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Target audience for different types of Thriller films

Target audience for different types of Thriller films

Target audience for thriller films The target audience for most thriller is 15 and over. This is because they include lots of violence scenes that may not suitable for younger viewer. Most thriller targets 15 -25 year old . Thriller films mostly target young adults as the find the plots interesting and as they like to feel suspense and mystery. Also, thriller films appeal to both males and female. Females usually attracted to thriller films because they enjoy the feel of mystery and wondering what will happen next and males enjoy it as they like the action part of the movie and they love the suspense that gets their heart beating.

PsychologicalThe target audience of most psychological thriller is 18 plus ,this is because they contain many disturbing character with psychological illness. Thriller films mostly targets adults as it might include lots of violence and some psychological issues that can be disturbing for younger audiences .They are mostly target at women because they are more attracted to psychological thriller because they enjoy the mystery and suspense. Also, they enjoy the event that takes place in thriller films.

Horror thrillerThe target audience for a horror a films is mostly 15 and over. This is because young adults and teenager enjoy thrills and the suspense. They are generally aimed at men rather than females due to that men enjoy intense violence more . Also, they mostly target individuals who are interested in the supernatural and enjoy a sense of illusion.

ActionAction thrillers are often aimed at a similar audience range -as they are more likely to appeal to young adults due to the exciting and fast-paced nature of them.They mostly target males as they enjoy high intense action more than women.