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  • 1.MBAK 619 Jennifer Massicotte, Pamela Schell, Gregory Witt October 5, 2013

2. Active Female, 28-50 Enjoys Running, Walking, Fitness Training occasionally plays golf or soccer Nike Footwear products purchased yearly Annual Household Income - $88,000 Consistent Nike Brand User Desires Style, Function and Quality Watches network shows and reality TV Reads magazine articles and books Consumer Profile 3. Consumer Profile: Digital Behavior Access and other sponsor sites ( Key word searches include: Nike running shoes Occasional social site user (Facebook and Twitter) Occasional Use of Nike+ if convenient and accessible 4. Use Nike website page as main digital marketing resource Create loyalty program targeted to Nike women consumers Create or enhance sport specific Nike sites Provide pro sport information, links, etc. Show how to train Identify what Nike gear can be used to help Target middle income consumers Incentivize all product purchases with secondary product rebates and family plan product packages Consumer Insight 5. Bring product to customer Create bond between consumer and product by letting them try it Provide discount incentives for Nike products User word of mouth tactics through social sites, blogs and in person Show products being used Associate positive outcome with product use Promotional Tactics used 6. Funnel consumers through several social sites to Nike main website Increase click-throughs for Nike main website Engage consumers to connect with the Nike brand by social site voting (likes) Provide consumers the ability to customize products for personal appeal Use Nike website as exclusive location for custom product purchases Promotional Tactics used cont 7. Idea 1: Nike+ Lifetime Fitness Nike partners with five nationwide Lifetime Fitness membership gyms Nike + Fuel band and IPOD offerings are available daily for women to try as working out Nike + is rented to member for 30-day-trial, end of thirty days, member receives 25% discount to purchase Television monitors display NIKE+ product use in gym and workout statistics 8. Idea 1: Outcomes Increase awareness of the brand at a customizable level Engage target persona with product/brand at virtually no-risk through trial The campaign will encourage re-acquisition of target consumers personally Bringing Nike to them Members, Trainers, and Experts get a chance to spread word-of-mouth in-person and digitally 9. Idea 2: Nike Nation Success Recognition Nike sponsored national campaign to recognize women sports enthusiast and their individual and team accomplishments. Teams/individuals blog accomplishments on Nikes secondary sports websites including information about Nike equipment used. Accomplishments voted on by Participants and web users on every 3 months. Social media sites; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram used as marketing channels to Nike blog sites All participants receive product discounts. Winning accomplishment will be given the opportunity design a custom fuel band. Custom fuel Band sold through Nike+ website. 10. Idea 2: Outcomes Increased click-throughs on from Nike website to secondary product by 20% Increased interest and product recognition based on real people use. Retain existing product users by virtue of their personal accomplishments using the Nike Brand. Consumer acquisition based on perception of winning attributed to Nike product use 11. Other marketing campaign ideas considered Appendix Idea: Nike Stepping up Nike to work in conjunction with 5 major shoe outlets to provide a continuous exchange program for family shoes purchasing. Families signup for the stepping up program that allows continuous shoe exchange for family members. Participants are given product purchase points for exchanged shoes. All shoe products discounted through this program Stepping Up: Outcomes Creates long term customers Acquires future customers (family children) Used Nike shoes re-sold or given away to low income families providing good-will recognition to the Nike brand. Nike can bolster brand advocacy by showing active participation in the triple bottom-line People = providing shoes to the needy Planet = reuse of existing products Profit = creating steady consumers