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Teds Woodworking Plans

Teds Woodworking Plans

Want you like to get instant access to over 16,000 woodworking plans?

Announcing: The WorldsLargest Collectionof16.000 Woodworking Plans

About Me: Ted McgrathFirstly I want to thank you for visiting my site and taking an interest in my archive of plans.My love of woodworking began at a very young age. My dad made me attend practical wood shops and classes almost weekly and my passion for woodworking tooks on a whole new level.As a high school student I not only constructed and wore a wooden backpack but, started to build furniture around the house. Needless to say my archive of woodworking plans grew extremely large as I began to amass them.My work has been displayed domestically and internationally. I love to transform ordinary wood into an eclectic array of styles and I believe the heart of the work lies within the choice of wood, grain, and texture.I'm semi-retired now but I'm still active in woodwork groups and teaching in a technical college for a wood turning class twice a week.

Icreated TedsWoodworking.com as a culmination of my life's work to spread the joys of woodworking to the public. I have kept an archive of all my woodworking plans and blueprints that I've ever owned. In total I have a little over 2000 high quality woodwork plans.For the past few years I was giving people access to these plans, however as of September 2014 I have joined forces with a former woodworking teacher of mine from the US, Jim Hanks, creating the largest archive of woodworking project plans available anywhere!So this is great news for you, because not only do you get my thousands high quality plans, you also get all of Jim's which means you are actually getting instant access to over 16,000 woodworking plans. Yes 16,450 plans to be exact!Now if there is not a woodwork project in there for you, I dont know what to say. All my plans comes with step-by-step plans, easy to follow instructions and detailed blueprints for all types of woodworking projects.So I hope you'll enjoy the plans as I have creating them.

16.000 Woodworking Plans

If you crate a wood craft with the help of the technigues showed in this book, t will be most properly error free. This book not only show you how to create a perfect wood craft, but also show to do the most beautiful ones. If you are a amatuer wood worker dont worry, because with the help of this book you will be a proffesional wood worker in future.Also you dont have to worry for not knowing what you can create because t will help you for this, too. As we stated before you can do this job for your family membess and f you wont, of course for earning money. In case you decide to earn money, it is a good source for you with this book you will have a expond bussiness in a short time, of course you will be a well-known worker by people in many couotries. This is such a perfect book that you will understand it easily without any kind of help.


It is a good quide which is written for you from the begining steps to the lost steps although, t has many perfect knowledges and technigues about woodworking, t is quide cheap for you.You can buy this book from the internet, and earn lots of money with the help of this book.If you dont find the book useful, you can utilize your money back.There are some other boks written about woodworking, but they dont show how to pruduce a new item step by step like the Ted Mcgrath is book.This book has schematics, biyeprints, meterials lists dimensions etc for a new woodworking Project. Another important side of this book is that, you can find videas about the techniques of woodworking.For there reasons you will have a good book just pay a little a mount of money.Another important side of this book is ts writter, Ted Mcgrath, as he is very experienced and he is one of the best woodworker, tbrough the World.

Actually this book is consist of seveal boks, which are wital for you to become Professional.When you compare the price under27$(Note: only us that price)with the videos and information include the boks, you see easily that t is quite very cheap. This book will come you with an award winning DWG and CAD plan viewer. These ara very useful for you to produce a new Project.With the help of DWG anf CAD you can create 3D models easily.Shortly; This book is aperfect quide for people, who wants to be a prefessional woodworker. Just buy this book and fallow the steps, to the become a successful woodworker.

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