DANCE TEAM Tryout Schedule TEAM Tryout Schedule Informational Meeting ... scenario questionnaire,...

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Transcript of DANCE TEAM Tryout Schedule TEAM Tryout Schedule Informational Meeting ... scenario questionnaire,...

  • DANCE TEAM Tryout Schedule

    Informational Meeting

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in the FHS Student Center @ 6:30pm

    Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Try Out Clinic Dates Friday, April 21st from 4 pm to 8 pm in the tiger pit

    Monday, April 24th from 4 pm to 8 pm in the tiger pit

    Try-out Date

    Tuesday, April 25th 2017 in the Tiger Pit at FHS 4:15 pm until

    We will announce the 2017-18 Frenship High School Dance Teams on Friday, April 28th at 4:30pm.

    All squads will be listed on the Frenship High School homepage. Make sure you are on the HIGH SCHOOL page.

    You will find the announcement on the right side.

  • Due Wednesday, April 19th

    Frenship High School Dance Team

    Audition Information

    1. In order to audition, you must:

    A. be a current Frenship ISD student. B. have passed all classes for the 2016-2017 5th 6 weeks. C. have NOT been removed from or resigned your position from any Frenship spirit squad at any point previous to 2016-

    2017 school year.

    D. have NOT been placed in DAEP or the PRIDE program during the 2016-2017 school year. E. attend the clinic and auditions in person. F. turn in a signed information/permission form completed by a parent or guardian by Wednesday, April 19th. G. have your parent/guardian fill out and sign the photo/name release form by Wednesday, April 19th. H. have your parent/guardian fill out and sign the tryout intention form by Wednesday, April 19th.

    2. Physicals

    Any student participating in a sport (including pom) is required to have a physical on file with our trainers. FHS will offer

    physicals for $20.00 on Wednesday, April 19th in the tiger pit (see physical packet for correct times). Physicals are not

    required for auditions but are required if you make a squad. You may choose to get a physical before auditions or after. If

    you choose to get a physical at the school on April 21st, turn it in to Coach Carleton when completed. If you choose to get a

    physical after auditions, you will need to see your own physician. Your physician MUST use the Frenship Physical Form

    when completing your physical.

    3. Description of Positions Available:

    The Frenship Varsity Dance Team is a pom and dance team that performs at all varsity football games and play-offs, home

    varsity basketball games and play-offs, pep rallies, spring dance recital, community events such as The Wolfforth Chamber

    of Commerce Harvest Festival Parade, spring competition, and other FISD school activities. Competition will be

    mandatory. Morning practices for competition will be required and mandatory. The Frenship Junior Varsity Dance Team

    will perform at the home junior varsity basketball games, possibly one or more varsity basketball playoff games, pep rallies,

    and in the spring dance recital. They will also take part in the Harvest Festival Parade and spring competition. Auditions for

    Varsity and JV Dance Teams are open to any current FISD student that will be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior

    student attending Frenship High School in the 2017-2018 school year. Senior students for the 2017-2018 school year will

    only be eligible to make the varsity squad. Again, you must be currently enrolled in an FISD school to audition. You must

    audition in person on April 25, 2017.

    4. What to Do:

    The first portion of this packet gives you information about auditions and is for you to keep. The last 3 pages contain forms

    (permission/information form, a photo/name release form, and the tryout intention form) that are to be completed and signed

    by both the candidate and a parent/guardian. PLEASE RETURN ALL SIGNED FORMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

    BUT NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19th. Forms will not be taken after 3:30 on Wednesday, April 19th.

    NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Courtney Ferguson at [email protected]

    5. Grades:

    To audition, you must have passed all your classes for the 2016-2017 5th 6 weeks with a 70 or higher. It is important for

    students to maintain passing grades as a dance team member.

    6. Character /Citizenship:

    Please thoroughly read the Character/Citizenship section of the contract. This year we will be adding a Frenship Factor

    portion of the audition process. Items that will be evaluated on this portion are: grades, teacher input, attendance record,

    experience, and overall character.

  • 7. Schedule:

    Friday, April 21st 4:00-8:00 Meet in the Tiger Pit. Practice technique. Teach

    the audition dance and give links and resources for practicing the


    Monday, April 24th 4:00-6:00 Review dance. Draw numbers. Mock try out.

