Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual

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Transcript of Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    TI-30X II

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    TI-30XS:A Guide for Teachers

    Developed byTexas Inst rument s Incorporat ed

    Act ivit ies developed byGary Hanson and Alet ha Pasket t

    Illust rat ed byJay Garrison

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    199 9 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED TI-30XS: A Guide for Teachersii

    About t he Aut horsGary Hanson and Alet ha Pasket t are mat h t eachers in t he Jordan Independent School Dist rictin Sandy, Ut ah. They developed t he Act ivit ies sect ion and assist ed in evaluat ing t heappropriat eness of t he examples in t he How t o Use t he TI-3 0 XS sect ion of t his guide.

    Import ant Not ice Regarding Book Mat erialsTexas Instruments makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of

    merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, regarding any programs or book materials and makes such materials available

    solely on an as-is basis. In no event shall Texas Instruments be liable to anyone for special, collateral, incidental, or consequential

    damages in connection with or arising out of the purchase or use of these materials, and the sole and exclusive liability of Texas

    Instruments, regardless of the form of action, shall not exceed the purchase price of this book. Moreover, Texas Instruments shall

    not be liable for any claim of any kind whatsoever against the use of these materials by any other party.

    Note: Using calculators other than the TI-30X IIS may produce results different from those described in these materials.

    Permission To Reprint or Phot ocopyPermission is hereby granted to teachers to reprint or photocopy in classroom, workshop, or seminar quantities, the pages or sheets

    in this book that carry a Texas Instruments copyright notice. These pages are designed to be reproduced by teachers for use in

    classes, workshops, or seminars, provided each copy made shows the copyright notice. Such copies may not be sold, and further

    distribution is expressly prohibited. Except as authorized above, prior written permission must be obtained from Texas Instruments

    Incorporated to reproduce or transmit this work or portions thereof in any other form or by any other electronic or mechanical

    means, including any information storage or retrieval system, unless expressly permitted by federal copyright law.

    Send inquiries to this address:

    Texas Instruments Incorporated

    7800 Banner Drive, M/S 3918

    Dallas, TX 75251

    Attention: Manager, Business Services

    Note: If you request photocopies of all or portions of this book from others, you must include this page (with the permission

    statement above) to the supplier of the photocopying services.



    Copyright 1999 Texas Instruments Incorporated.

    Except for the specific rights granted herein, all rights are reserved.

    Printed in the United States of America.

    Automatic Power Down, APD, and EOS are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    199 9 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED TI-3 0 X IIS: A Guide for Teachersiii

    How the Teacher Guide is OrganizedThis guide consist s of t wo sect ions: Act ivit ies

    and How t o Use t he TI-30 XS. The Act ivit ies

    sect ion is a collect ion of act ivit ies forint egrat ing t he TI-3 0 XS int o mat hemat icsinst ruct ion. The How To Use t he TI-30 XS

    sect ion is designed t o help you t each st udent show t o use t he calculat or.

    Activit ies

    The act ivit ies are designed t o be t eacher-direct ed. They are int ended t o help develop

    mat hemat ical concept s while incorporat ing t heTI-30XS as a t eaching t ool. Each act ivit y isself-cont ained and includes t he following:

    An overview of t he mat hemat ical purposeof t he act ivit y.

    The mat hemat ical concept s beingdeveloped.

    The mat erials needed t o perf orm t heact ivit y.

    The det ailed procedure, including st ep-by-

    st ep TI-30 XS key presses. A st udent act ivit y sheet .

    How t o Use the TI-30 XS

    This sect ion cont ains examples ont ransparency mast ers . Chapt ers are numbered

    and include t he following.

    An int roduct ory page descr ibing t he

    calculat or keys present ed in t he example,t he locat ion of t hose keys on t he

    TI-30XS, and any pert inent not es aboutt heir funct ions.

    Transparency mast ers following t he

    int roduct ory page provide examples ofpract ical applicat ions of t he key(s) beingdiscussed. The key(s) being discussed arecircled on t he TI-30 XS keyboard.

    Things t o Keep in Mind

    While many of t he examples on t het ransparency mast ers may be used t o

    develop mat hemat ical concept s, t hey werenot designed specifically for t hat purpose.

