Technology in ELT: Challenges and Salutation

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Transcript of Technology in ELT: Challenges and Salutation

Technology in ELT: Challenges and Salutation.

Technology in ELT: Challenges and Salutation.Presentation ByMonjur Hasan MahmudMonjur Hasan Mahmud1

What is ELT?English Language Teaching (ELT) refers to teaching the English language to students with different first languages. Monjur Hasan Mahmud2

Popular Practice in ELTThe Practice of English Language Teaching includes:English as a world languageTheories of language and language learningLearner characteristics which influence teacher decisionsGuidance on managing learningTeaching language systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation)Teaching language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading)Practical teaching ideasThe role of technology (old and new) in the classroomAssessment for language learning in the digital age

Monjur Hasan Mahmud3

The connection between Tech and ELTAs the use of English has increased in popularity so has the need for qualified teachers to instruct students in the language. It is true that there are teachers who use cutting edge technology, but the majority of teachers still teach in the traditional manner.Monjur Hasan Mahmud4

What kind of technology is used in Bangladesh in English Class?The PPT The Multimedia Monjur Hasan Mahmud5

ChallengesMajor Means Replaced by the Assisting OneLoss of Speaking CommunicationAbstract Thinking Replaced by Imaginable Thinking

Monjur Hasan Mahmud6

SalutationsPractice Of Applications The Computer Screen Cant Substitute the BlackboardPower Point Cannot Take the Place of Students Thinking and Practices

Monjur Hasan Mahmud7

ConsultationIn conclusion, I believe that this process can fully improve students ideation and practical language skills, which is helpful and useful to ensure and fulfill an effective result of teaching and learningMonjur Hasan Mahmud8

Thank YouMonjur Hasan Mahmud9