Talent Pool Update: Latest Views on Supply and Demand | Talent Connect San Francisco 2014

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Understand the market supply and demand for your specific talent needs with the latest analysis across geographies, functions, industries, and seniority. Continue your talent acquisition transformation at Talent Connect 365: http://linkd.in/1z8YEaf

Transcript of Talent Pool Update: Latest Views on Supply and Demand | Talent Connect San Francisco 2014

  • 1. Talent pools:latest views on supply and demandMatt HillSenior Manager, StaffingQualcommMatt GrunewaldResearch ConsultantLinkedIn#intalent

2. Supply Demand 3. The market for talent is no different . . .Governed by supply and demandA B#intalent 4. Talent pools = talent GPSTALENT GPS#intalent 5. Setyour talentdestinationMaptalentsupply & demandExplorealternateroutes#intalent 6. Step 1: Set your talent destination#intalent 7. >>>Discovery questionsWhich current or past Qualcomm employees fit the profile?What skills or areas of expertise are required to be successful?Which employers are well-known in this space?#intalent 8. NFCStart with LinkedIn Recruiter#intalent 9. Wash, rinse, repeatNFC AND (mobile OR payments)#intalent 10. First signals of talent supplyNFC AND (mobile OR payments)Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan . . .2,453 talent pool#intalent 11. Setyour talentdestinationMaptalentsupply & demandExplorealternateroutes#intalent 12. Candidates by employerNFC + payment / mobile + APAC9651 5040 3730 28 27 25120100806040200Gemalto Samsung Sony NXP Oberthur MasterCard HTC Intel Visa#intalent 13. 624Candidates by countryNFC + payment / mobile + APAC519348282167 163707006005004003002001000Singapore China Korea Taiwan Japan Hong Kong Indonesia#intalent 14. 7471Candidates by school3330 2820 70 20 20 2080706050403020100Nat'lUniversitySingaporeNanyangTechUniversityNat'l TaiwanUniversityYonseiUniversityNationalChiao TungUniversityShanghaiJiaotongUniversityInstitutTeknologiBandungSeoul Nat'lUniversityUniversity ofPhilippinesSingaporePolytechnicNFC + payment / mobile + APAC#intalent 15. Lets make this easier . . .1. Energy - Renewable Energy2. Oil & Gas - Subsea / Offshore3. Business - Branding4. Business - Non-profit5. Computer - Software QA/Debugging6. Computer - Java Development7. Construction - Architectural Design8. Ecology & Environmental Science9. Finance - Corporate Finance10. Law - Corporate Law#intalent 16. Lets make this easier . . .In 201310Talent Pool ReportsIn 2014100Talent Pools Reports!#intalent 17. #intalent XLets make this easier . . .In 201310Talent Pool ReportsIn 2014100Talent Pools Reports! 18. 8,256#intalent 19. 1. 3d Artists (Europe)2. Academic Advisors (United States)3. Accountants (Africa)4. Actors (Europe)......8254. Welder (Latin America)8255. Writer (United Kingdom)8256. Yoga Teacher (United States)#intalent 20. Map supply + demand#intalent 21. Wide variety of roles and regionsTalent pool countCountTalent pool audienceBusiness Owners (US) 4,951,804Chefs (Sweden) 10,021#intalent 22. Student interests shiftNew grads% newgradsTalent pool audienceAssoc. Software Engineer(India) 47%Letter Carrier (United States) 1%#intalent 23. Turnover varies widely% changed jobs in past year% changedTalent pool audienceBrand Ambassador (US) 44%Doctor (Asia)