    For maximum flexibilit y, each example andact ivit y is independent of t he ot hers .Select t he t ransparency mast er

    appropriat e for t he key you are t eaching, orselect t he act ivit y appropriat e for t hemat hemat ical concept you are t eaching.

    If an example does not seem appropriat e

    for your curr iculum or grade level, use it t ot each t he funct ion of a key (or keys), andt hen provide relevant examples of your own.

    To ensure t hat everyone st art s at t hesame point , have st udent s reset t hecalculat or by pressing& and-

    simult aneously or by pressing%

    and t hen select ing Y (yes).

    Convent ions Used in t he Teacher Guide

    In t he t ext , bracket s [ ] around a keyssymbol/name indicat e t hat t he key is asecond, or alt ernat e, funct ion.

    For example:Z

    On t he t ransparency mast ers , secondfunct ions are shown just as t hey appear ont he keyboard.

    For example:

    How to Order Addit ional Teacher GuidesTo place an order or t o request informat ionabout Texas Inst rument s (TI) calculat ors,

    use our e-mail address: t i-cares@t i.com

    visit our TI calculat or home page: www.t i.com/calc

    or, call our t oll-free number:1-8 0 0 -TI-CARES (1-8 0 0 -8 42-2737)

    About t he Teacher Guide

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    1999 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED TI-30X S: A Guide for Teachersiv

    Two-Line DisplayThe first line (entry line) displays an entry of upto 88 digits (47 digits for the stat and

    constant entry lines). Entries begin on the left;those with more than 11 digits scroll to theright. Press! and" to scroll the entry line.Press%! or%" to move the cursor

    immediately to the beginning or end of theentry.

    The second line (result line) displays a result of

    up to 10 digits, plus a decimal point, negative

    sign, x10 indicator, and 2-digit positive ornegative exponent. Results that exceed the

    digit limit are displayed in scientific notation.

    Display IndicatorsRefer to Appendix B for a list of the displayindicators.

    Order of OperationsThe TI-30X S uses the Equation OperatingSystem (EOSTM) to evaluate expressions. The

    operation priorities are listed on thetransparency master in Chapter 4, Order ofOperations and Parentheses (page 41).

    Because operations inside parentheses areperformed first, you can useDE to change

    the order of operations and, therefore, changethe result.

    2nd Functions

    Pressing% displays the 2nd indicator, andthen accesses the function printed above the

    next key pressed. For example,%b25E

    < calculates the square root of 25 and

    returns the result, 5.

    MenusCertain TI-30X S keys display menus:z,%h,L,%t,u,

    %w,H,I,%k,=%d,% and%.

    Press! or" to move the cursor and

    underline a menu item. To return to theprevious screen without selecting the item,press-. To select a menu item:

    Press< while the item is underlined, or

    For menu items followed by an argument

    value (for example, nPr), enter the value

    while the item is underlined. The item andthe argument value are displayed on theprevious screen.

    Previous Entries#$After an expression is evaluated, use# and$ to scroll through previous entries, which arestored in the TI-30X S history. You cannot

    retrieve previous entries while in STATmode.

    Error MessagesRefer to Appendix C for a listing of the errormessages.

    Last Answer (Ans)The most recently calculated result is stored

    to the variable Ans. Ans is retained in memory,

    even after the TI-30X S is turned off. To

    recall the value ofAns:

    Press%i (Ans displays on thescreen), or

    Press any operation key (T,U, etc.) asthe first part of an entry. Ans and theoperator are both displayed.

    About the TI-30XS

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30X IIS Manual


    1999 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED TI-30X S: A Guide for Teachersv

    Resetting the TI-30XS

    Pressing& and- simultaneously or

    pressing% and then selectingY (yes)

    resets the calculator.Resetting the calculator:

    Returns settings to their defaultsstandard notation (floating decimal) and

    degree (DEG) mode.

    Clears memory variables, pendingoperations, entries in history, statistical

    data, constants, and Ans (Last Answer).

    Note: The examples on the transparencymasters assume all default settings.

    Automatic Power Down(APD)If the TI-30X S remains inactive for about5 minutes, APD turns it off automatically.

    Press& after APD. The display, pendingoperations, settings, and memory are retained.

    About the TI-30XS (Continued)

  • 8/8/2019 Texas Instruments TI 30