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  • 1.(Music Video) Leah Patterson

2. 10 9 8 7 6 5Female4Male3 2 1 0 PopIndieRockRapR'n'BOtherThe fray are ultimately a rock band, however some of their chart songs have a pop sub genre. Not many of the people I asked said hat rock was there favourite genre, however pop was the most popular genre overall. In order to reach my target audience more effectively I will use a cover with more indie, pop conventions (the two most popular genres from this research.) These were the most popular genres overall, however both genres were more popular with females, therefore I will mainly target a female audience. 3. The Script- The script are an extremely similar band to The Fray. Both bands follow a rock/pop genre in their music. This answer was mentioned twice in my results and as the bands are so similar, it shows that I am targeting the right audience. Adele- Adele was one of the artists I researched into for my initial audience research , as I felt as though her and The frays music was similar in rhythm and lyrical content. Again this shows that I have focused on the correct age group. This answer again was mentioned twice, both by female participants, suggesting that mainly females will prefer the female cover I will be using. Ed Sheeran Again Ed Sheerans work is based on lyrical meaning and (similar to The Fray) a majority of his work has a slow pace. I have previously analysed one of Ed Sheerans music videos so therefore have a rough idea on what my product should include. Katy Perry*** - Katy Perry is not a similar artist to The Fray as her songs fully fall into the pop genre and her songs are much faster and more upbeat. However Katy Perrys songs are still very much based on the lyrical content and her songs (and music videos) often tell a story. 4. What is your favourite music video? Part of me (Katy Perry)*** - As mentioned in the previous slide, Katy Perrys music is not at all similar to The Frays, however her videos are mainly narrative based and often revolve around the lyrics in the song. This feature of the artists work IS similar to the videos the Fray currently create for their songs. The Scientist(Coldplay) Story of my life (One Direction) Love how it hurts (Scouting for girls) All other examples here (and most of them given in all the answers) also have a story behind the images shown on screen, and a majority of the examples link to the story portrayed through the lyrics. They also all include performance from the artist in the video (such as the artist acting as the main character, or them signing/dancing) This not only suggests this is what my targeted audience want to see in a music video, but also proves that I have chosen the right audience as this is what The Frays original music videos all include. 5. What do you like in music videos in general? Ilike seeing the artist in the video Stories- real life issues addressed I like the images on screen to match the lyrics An interesting and relevant story line I like emotions relevant to the song to be represented through the video A majority of answers given for this question revolved around a story line (one that links to the lyrics of the song.) Emotions being portrayed was also an answer mentioned a lot. Therefore to fully reach my target audience I will insure that I include both these things, creating an emotional story which is also described in the lyrics of the song. Another prominent answer was seeing the artist in the video. Therefore I will also be including a performance element to the video, something I had not originally intended to do. 6. Have you heard the song before? (females)(males)Yes 9 116 YesNoNo 14The results from this question, further back up my decision to aim my music video mainly towards a female audience. Although people from both genders had previously heard the song, more females were familiar with You found me by The Fray than males. I only asked people aged between 16-26 (since the Facebook fan base for The Fray were of similar ages) and 26/40 people had heard the song before, indicating that this is the right age group to aim my product at. 7. Do you like the song? 40 35 30 251820Female15Male101652 40 YesNoFurther supporting the previous idea that people between ages of 16-26 are the right age group to target is the fact that 34/40 people said they liked the song. Again more females said they liked the song than males, suggesting that females would make most of the intended audience.If Yes, What do you like about it? The meaning behind the lyrics Emotion created through the instrumental and rhythm It builds up a story in your mindAgain, even with the lyrics, the audience mainly liked the story behind the song, backing up my narrative video proposal for the music video. 8. What would you most like to see in a video to this song? 20 18 16 14 12 10Male Female8 6 4 2 0 PerformanceAnimationsLinked story lineAlternative StoryOtherA story line linked to the songs lyrics was the most popular content for a music video in the people I asked and Performance was the second most favourable. Therefore I will be creating a music video which includes both these features. 9. Do you think a female cover of the song will work? 27/40 people thought that a female version of the song would work. 8/13 of the people that disagreed were male, suggesting, again, that I will be targeting mainly females when creating my music video, as I will be using a female cover artist (especially since over half said it would work.Knowing that the singer will be female, how does your idea on the video change? The themes would change to become more relevant to females It wouldnt change, the lyrics would still hold the same meaning The song would have less of an emotional impact as the original song challenges typical male stereotypes 10. What would appeal to you the most on the cover of a digipak? I asked my target audience what would attract them to a digipak and magazine article the most in order to create the most appealing products later on in the production cycle. Over half of the people asked said that pictures of the artist would appeal to them the most on the front of the digipak. I will use this information, along with the fact that images from music video was the second most appealing feature, when creating the digipak to go with my music video.07110 Picture of artist 22Image from music video Lyrics Image relevant to artistOtherAre lyrics in a Digipak helpful? Every person asked said that they would like lyrics to songs on the album to be included in the digipak. I will therefore be sure to include lyrics to the song I am covering on one page of the digipak. 11. What draws you to a magazine advert the most? ThemePicturesTextColours05101520253026/40 people asked said they found the images in a magazine advert the most appealing part, therefore I will focus mainly on these and the impact they have the most when creating the magazine advert . Although text will still be needed in or to suit the products advertising purpose will keep this simple and minimum.