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The Enchanted Tarot

SpreadS and readingTarot Card Spread BasicsHow Tarot Spreads Are Used In Tarot Reading The more comfortable you get with the tarot deck, the easier it will become to decipher the tarot card meanings. The same came be said for tarot spreads. There are literally hundreds of tarot spreads to choose from, so to simplify this process, I have listed some examples of different tarot spreads and the many purposes for which they may be used. For the beginner it is important to first understand what tarot card spreads are and how they function. A tarot spread is a configuration of cards laid out in a pre-specified geometric pattern. Each position of each card in a the tarot spread has a specific meaning. When individual tarot cards are put together in a tarot spread, their meanings can be used to form a kind of story. Thus, the pattern of a spread provides the framework for a tarot reading. The tarot reader utilizes the placement of the cards, or the cards position, with an identified theme. For example, many spreads include positions for the past, present and future. They can also include positions for internal feelings, specific challenges, external factors, and so on. Tarot card spreads have different implications depending on the type of question or issue being explored. Some tarot card spreads relay information in a general way while others are designed to impart information that is very specific in nature. They can also vary in complexity from a simple one card spread to elaborate spreads that can include all 78 tarot cards. The choice of which spread to use depends primarily on the reader and the questions that need to be answered. In a tarot reading, the cards are shuffled by the person being read. This enables the person to have contact with the cards. While the person is shuffling, they are asked by the tarot reader to think of a question or issue. The tarot cards are like magnets that attach to individual energies. Once attached, they pick up information that facilitates the tarot reader in his or her reading. Once the cards are pulled and placed, the tarot reader will begin to interpret the images and positions of the tarot cards. The spread they are placed in adds to the complexities of the cards meanings. The strength of the cards lies in their unique ability to impart a persons path. It can do this in two ways; by igniting the intuition or psychic ability of the tarot reader and by picking up the energy of the person being read. In essence, it is a marriage. The tarot cards are the bridge between the reader and that of the person being read, and the tarot spread is the architecture of the reading. Once you become familiar with the Tarot, you will want to choose the best tarot spread to suit the particular situation being addressed in your reading. Once you get really comfortable, you may even want to make up some of your own tarot spreads. As a tarot reader it is important to choose spreads that encourage your imagination and intuition. Understanding the placement of the cards is important, but it is just as important to identify tarot spreads that work for you as an individual. They are as personal as the tarot cards themselves.

71 The Enchanted Tarot Deck

The Enchanted Tarot

Tarot Spreads For Love & IntimacyUsing the Tarot as a tool for Intimacy in the partner Tarot Spread Lets face it, communicating with our partner can be quite challenging at times. It takes a great deal of effort and patience to build a bridge of communication between two people. In order for our intimate relationships to flourish, we need acceptance, compassion and the ability to listen. Relationships require accountability to yourself, your partner and the relationship as a whole. Unfortunately maintaining this level of intimacy on a full time basis can prove to be almost impossible without guidance. In tarot reading, the majority of issues that come up for couples can be broken down into a few skewed beliefs: We do not know how to effectively express our emotions. We depend on and hold our partners responsible for our happiness. We expect our partners to individually meet the variety of emotional needs we have all of the time. Tarot card readings can be a powerful tool for rebuilding intimacy in a relationship. The Tarot has the unique ability to uncover both conscious and unconscious behavior patterns, deepen the level of our awareness (individually and as a couple), and help to determine the developmental stage of a relationship. When done together with ones partner, the Tarot offers new, informative language to couples, which suggests more effective forms of communication and promotes a deeper understanding of one another. Through the Tarot, a couple can revive their relationship and redirect their path together. It cracks faulty structures and the limited ways of thinking that, so often, plague our efforts towards intimacy. The Tarot encourages a partnership to explore the roles each individual has adopted in the relationship. It is the ultimate tool for freeing oneself of the ego and finding common ground with ones partner. When utilized properly, many Tarot card meanings can encourage a couple to explore their boundaries and find a new, mutual, freedom. There are certain Tarot spreads that can be done with your partner. One of the most effective is the Tarot Partner Spread. This spread is an excellent tool for increasing the dialogue between you and your partner. I have found that when this is utilized on a regular basis, a couple can re-discover their relationship in an entirely new way. Using The Tarot As A Tool For Intimacy In The Partner Spread For this particular spread, each couple takes turns shuffling the cards. Next, you spread the cards out in a semi-circle in front of you. While concentrating on the suggested questions that I have listed below, each partner will take a turn, pulling one card for each question. 1. 2. 3. What can I learn from you? What do I expect from you? How can I be more supportive?

72 The Enchanted Tarot Deck

The Enchanted Tarot4. 5. 6. What do I need to work on to become a better partner? What does my partner need from me? What is the direction our relationship needs to take?

This list of questions is not set in stone. They may be expanded or changed in any way that you wish. Keep in mind, the Tarot has multi-layered Tarot meanings. The information a couple can receive is truly limitless. This simple exercise can deepen both partners level of awareness and create a new vocabulary from which to relate to one another. It is a spontaneous and enjoyable way to get to know your partner from a new perspective and hopefully deepen the level of intimacy.

The Three Card SpreadThe Three Card Spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads in use today. Its beauty lies within its simplicity. It is incredibly effective at highlighting the energy of ones past, present and future. This is one of the most dynamic tarot spreads that can be used in a tarot reading to evaluate any number of questions. Are you looking for spiritual balance? Do you want a quick prediction about your past, present and future? Or, perhaps you are looking for guidance on a pressing concern or question? The great thing about the Three Card Tarot Spread is that it allows you to have the flexibility to explore the outcome of just about any situation. You can get creative with the Three Card Spread and place the cards in whatever pattern appeals to you. You may also change the context of the reading and get as imaginative as you want. Below I have illustrated some examples of how this spread can be used and changed according to the needs of your particular situation.

First Card Mind Past Background

Second Card Body Present Problem

Third Card Spirit Future Advice

Three Card Spread

73 The Enchanted Tarot Deck

The Enchanted Tarot

The One Card SpreadAlthough simple, the One Card Tarot Spread is a very effective spread for problem solving. It can also be used for answering simple yes or no types of questions during a tarot reading. Because you are limited to only one card, it is important that you frame your question clearly. The more concise you are, the easier it will be to interpret the spread. This particular spread is known for its ability to give guidance on how to approach a particular situation. In terms of yes or no questions, it is helpful to incorporate upright and reversed tarot card positions. Although it is not always the case, reversed card positions represent a no and an upright position represents a yes. To begin, shuffle the cards and divide the deck into three piles. While you are shuffling, be sure to focus on your question. Choose the pile that speaks to you the most and pull one card. Place it in front of you. This is the one tarot card you will be reading.

The How to Find Love Tarot Card SpreadOne of the most standard inquiries made during a Tarot reading concerns matters of love. One general belief is that true love is something that is outside of ones self, that it is predestined or an act of fate. In truth, we play a significant role in our own love lives. Finding true love begins within our own selves. The first step towards finding a fulfilling relationship begins with finding love within our own inner beings. The greatest relationships are those in which both partners have discovered who they are as individuals. When one develops a strong sense of self, their partnerships are more likely to thrive. With self-awareness and self-knowledge, one is more capable of expressing their feelings and setting appropriate boundaries. This allows both partners to develop the ability to recognize the areas in which their relationships need to grow. They can also acknowledge their own needs and better understand the needs of their partner. More importantly, for someone that i