    Tuesday, April 25th 4:00-Finished Issue numbers, captain speeches, and final audition.

    These clinics and auditions are closed to the public.

    8. Audition Material and Procedure:

    All candidates will learn the same audition material. During auditions you will be required to perform technique and an

    audition dance that contains pom, kick, and hip hop styles. Technique may include but is not limited to: battements (kicks),

    different types of turns (piques, chaines, double and triple pirouettes, etc.), tilt kick or jump, chaine jete, calypso, a

    leap(s) (grande jete/saut de chat, Russian, or switch), toe touch, c-jump, turning C, axle, and open fouettes. Tuesday

    we will hold auditions in front of a panel of judges two candidates at a time. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate

    technique and perform the routine learned on Friday. The new squads will be posted Friday night at 5:00 on the FHS main

    web page ( under the school announcements section.

    ***You will review the above techniques at the audition clinic, however, the earlier you start learning and practicing, the

    better off you will be.

    Varsity Dance Team Captain Selection: Those wanting to audition for captain must be a returning senior. The varsity

    dance team captain will be chosen by a selection process and announced at the time the new squad is posted. The decision

    will be based on coach evaluations, scenario questionnaire, judges scoring, interview scores, and candidate votes. The

    captain will be expected to work with the sponsor to coordinate camp, t-shirts, squad poster, practices, basketball buddies,

    and all other activities. The captain will also be responsible for contacting other squad members and leaders of other

    sports/organizations concerning squad business.

    9. Clinic Attire: Dance clothes (jazz pants or spandex shorts and tights, t-shirt or leotard, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers, etc.) are

    preferred. Other types of fitted workout clothes will be permitted. If shorts are worn, you must also wear tights. Absolutely

    no jeans. All candidates MUST audition in some type of dance shoe.

    10. Cost for Varsity Pom and Important Dates

    Members selected to the new 2017-2018 Varsity Dance Team will be responsible for the following cost due after auditions.

    These items will be ordered through the school:

    Required: $200.00 camp dues

    4 poms - $125.00 (optional for returning members)

    Squad t-shirts - $75.00 (approximate)

    Fleece - $125.00 (optional for returning members)

    Blue pom squad duffle bag - $60.00 (optional for returning members)


    Letter jacket - $75.00 (for members who have not yet purchased a letter jacket)

    Varsity squad members are also responsible for the following purchases on your own:

    Black jazz sneakers

    Black nike tennis shoes

    Soft black and nude jazz shoes

    Black tights or black long socks

    Clear bra straps

    *Additional costs should be expected*

    Please contact Mrs. Courtney Ferguson for questions regarding Varsity Pom costs at: [email protected]

  • We will issue uniforms to the new squad on Saturday, April 29th before our new squad breakfast. We will get fitted for new

    uniforms on Monday, May 1st at 4:00 pm in the FHS dance studios. There will be a Varsity parent meeting on Tuesday, May

    2nd at 6:30 in the FHS Library for those who make the team. Your student will letter in varsity pom when they make the

    squad which makes them eligible for a letter jacket. Pictures for the 2017-2018 poster will be May 18th at 5:30. This event will

    be for squad members only. If your child needs a ride to or from pictures, please let Mrs. Ferguson know. We will have summer

    workouts on Tuesdays/ Thursdays from 8am 12 pm May 30, June 1, 12, 19, 22, 26, and 29th.. These workouts are extremely

    important. Members must let Mrs. Ferguson know if a summer workout must be missed. All members will be responsible for

    learning assigned choreography. We will be hosting a mini Pom Camp the week of June 5th through June 8th . Varsity Pom

    Camp will be held at Frenship High School June 15th 17th from 8-5 pm. Camp is MANDATORY! Please arrange work and

    family schedules so you can attend. There will be a 3 day boot camp in July for both squads that will be decided after tryouts. 11. Cost for JV and Important Dates

    Members selected to the new 2017-2018 Junior Varsity Dance Team will be responsible for the following cost due after

    auditions. These items will be ordered through the school:

    Required: $200.00 camp dues due the Saturday after try out