots of basic and essential grocery items.

    9. rewarding: our regular customers are extra specialOur regular customers are special to us. From time to time we send them special offers through their post box to redeem on their next food shopping visit. They deserve that little bit extra.

    10. rewarding: christmas hamperWe will soon be half way through the year. But our top customers already know that at the end of the year they receive a fabulous Christmas hamper as a reward for their regular custom. They simply deserve it. Our small way of thanking them for another great year of quality, choice & value..

    There you have it. We hope we rest our case. But not the least we still want to know more about what you think about Arkadia Foodstore. What are your thoughts on your own shopping experience at Arkadia Foodstore? Send us an e-mail at We really look forward for your feedback.

    opening hours GozoMon-Sun: 8am-8pm (including Public Holidays) Tel: 2210 3316

    PortomasoMon-SaT: 8am-9pm Sun: 8am-8pm(including Public Holidays)Tel: 2138 2333

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    Cover Photo: rabbit with mustard sauce recipe on page 5

    Published by:Arkadia Marketing Ltd.Fortunato Mizzi Street, Victoria, GozoTel: 2210 3000 | E-mail:

    Contributors to this issue:Claire Borg, Sarah Borg Abela, George Larry Zammit

    To advertise please contact :Valerio Hili | Tel: 2210 3213 E-mail:

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    Once a reserved pleasure of the

    Knights3 different methods to cook local rabbit

    Recipes & Photography by Claire Borg

    Maltas love of rabbit goes back to the times of the Knights of Malta. Once a reserved pleasure of the Knights, the Maltese were allowed to hunt and eat wild rabbit every year on June 29 for the feast of L-Imnarja.

    The tradition holds and the 29th of June is considered a public holiday. L-Imnarja has become a celebration of food, religion and culture. The cooking of rabbit is a must. Traditional methods vary from frying with white wine and garlic to a slow cooking stew. But here we have decided to go against the norm and prepare 3 alternative ways of cooking our favourite rabbit.

    rabbit with mustard sauceIngredients Yield: Serves 4 1 Rabbit Cut in Pieces2 Onions Peeled & Finely Chopped3 Tbsp Chopped Garlic3 Bay Leaves1 Tsp Fresh Thyme LeavesSalt &d PepperCooking Oil6 Tbsp Whole Grain Mustard2 Glasses of White Wine2 Shots of Brandy200 ml Fresh Cream

    MethodAsk the butcher to cut the rabbit in pieces for you.

    Cook the rabbit in a little oil, with the garlic and herbs for about 3 minutes on each side. Add the onion and cook for 5 minutes. Add the mustard and wine, and then season with salt and pepper. Cover and leave to simmer for 45 minutes on low heat. Add the brandy, bring up the heat and cook for 5 minutes, then add the cream, lower the heat again, add the cream, stir well, then cover and cook for 10 minutes.

    Serve with boiled potatoes.

    deboned rabbit stuffed with orange prunes and porkIngredients Yield: Serves 61 Deboned Rabbit10 Orange Prunes Deboned2 Tbsp Chopped Garlic150 Grams Finely Minced Pork Tsp Rabbit Seasoning (for the pork mince)1 Glass of WineBay LeavesFresh ThymeSalt & Pepper

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    traditional garlic & parsley salted cod

    MethodAsk your butcher to debone and stuff the rabbit for you.You need to provide him with the seasoning for the pork, the chopped garlic, thyme and prunes. The garlic and thyme are sprinkled first, then the seasoned pork and then the prunes on top. The rabbit is then rolled and closed with string.

    In a large pan, heat some oil and seal the rabbit roll. Add some garlic and a spring of thyme, and then the wine and heat until the wine starts to bubble. Transfer everything into a baking tin, cover and cook in a hot oven set on medium for about 35 minutes. Remove tin lid or foil and bake uncovered for another 15 minutes.

    Serve with mashed, sauted or boiled potatoes.

    Deboned Rabbit AvailableGet it from our butcher

    You can purchase fresh deboned rabbit from both butchers at arkadia Foodstore in Victoria, Gozo and Portomaso, St. Julians. Most of the time deboned rabbit is available. But to ensure availability we recommend you pre-order by calling our butchers directly. (Gozo: 2210 3228 | Portomaso: 2210 3350)

    rabbit with mustard saucedeboned rabbit stuffed with orange prunes and pork

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    salted cod stew with cherry tomatoesjacqueline's rabbit terrineIngredients Yield: Serves 6-81 Chopped Deboned Rabbit (keep the bones to make the gelatine)12-15 Rashes of Streaky Bacon Tbsp Gelatin Granules4 Egg Yolks3 Whole Slices of Local Hobza Bread1 Glass of Milk400 Grams Pork Minced Meat Minces Three TimesSalt, Pepper, Thyme & Bay Leaves a Bottle Port

    MethodSeason the Rabbit with a little salt, pepper, a tsp of thyme and 4 bay leaves and let it soak overnight in the port.

    In about a litre of water, boil the rabbit bones for an hour and a half. Remove bones and leave the broth to the side.

    In a large bowl, soak the bread in milk until soft, then squeeze out access liquid and combine the bread, egg yolks and minced pork together until evenly combined.

    In a terrine dish with lid, lay the strips of bacon on the bottom and sides. Remove the rabbit from the port marinade (keeping the marinade on the side and remove also the bay leaves) and place a layer of chopped rabbit at the bottom over the bacon. On top, place a layer of minced pork, then another layer of Rabbit, then minced pork again and then finish off with a layer of rabbit and finally close with bacon on top. Pour about 4 tbsp of the port marinade and about 8 tbsp of rabbit stock on top and place the bay leaves on top too. Keep the rest of the port marinade and rabbit stock.

    Cover with foil and the terrine lid and place it in a larger tray filled with water (bain mar