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  • 1. UNIT THREE (B)

2. UNIT PURPOSE: READ AND REWRITE INFORMATIVE TEXTS FROM A PARTICULAR FIELD SPECIFIC COMPETENCE: Write notes TO describe the components of different human body systems in a chart. FINAL PRODUCT: CHARTS OF HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS 3. THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM BLOOD carries nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the bodyand carries away waste materials and carbon dioxhide. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: the heart, the blood, vessels, and the blood.THE HEART pumps blood around the body.Arteries and veins 4. a. What does the heart do? b. What are the names of the two types of tubes that carry the blood? c. What are the main parts of the heart? d. What are the main parts of the circulatory system? e. Whats the function of the blood?