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  • 1. Monkey Do, Monkey See?Video at Your School, the Easy WayTravis Warren, WhippleHillCurt Lewellyn, Fessenden

2. Quick Show of Hands - what is your job title?posted a video on Facebook or Youtube? edited a video with iMovie or the like? 3. When technology becomes technically boring, itbecomes socially interesting. - Clay ShirkyPOPTECH 4. 1995 Lenz v. Universal Music Corpclosed sourceopen source WHIPPLEHILL 5. US broadband penetrationgrew to 88.82% in March 2008.Figure 1: Web Connection Speed Trends - Home Users (US)Source: Nielsen//NetRatings 6. + Inexpensive Non-linearVideo Editingand others ... 7. A Perfect Storm- Abundance Bandwidth- Proliferation of Video Cameras- Non-linear Editing for everyone- Devices like AppleTVs, iPads, etc. WHIPPLEHILL 8. Online Video Now More than 50% of Internet TrafficProportion of Total U.S. Internet Traffic Source: Limelight Networks 2010 Brightcove, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4 9. Cognitive Surplus in the 80s 10. 1 Billion Users this August (2012) 11. Okay, sonow what ? 12. If were going tomaximize, we mustget organized! 13. 1. Shooting 2. Editing3. DistributingVideoVideoVideoWho? Who? Where?What?What? (Strategy)Where?When?- Students - Communication- Admission- Teachers - Students - Alumni- Coaches- Faculty- Parents- Parents- Outsource? - Faculty- Professionals?- Your Website- Youtube- Facebook 14. The Reaction 15. Skype Multiplication Competition 16. SRK OETW N L ACISO 17. Going "Mental" with the Mentalist 18. 19. Lets Go Fly a Kite 20. The Champion