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  1. 1. Center for Academic Services Advising and the Core Curriculum Dr. Deidra Turner, Associate Director
  2. 2. Academic Advising is Ongoing and interactive (MANDATORY the first 4 semesters) Educational plans and life/career goals Shared expectations and responsibilities Group and one-on-one
  3. 3. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Right to Limited Control of Release No one outside the institution shall have access to, nor will the University disclose identifiable information from the educational records without written consent of the students, except directory information or other exceptions permitted by the act, which the student has not refused to permit the University to disclose.
  4. 4. Advising Structure
  5. 5. What Advisors Know Degree Requirements University Policies and Procedures Academic Deadlines Campus Resources
  6. 6. What Advisors Dont Know Grades in current courses Attendance record Campus Life issues Financial Aid issues Disability accommodations
  7. 7. Orientation Advising Orientation Advisors faculty/staff volunteers and professional advisors Orientation Leaders students Both groups will help your student prepare for advising and enrollment
  8. 8. Advising Tools Undergraduate Catalog The TCU Core Curriculum website: Advising Toolkit College and Department webpage
  9. 9. Choosing a Major What is a pre-major 54 credit hour limit UNPR 10001: Self-Assessment and Career Exploration Center for Career & Professional Development
  10. 10. Dropping a Class Can affect a students financial aid, degree progress, etc. Allowed number of withdrawals Unlimited! Does NOT go on students official transcript
  11. 11. Electing Pass/No Credit Students only have TWO! Cannot be used on major/minor courses or associated requirements Need at least a C- to receive a Pass
  12. 12. Transfer Courses 12-hour limit 54-hour rule Transfer Credit Request All Core Curriculum classes may be transferred in except Cultural Awareness, Global Awareness, Citizenship & Social Values, and Writing Emphasis
  13. 13. Important Terms Major = area of study Degree = type of academic plan Minor = small concentration of courses that enhance a major or personal interest Elective = any course in the 124 not used to satisfy major, minor or core requirements Some majors are offered under more than one degree. For example, one can complete either a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology!
  14. 14. Bachelor of Science vs. Arts Med/Dent/Grad/Law schools are more concerned about grades than the degree B.S. requires more hours in the major B.A. requires a minor (or second major) and 2nd language proficiency at the 4th semester
  15. 15. Second Language Courses Placement depends on AP, CLEP, concurrent or dual credit, IB credit and/or other life experiences Students whose first foreign language class at TCU is beyond the first semester level may earn additional language credit
  16. 16. Requirements for Graduation Electives Minor TCU Core Major Total Hours 124 minimum Residency 58 hours minimum Upper Level Courses 42 hours minimum Transfer hours 12 maximum
  17. 17. Understanding the TCU Core Human Experiences and Endeavors Heritage, Mission, Vision, & Values Essential Competencies
  18. 18. Human Experiences and Endeavors
  19. 19. Heritage, Mission, Vision and Values
  20. 20. Essential Competencies
  21. 21. Double Dipping What isWhat is double-dipping?double-dipping?
  22. 22. Building a Fall Schedule Class # Subject Catalog # Section Day(s) Time Core Hours 70334 BIOL 10003 035 TR 11:00- 11:50 NSC (LCL) 3 70323 BIOL 10003 110 T 9:00- 10:50 NSC (LAB) -- 70976 SOCI 20213 002 MWF 8:00- 8:50 SSC, CA 3 70374 MATH 10043 010 MWF 9:00- 9:50 MTH 3 71386 ENGL 10113 015 TR 9:30- 10:50 HUM, LT 3 70578 JAPN 10153 060 MWF 2:00- 2:50 3 70788 PEAC 10411 035 TR 11:00- 12:20 1
  23. 23. Shameless Plug Academic Skills Coaching UNPR 10001: Self-Assessment and Career Exploration
  24. 24. Questions?
  26. 26. Aetna Student Health Insurance Good health is essential to academic success. Insurance can assure access to necessary care.
  27. 27. HEALTH INSURANCE IS A UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENT TCU requires that all undergraduates enrolled for 9+ hours carry health insurance. Requirement may be satisfied by a family/individual plan or the Universityoffered plan. Aetna Student Health is a major medical plan for injuries, illnesses and routine health care. The 2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act.
