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  • 1. Teachers presentation , Bilquis school Hodeidah -YemenDec,2012

2. In short, software is eating the world.Marc Andreessen 3. What is Technovation?EntrepreneurshipCommunityskills development 4. Why STEM? Science and Technology are leading theworld. Women are contributing between 10-40%in computing depending on a research. Learning to be a real inventors rather thanconsumers. Be competitive in the labor. Contribute to the economy 5. Science Technology Engineering Math 6. Ideas come fromeverything -Alfred Hitchcock 7. Building Teams1) Mentor 1) Mentor2) Teacher2) Teacher 3) 5 girls3) 5 girls1) Mentor 1) Mentor2) Teacher2) Teacher 3) 5 girls3) 5 girls 8. App inventor 9. Get Involved TimeLine1. Create an account on P2PU: www.p2pu.org2. Register at 10. Curriculum 11. Students enrollmentStudents fill the application form : 12. Certificate of accomplishment 13. Regional winners will travel to the SanFrancisco Bay Area, California (UnitedStates) to compete at the TechnovationWorld Pitch event. The winning team will receive $10,000 tosupport further development of their appand release on the market. 14. "Technology is like a fish. The longer itstays on the shelf, the less desirable itbecomes." Andrew Heller 15. Resources 16. Q&A