TED Talk: There is Magic in the Future #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

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Insights from the TED Talk at #CannesLions 2013.

Transcript of TED Talk: There is Magic in the Future #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

  • 1. THERE ISMAGIC IN THEFUTUREInsights from theTED panel

2. THERE IS MAGIC IN THE FUTURETEDcame to cannesand brought Technoillusionist Marco Tempest.He revealed the three elements of magic.If you want to tellmagical stories,you better understand magic. 3. THERE IS MAGIC IN THE FUTUREMagicians are theoriginal early-adopters.Like magicians, advertisers can benefit by adopting new technologiesas quickly as possible. Remember what Arthur C. Clarke said: Anysufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.1 4. THERE IS MAGIC IN THE FUTUREMagiciansunderstand psychology.Magicians know, Tempest tells us, that the brain is lazy. They usetheir knowledge of psychology to create an illusion. Advertisers need tounderstand more than just wants and needs. Telling great stories requiresunderstanding how the brain absorbs and processes information.2 5. Magicians keepsecrets.But that doesnt mean you should. Tempest makes illusions thatprototype the future, and he relies on partners and co-creators to doit. Great advertising stories can be told by one person, but to createmagical experiences that help consumers envision a better future,you need collaborators.3THERE IS MAGIC IN THE FUTURE