Technology Used Within Our Film

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Technology used within “The Gambler ” Talking about the features we used in Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

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Technology used within The Gambler Talking about the features we used in Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop

Jagged Borders

In order to establish that this was a flashback scene I Placed a filter around the footage on adobe premier pro, The borders are a pre-set called Roughen Edges When I placed these on, the edges imposed too much on the actual footage its self so I had to adjust the controls to make it the right Thickness/Sharpness. The desired effect was achieved and its clear from watching that this is a flashback.


The SmokeWe wanted to add some smoke effects onto the film, It would give the film a very sinister noir feel and adds a sense of mystery, It also raises questions and provokes thought into the audience why is there smoke inside? prompting them to wonder if the psychotic gangster is an arsonist to. The smoke was added in Adobe After effects, A program that allows you to add computer generated imagery to any piece of film. The smoke was a animation pre-set in the effects folder, I then key framed the opacity and evolution, so that it moved around and generated new smoke, and faded in and out to match the scenes.

The Titles We did not want to add the standard titles from Premier or After effects, Instead we decided to look on the well know font website We had a look at various fonts before setting on this one. Once we had downloaded and installed the font we imported it into Photoshop. With that we could create the desired rough and grainy effect before importing them into After effects for the final cut of the film.

Black and White The use of black and white within the film was intended to give a modern film a noir twist. The gangster theme fits well with the intended colour choice. I used the black and white setting in the adobe effects folder to achieve this.