  28. 28. EXAMPLES OF BENEFITS Major Medical Policy benefits for injuries, illnesses, and routine health care. Preventative Care covered at 100% - no deductible and includes immunizations, a well-woman exam, freedom to choose any doctor, etc. Includes Mental Health/Substance Abuse and Physical Therapy No Plan Maximum Discount Programs - Travel Assistance Services Informed Health Line
  29. 29. EXAMPLES OF BENEFITS On campus benefits at Health Center Plan pays 100% of eligible, non-prescription services These are submitted by the Health Center directly to Student Health Insurance Prescriptions eligible for 80% Reimbursement after meeting the in-network deductible Off campus benefits In-network: $350/plan year deductible then 80/20 Out-of-network: $600/plan year deductible; 70/30 Health Center does NOT file claims with private health insurance
  30. 30. COVERAGE PERIODS AND COSTS Coverage periods Fall 8/15/15 to 1/10/16 Spring 1/11/16 to 8/14/16 Cost of students coverage - $979/semester 2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Plan is found under Insurance on the Health Centers website ( ID cards and claim forms may also be found under Insurance on the Health Centers web site.
  31. 31. Compare the TCU student health insurance plan with benefits, deductibles, and cost of a current or alternative plan. If the decision is to decline or waive the student plan, your STUDENT must enter private insurance information on-line. Students enrolled for 9+ hours who have not waived by the specified deadline will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan.
  32. 32. HOW TO WAIVE THE STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN To opt out, students MUST WAIVE the plan ONLINE. Must have adequate health insurance that will remain in effect for the 2015-2016 academic year Can access web site 24 hours after registering Instructions will be sent to students via their TCU email address July 11INITIAL AUTO-ENROLLMENT FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT WAIVED August 28FINAL DATE TO WAIVE FOR FALL SEMESTER
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. Questions? Student Health & Wellness
  36. 36. Sadler Hall Room 2011 Monday Friday 8:30 AM 4:00 PM Student Accounts Counselors (817) 257-7836 Fax (817) 257-7733
  37. 37. STUDENT FINANCIAL AGREEMENT Before student can register, must agree: Account set up in Students name Tuition, fees, room, meal plan, health center, library, parking, and other misc charges are posted to the account Account is due by Stated Due Date (can pay Total or Minimum Amount Due) Student is responsible for all charges on account If payment is not made, STUDENTS credit is affected Account will be sent to Collection Agency if not paid; collection and/or attorney fees will be added to account
  39. 39. HOW TO LOG ON
  41. 41. VIEW e-Z BILL
  42. 42. BILLING MESSAGES If you are expecting financial aid that is not included in your Anticipated Aid Total on this bill, check for Requested Information on your Financial Aid record. The Minimum Amount Due is your REQUIRED payment for this month. Your Minimum Amount Due MUST be paid by the Due Date (8/1/15) to avoid possible class cancellation. NEW STUDENTS: Your tuition deposit and your housing deposit will be posted as credits on your September statement. Students that withdraw prior to 8/24/15 or that do not attend will forfeit their deposits. You may opt out if you choose not to participate in the DeWar Tuition Insurance Refund Program. Students who have elected the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and undergraduates carrying 9+ hours who have not yet waived coverage will see the Fall charge of $979 posted on this bill. Coverage dates: 8/15/15 - 1/10/16. By accessing students may elect or waive coverage any time prior to 8/11/15. FINAL DEADLINE to ELECT or WAIVE for Fall is 8/28/15. A LATE FEE OF 1% OF THE UNPAID MIN AMUNT DUE ($7.50 MINIMUM) WILL BE ASSESSED IF THE PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 10 DAYS FO THE STATED DUE DATE. FINANCIAL AID WILL NOT BE CREDITED UNTIL ALL ITEMS REQUESTED ARE COMPLETE AND WILL NOT PREVENT LATE FEES. TCU accepts on-line credit card (a 2.75% fee will be charged) and ACH payments (NO FEE CHARGED). To make on- line payments, go to, click on "Popular Links", click on "Make Payment" and follow directions. Should you have any questions, please contact the appropriate department listed on the bill.
  45. 45. 1098-T INFORMATION
  46. 46. IF MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE IS NOT RECEIVED No Advance Registration for next semester No bookstore, laundry, snack, or off-campus dining charges allowed No future housing sign-up No transcript If account is not paid IN FULL: NO GRADUATION
  47. 47. PAYMENT OPTIONS Five Payments Per Semester Statements ready to view by the 12th of each month Minimum of 1/5 of basic