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Department of Information and Communication Technology

Comilla University


Course leader:Khondokar Fida Hasan Email: k.fidahasan@yahoo.com Lecturer Dept. of Information and Communication Technology Comilla University , Comilla-3503 Bangladesh

Submitted by:Group - D Name Alauddin Azmul l Hossain Zarin Tasnim Sharmin Akter ID 0909003 0909020 0909027 0909030 Position Group Leader Group Member Group Member Group Member Emailalauddinahmed1990@gmail.com

azmul.ict20@gmail.com bristymegh10@yahoo.com

Date of Submission : 14th April, 20121

Table of Contents1.1 Introducton................................2 1.1(a) Objective.. ..2 1.1(b) Motivation...... ..3 1.1(c) About DX-BALL . 4 1.1(d) Stratgy se fort the game . .4 1.2 Literatuare Review.... .5 1.3 Methodology .8 1.4 Results............... .20 1.5 Sample Input .............................22 1.6 Sample output ..22 1.7Discussion. .23 1.7a) Limitations............. 23 1.7b) Future Plan...... 24 1.8Conclusion. 25 1.9a) Recommendation.. .25 1.10Biography........................................................................................ .26 1.11 Appendix................................................................................. 26



Introduction :

1.1(a) Objective :

After reading this paper you will be able to know What is Dx-ball game? How to can it possible to run the computer? How to play the game in the computer?

1.1(b) Motivation: This paper must be motivation that playing Dx ball game in the computer and motivate that how to run the game computer.

This paper inspire & motivate of a reader how to run and play the game into the computer .



(c) About Dx-Ball games:

DX-Ball is a freeware computer game. The game is basically a Breakout clone: you bounce a ball off a paddle at the bottom hitting different color blocks on the top of the screen. Hitting all the blocks results in completing the level and going to the next. There are 50 levels to complete. Unlike Breakout, however, is the inclusion of powerups other than extra balls. When you hit a brick, there is a chance that a powerup will float downwards towards the paddle, and can be picked up by touching it with the paddle. Certain powerups have positive effects, while others have.


(d) Strategy use of the game :

Mainly the games are breaking the box by ball. If there is some box in a area and a ball moving randomly in this area. A horizontal bar which is receives the ball when ball falling down and the horizontal bar will control by the players using mouse interrupt.

Strategy use -1:

When the ball move in a fixed area then in this area some box are create in this area . If the ball hit the boxes then the box is break. Then box reduce in this area and score will increase.4

Strategy use -2:

After break the boxes the ball back to down then the horizontal bar will receive the ball and again start move.

Strategy use 3:

If the Horizontal bar is not able to receive the ball then chance will reduce and. The level Start newly. The horizontal scroll by mouse interrupts.


Literature Review :


2 (a) Research area :

Now a Days computer games is most popular of young generation for entertainment. So, we research in Dhaka Mirpur -1 in a school. Some students of the school are regularly play different types of computer game. Then clearly decision that we are developing a game which name is Dx-Ball .


1.2 (b ) Review & Data collection for DX-BALL : DX-Ball is a freeware computer game for the PC first released in 1996 by Michael P. Welch. The game, an updated version of an earlier series of Amiga games known as Megaball, is patterned after classic ball-and-paddle arcade games such as Breakout and Arkanoid. It became a massive cult classic in the Windows freeware gaming community during the late 1990s. A level editor was made available as well. DX-BallDeveloper(s) Designer(s) Michael P. Welch Seumas McNally 1.09 (December


1998) Platform(s) Windows Release date(s) 1996 Genre(s) Arcade Single Mode(s) player

We find code of break box from the in book of Kamrujjaman Niton. Then we can prepared devoloped this project .

Shober Jonno C , by



(c) Problem found & solve :

When we prepare to developed the DX-BALL GAMES projects Then face some problem Such as graphics use , module combining , Object createing etc. We solve this problem by help of Honorable teachers and my senior brother of another university . We read some books for solve our problem.


Methodology : 1.3 (a) Algorithm (Using natural language ):7

DX-BALL (Ball, Area , H_Bar , Box , Chance, Score , level) 1. chance = 0; 2. while chance0) { scorepanel(); ii.x.ax=3; int86(0x33,&ii,&oo); barx=oo.x.cx; bary=oo.x.dx;


/******************************************** *************************************/





if(xcor>=620 || xcor15) //Last level of the DX-BALL { clearviewport(); outtextxy(10,10,"CONGRATULATIONS"); outtextxy(10,15,"GAME COMPLETED"); outtextxy(10,20,"Your total score"); printf("%f",points+temp); delay(3000); chance=0; } goto newlevel; }

} //End of While Loop restorecrtmode(); end: gotoxy(10,10); 15

printf("GAME OVER"); gotoxy(10,11); printf("Your Score %lu",points+temp);

getch(); closegraph(); }

/********************************************************** ***********************************************/




/*************************************************Function sides***************************************/





int chgx(int xcor) { int xchg; if(xcor>=620)xchg=0; if(xcor=456) ychg=0; if(ycor=25000) {chance++;temp=temp+25000;points=points-25000;} }

1.4 Results


Using this algorithm a DX-Ball game is made . Which can be played by only one player. Control by only mouse . When the programe will run by turbo c Compiler Then output will be



Score Board

DXBALL Control by upt

Area H_ BAR Control by Mouse.

Specail Box

Chance of a player.



this the output of the DX_BALL PROGRAM. If the Ball is falling down then Chance will be reduce. After 3 Chance the game is over and Show the Score board .

Sample Input : Enter the level (1-15) : 10

Sample output :


Figure 1 sample output

1.6Discussion:1.6a) Limitations:1. Graphics is not so attractive. 2. Only mouse is used as default playing device, Keyboard is not used. Keyboard interface is not implemented in the game. 3.Exception -13 Error4. 4. Menue option will be not Use .


1.6 Future plan:1. Well have tried to give a keyboard interrupt. 2. We want to design more 3D graphics for the game at future. 3. We want to improve the graphics of the game at future. 4.Well try our best to give the shape of the board in a 3D manner. 5. Try to give menu option in next time . 6 . Exception 13 error will be remove in next time.

1.7Conclusion:At the beginning of this project, we want to make a DX-BAll game and at the end of this project we made this. After preparing the papers, we got the answers of the following questions What is DX-BAll game? Is it possible to run the game into Computer? But still we have some limitations such as Graphics is not so attractive. Mouse interrupt is not used.

1.7(a) Recommendation: Graphics quality should be improved. Keyboard interrupt should be used. GUI should be used more etc.


1.8Bibliography:1)DX-BALL From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Web: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tic_tac_toe 2)C++ Tutorial Web:http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/c++-tutorial.html 3) How to make a flowchart for DX-BALL Web:http://www.ehow.com/how_8556862_make-flowchart-tictactoe.html 4)DX-BALL Web: http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~kathyg/cspp50101/project.html 5) C graphics tutorial Web: http://www.programmingsimplified.com/c-graphics-programming-tutorial 6) Graphics in C Language Web: http://programmerscafe.friendhood.net/t5-graphics-in-c-language 7)Turbo C++ graphics programming Web: http://onecore.net/turbo-c-graphics-programming.htm 8)Jeff Kent(2004), C++ Demystified,McGraw-Hill Publications,New York.

1.10 AppendixAfter reading this Appendix ,you will be able to know and play DX-BALL

Rules: PRESS Enter button for start Enter Which level you want play (1-15). Now the Scroll bar is Control by mouse continuous play. Better Try to most better play.