The Difference Between a Standard SSL and EV SSL Certificate

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The Difference Between a Standard SSL and EV SSL CertificateBy

Nowadays, Cyber criminals are targeting organizations who are at a growing rate in the business industry. Last couple of years, the most ecommerce platform & health care industries such as eBay, Target, LivingSocial, Anthem, UCLA Health, etc. suffered from data/security breaches.

As per Symantecs 2016 ISTR (Internet Security Threat Report) reveals the hacking numbers and attacks in the year 2015 which is increased. An ecommerce owner always looking for solutions of customers data safety as well as business security against data breaches & phishing attacks.

An SSL Certificate is one of the best way to encrypt your customers sensitive information transmission between from web browsers to web server. An SSL certificate secures users login credentials, credit card details, business transactions, etc. and builds secure environment for user. Both A Standard SSL and an EV SSL certificates are available in SSL market. Lets discuss a Standard SSL certificate, EV SSL certificate and how EV SSL different from others.

The Standard SSL CertificatesThe Standard SSL certificate is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses which are validated and issued rapidly. Normally, the Standard SSL certificate can be a domain validated or an organization validated.

A Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate An Organization Validation or OV SSL certificate

A Domain Validation (DV) SSL CertificateA Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate provides a lower level of validation certificate. A DV SSL issued within a minute because the certificate authority (CA) only verifies a domain ownership. It shows HTTPS with a green padlock which assures users and customers that the website takes their privacy seriously.

However, A DV SSL certificates issued by the most trusted certificate authorities like Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, RapidSSL etc. with their different DV SSL products. The all DV SSL certificate includes their features like 256-bit Encryption, free site seal, quick issuance time, refund policy, etc.

An Organization Validation or OV SSL certificateAn Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate is more trusted than normal domain validated certificate and it requires little higher validation than DV SSL certificates. An OV SSL is mostly used in some valuable sectors such as government sectors, corporations and other wide-scale businesses, who wants to provide an additional layer of confidence to their users and customers.

The CA will verify a domain name plus applicants business identity documents for OV SSL that is from a wide corporation, government agency, or a registered business. The business name is listed in the certificate it boosts the visitors trust and tells them the business is reputed. A users can see the company information by clicking on the Secure Site Seal which is displayed on a web page or website.

How to Identify a Standard SSL? Displays HTTPS instead of HTTP Green Padlock

Key Features of Standard SSL Certificates Validation Type: A Domain Validation or an Organization Validation URL Displays: HTTPS instead of HTTP with Green Padlock Issuance Time: Within a minutes Encryption Level: up to 256-bit Site Seal: Static or Dynamic Browser Compatibility: over 99% Refund Policy: 30 Days

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificateAn Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is a high level of assurance SSL certificate and suitable for E-commerce websites, Healthcare Industries, Government Sectors, Education & Financial Institutions where they are dealing with credit/debit card details and other sensitive information. The EV SSL certificate is issued by the leading Certificate Authorities (CAs) such as Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust, GoDaddy, Thawte, etc. It follows a very strict validation process.A website owner must be providing an extra documentation to issue an EV SSL certificate as per CA/Browser Forum guidelines. The EV SSL certificate takes a one to five days of issuance. Once, it fully validation and Issued EV SSL for a domain, it will display the business name along with the green address bar in the web address bar. It indicates visitors that the website is safe for online transactions and verified by the trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

How to Identify an EV SSL? HTTPS in Web Address Bar Green Address Bar Company name displays in URL Certificate Authority (CA) name - shown on certificate information

Key Features of EV SSL Certificate EV SSL Certificate is a fully extended business validation SSL certificate. EV SSL certificate issued within 1-5 business days. EV SSL gives 256-bit encryption strength and 99% browser compatible EV SSL displays a company name with green address bar in URL. EV SSL indicates the business is safe and genuine. EV SSL increase the conversion rates as well business profit. EV SSL tells customers the business takes care about data security. EV SSL protects your brand and customers from phishing attacks. EV SSL gives an Unlimited Serve License (Depends on Certificate Authority).

How EV SSL different from a Standard SSLs?An EV SSL certificate offers the highest level of assurance to users, where Standard SSL certificate cannot. An EV SSL certificate is more secure than a standard SSL because it has strict validation process. An EV SSL website enables green address bar with a company name that ensures a website visitor that business has been validated and its 100% safe for online transactions whereas a standard SSL only displays HTTPS.

An Extended Validation SSL provides highest conversion rates and customers trust for online businesses, makes business as a brand, but a standard SSL cant provide it. An EV SSL certificate helps to protect your brand from phishing and online fraud.

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