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1. TARGET AUDIENCE RESEARCH By Jade Dowse 2. SECONDARY RESEARCH This presentation will show the Secondary data research of my chosen genre of pop, so that I can establish the demographic information of my target audience for my music video. 3. GOOGLE SEARCH I looked up the most popular artists that were being mentioned most frequently. 6 female artists and 5 males artists were frequently mentioned on the internet. 4. BAUER MEDIA Bauer Media is a website that manages portfolios of more than 600 magazines, 400 digital products and 50 radio and TV stations around the world. From Bauer Media, I have found out what brands that I think the people in my demographic would like. I chose to look at what I thought my ideal demographic would be into. 5. 4Music is a music and entertainment programme where you can see new music videos, watch live performances and watch comedy and reality shows. You can also see behind the scenes footage of big name stars and news of the latest stars. It reaches 10.5 million viewers a month of which over 4 million are 16-34 year olds. The Hits Radio plays the biggest hits to people between the ages of 15- 34 year olds. It plays non stop hit music and interviews the biggest stars. Absolute Radio plays music within the past five decades, which can be accessed by a mainstream audience. It can be accessed by mobile apps, Xbox 360, Smart TVs and online at their website. CFM delivers the biggest songs of the moment from Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, Coldplay and Sam Smith, everyday that listeners will love. 6. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER I looked at social networking sites, mainly Facebook and Twitter, to see how many people like a particular artist. The artist that I am doing, The Bangles, has over 400,000 likes on Facebook, meaning it is a bit niche compared to the other artists I looked at who are more current with 7. In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, the genre of pop is mainstream as looking at the group Maroon 5, they have millions of followers/likes. Artists like Heather Small are niche for their target market as on Facebook they have over 7,000 likes compared to David Guetta who has over 55 million likes. 8. YOUTUBE YouTube is a video sharing websites that allows individuals or media companies to upload, view and share videos. YouTube is a great way to see how many people like a particular music video or how many have subscribed to the artist. 9. Ariana Grande is a dance- pop artist that goes with my genre. An example of her videos is One Last Time that has had 113,498,188 views and 7,437,862 subscribers showing that this genre is very mainstream. It doesnt show if they fit into my demographic but I know that this genre is mainstream for the audience and must attract a wide demographic of both genders and age groups. 10. Jessie Js Domino had lots of positive comments and has a lot of subscribers and viewers. Just like Arianas song, it is mainstream within this genre. 11. Bastilles Pompeii has over 200 million views on YouTube and has lots of positive comments (even across the globe as some comments were in different languages including the comment that was added in French about loving the song.) This shows more evidence of this mainstream genre of pop as it has a global success. 12. IMDVB - HTTP://IMVDB.COM / IMVDb is The Internet Music Video Database. They find out information about the music industry and about music videos. I have found out the top music videos of all time and the most popular is Gangnam Style by Psy with 2.4 billion views. For the artist that I am doing, I found the video that was made and the release frequency over time of their videos. 13. CHANNEL AKA http:// This website shows the statistics for the average daily reach per week of particular shows on TV. From my genre, Pop TV shows represent a small percentage on a daily reach but has a big percentage share. 14. HTTP://MUSICMACHINERY.COM/2014/02/ / This website has helped me establish what gender likes this genre of music and it shows that mostly females like pop music however looking at the chart on the right, both genders like the same artists but not in the right order. Some of the artists have songs in the genre of pop showing that my genre is mainstream to the audience and that it draws females the most attention. 15. HTTP://MUSICMACHINERY.CO M/2014/02/13/AGE-SPECIFIC- LISTENING/I have found on the same website as the previous slide, the age demographics that like particular artists and genres. Some of the artists are mentioned in both lists opposite and can show that particular artist is mainstream than niche. However, more of the artists in the 13 year old listeners are pop artists. The table below shows how the artists own age relates to the age of their fans. 16. HTTP://WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM/MU SIC/2015/MAY/19/NEW-STUDY- REVEALS-LYRIC-INTELLIGENCE- GETTING-LOWERI found a newspaper article wrote this year about the change in music over the last decade and its results. When you go deeper into the results, there are lots of different graphs showing Andrew Powell-Morses study of popular music. The top pop artist was Mariah Carey and the genre differences in the last decade for pop has 17. UK TRIBES - HTTP://WWW.UKTRIBES.C OM/ On the UK tribes website, I went on different social groups pages to see whether any of the groups liked pop music and I found that the Mainstream group like pop music the best, especially Fan Girls who look up to Cheryl Cole, One Direction and Justin Bieber. This means that my target audience is mainly for young females. These are the brands that Mainstreams favourite 18. Below are the common brands that Fan Girls like 19. MY CHOSEN DEMOGRAPHIC My chosen target audience demographic are females who are teenagers as this demographic was the most common throughout my research. This can lead into my primary research where I can ask my target audience about my genre of pop in more detail.