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The Eiffel Tower . Question: What is on the different levels of the E iffel tower and who stayed there?. Who stayed there?: Gustave Eiffel. Gustave lived in the Eiffel tower in an apartment for only a few years then he moved out, making it a public attraction . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower Question:What is on the different levels of the Eiffel tower and who stayed there?Who stayed there?:Gustave Eiffel Gustave lived in the Eiffel tower in an apartment for only a few years then he moved out, making it a public attraction.

What are on the different levels of the tower?

1st level!Ground level!2nd level!Top!

Ground level The ground level is consisting of not much. There is a snack bar, a souvenir shop and a bust of Gustave Eiffel carved by Bourdelle. He caved this in 1929, and then carried to the bottom of the Eiffel towers ground floor.

1st level Also there is a flight of spacious open stairs that lead to the top. The original hydraulic pump that supplied water to the machinery of the old elevator, which ran from the second floor to the top is also on the first level. There is also a machine called the FerOscope which is in the center of a transparent bubble, it has interactive videos and different videos take you on a discovery of the technical means used to build the monument. An observatory, a panoramic indicator, snack bars and a few rooms with pictures are also featured on this floor.

2nd level Going up! The second floor has the "Le Jules Verne" restaurant, another snack shop, animated window scenes, and some internet stations that tell more about the history of the place.

The Top! Finally at the top there is the great view of Paris all around, and a few stations for panoramic indicators. There is also Representation of Gustave Eiffel's office, the engineers office along with their fake wax figures in them to make it more realistic for the full experience.

Fun Facts300 steel workers, and 2 years (1887-1889) to construct it. 15,000 iron pieces (excluding rivets). 40 tons of paint. 1671 steps to the top. Maximum sway at top caused by wind: 12 cm (4.75 inches). Maximum sway at top caused by metal dilation: 18 cm (7 inches). Total height in 1889: 300.51 meters (985 feet, 11 inches). Total height with television antenna: 320.755 meters (1052 feet, 4 inches). Height varies up to 15 cm depending on temperature. Size of base area: 10,281.96 square meters (2.54 acres). Weight of foundations: 277,602 kg (306 tons). Weight of iron: 7.34 million kg (8092.2 tons). Weight of elevator systems: 946,000 kg (1042.8 tons). Total weight: 8.56 million kg (9441 tons). Pressure on foundation: 4.1 to 4.5 kg per square centimeter, depending on pier (58.26 to 64 lbs. per square inch). Dates of construction: January 26, 1887 to March 31, 1889. Cost of construction: 7.8 million francs ($1.5 million). Total number of visitors during 1889 Exposition: 1,968,287. Total receipts during 1889 Exposition: 5,919,884 francs ($1.14 million).