That’s recycling! My toothbrush… Hey! What about me?!

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Transcript of That’s recycling! My toothbrush… Hey! What about me?!

  • Thats recycling!

  • My toothbrush

  • Hey! What about me?!

  • A small piece for my hungry family, please?!

  • My advance payment runs out!

  • Fresh milk

  • If I move, Im dead!

  • Last week they washed me with the dirty laundry

  • Im home for dinner, honey!

  • When will I have such a big one?!

  • The secret of fresh breath!

  • Youre my mate. (Untill Christmas)

  • New hairdressers.

  • It isnt easy now a days without bags.


  • No! Im not afraid!

  • Ow! A real dirty job!

  • Please dont tell!

  • A chick that loves ducks!

  • No! No! Dont hit me!

  • Move on in the front!

  • Dont touch my mate!

  • I never poke my nose.

  • This picture took two whole days!

  • Idiot!!!

  • The bird ripped me!

  • Ideal for scratching!

  • So what?!

  • Mmm. That makes me think of my friend Xavier

  • the consequense of deforestation

  • What would happen if I pull that chalk line?

  • Two hours training a day

  • Nice buddyseat, isnt it?

  • Youre dead if you come closer!!

  • Hes a lucky fellow!

  • **************************************