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DNN Connect 2014 (Garda Lake, Saturday, May 17, 2014 - Sunday, May 18, 2014)

Transcript of Technical Communication and DotNetNuke (DNN)

  • 1. Technical Communication and DNN

2. Who is KEA? KEA is an Italian SME specialized in developing Content Management Systems (CMS) Argo CMS Cross Media Publishing solutions For the Technical Communication The users of our solutions are the Technical Writers 3. Technical Writing Introduction 4. What is Technical Writing? Technical Writers Manage content Publish Technical documentation Manuals for installation, use and maintenance, online helps, quick references, troubleshooting guides Product information Product and spare part catalogues, pricelists, datasheets 5. Aims of Technical Writing Product Configuration Selection Secure Installation Use Maintenance Of the product 6. Challenges of Technical Writing Ensure the quality of content Publish Cross Media outputs For different targets, levels, markets Concerning different product variants Save time and costs Editing and versioning Translation and localization Publication 7. Technical Writing Tools 8. Tools for Technical Writing Authoring Tools CMS for the Technical Writing Single sourcing Content Variant Management Tagging and conditional reuse Integration with other data sources ERP, PDM and PLM, PIM and SPIM, MAMS and DMS TMS Workflow management 1/2 9. Tools for Technical Writing Publishing Tools Automated publishing Print media and CD/DVD/USB XML-based integration with Desktop Publishing tools MS Word, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker Web, mobile and apps XML-based integration with Web CMS and applications DNN 2/2 10. How to manage Technical Communication with KEAs solutions 11. Authoring and Publishing Tools Technical Writers use KEA Argo CMS As authoring tool Integrated with other data sources DNN As tool to automatically publish online Technical documentation Product information E-commerce 12. Integration Argo CMS-DNN Integration Argo CMS-DNN through custom Modules developed by KEA Modules to automatically publish Online helps, guides, manuals Knowledge bases Product and spare part catalogues with e-commerce functions Product configurators Collections of resources 1/2 13. Integration Argo CMS-DNN Single sourcing Tagging Content Variant Management Integration with data sources Conditional reuse Custom DNN Modules Web and Mobile Online helps Knowledge bases Catalogues E-commerce Configurators 2/2 14. Plus of Argo CMS Single sourcing Content Variant Management Tagging and conditional reuse Integration with other data sources Cross Media Publishing modules for MS Word, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker DNN, XML, HTML Workflow management 15. Plus of DNN Framework based on Microsoft technology Easy integration with other tools used by SMEs, especially in Italy Affordable costs Installation, maintenance, customization Integrated management of roles, users and permissions 1/3 16. Plus of DNN Enrich documentation with community functions News Blogs and forums Integration with social media Log information To improve documentation based on the users need 2/3 17. Plus of DNN Can be used to publish documentation, but also to manage the whole companys web site Easy to learn and to use Integration between standard, third party and custom Modules 3/3 DNN is a flexible, scalable and versatile Web CMS and publishing tool 18. Use Case 19. Authoring and Publishing Tools SICUTOOL uses KEA Argo CMS ERP As authoring tools DNN As online publishing tool Through custom Modules developed by KEA 20. Argo CMS Product Information Management Single sourcing Item #, descriptions, images, technical information, norms, accessories and spare parts Translations Workflow management Tagging and conditional reuse Cross Media Publishing modules for DNN, MS Word and Adobe FrameMaker 21. Argo CMS 22. ERP Other Product Data Item # Price Availability Packaging Weight 23. DNN Product Catalogue & B2B E-commerce Navigation by product categories Search by Item #, description, norm, trademark, use Product card Accessories and spare parts, technical documentation, news and updates Shopping cart Web site 24. DNN Navigation by product categories 25. DNN Navigation and search results 26. DNN Product card 27. DNN Shopping cart Accessories and spare parts Technical documentation Product news 28. DNN Product configuration 29. Other Use Cases Technical Documentation on DNN 30. Product Configuration 31. Online Help 32. Print-to-Web Integration Navigation 33. Print-to-Web Integration Videos, Illustrated Procedures, 2D/3D 34. Print-to-Web Integration Quick References 35. Community News, Blog, Forum and Socials 36. CMS Content Management System DMS Document Management System ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System MAMS Media Asset Management System PDM Product Data Management System PIM Product Information Management System PLM Product Lifecycle Management System SPIM Spare Parte Information Management System TMS Translation Memory System Dictionary 37. KEA S.r.l. Via Str, 102 37042 Caldiero (VR) Italia Tel. e Fax: +39 045 6152381 E-mail: Web: Blog: Contacts