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IMEX MAY 2012 smart listenin Want the content of your meeting to be spot on? Use the particpants collective knowledge Crowd source (to prepare, engage)

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short slide set showing how Synthetron helps meeting managers to crowd-source before, to have hybrid interaction during and mass engagament post meeting/ event

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  • 1. Want the content of yoursmart listeningmeeting to be spot on?Use the particpants collective knowledgeCrowd source(to prepare, engage) IMEX MAY 2012

2. Know your participantsbefore taking to theWant those that arefloor?not present to adapt your communication and actively contribute?agenda for more impactactually use the collective brain get the issues on table upfront soin a hybrid meeting: get all tothat event you concentrate on impactactively contribute in veryfocused and moderated onlinebrainstorm workshopsWant to be spot on withyou content? engagethem in the event?=> Crowd source : use the insightsfrom participants to co-create thecontent, topics and agenda? IMEX MAY 2012 3. Bettermeeting3 PREPARE MEETINGTRACKContent Hybrid participation Impact EngagementOn site harvestingKeep momentum Crowd source brainstorm ReflectIMEX MAY 2012 4. examples 4PREPARE Meeting TRACK Ikea prepares strategy meeting G1000 get 700 citizens HYBRID Training meeting understanding how strategy isactively involved in politics case linkon new policy : experienced today keep momentum and understandREWE -Essent prepare kick off merger Shell : safe cost and get those 100 notlearning, behavio present to actively contribute HYBRIDur change, results meeting by testing the corporatebrainstorm story with internal panelPhilips world in one day online mass7C manifesto tested before conference interactivity Bank: 100 days to engage participants, fine tune1. Web-meeting telling after kick offagenda and motivate attendance.- see2. Synthetron get feedback of allmeeting :link 3. Web meeting share answer understand level ofalignment AO engaged the different EuropeanDutch Bank top 100 meeting engagement andEEN agencies to co define their needs Harvests real table discussions viabottlenecks /and expectations for EU meeting synthetron => ranked shortlist solutionsIMEX MAY 2012 5. purposefulStakeholders safely discuss with many, from their own PC online, identifying crowd sourcecollaboratively what really matters most 1 hour smart online discussions:online web Moderated : purposeful conversationapplicationcore topic Anonymous, written, collaborative conclusive, of the public web Conclusive and scalable 10-1000 Participants feel engaged by the interactivity and co-creationevolutionary the outcome is a short list of discussionsynthetrons: those ideas matter most process to participants, ranked by importance, and the long list of all ideas. obtaining actionable insightInstant further analysis and benchmarking short list ofSynthetron deep analysis method for top opinions content, meaning, lab, buzz words, & ideasbenchmarks, 3H, EBCIMEX MAY 20125Synthetron 6. Focused mass interactionleading to conclusionsModerated 1 hour 10-1000 participants OnlineShare & evaluate ideas anonymously virtual special table settingEvolutionary ideas first scored at table strong ideas move on(= synthetrons) weak ideas stay at tableIMEX MAY 2012 7. Participant: easy and funtopicthinkingA synthetron (promotedmessage yourobtainedscoresupport) readingscoringNeighbours group messageaveragescorewritingYour messageYour reactionIMEX MAY 2012 8. Benefits of social media without disadvantagesParticipantsDiscussionsinteractive &anonymouspeers Efficientnotmoderatedevolutionarysafe space content online publickey questionsconclusiveNot share ofshare of voice thoughts Outcomedeep insightwhat they say, sharewhat they think, feel engaging short list oflong listimportant experience of participants most all data buzz words & noWritingmindset feedback and important ideasIdeas groupthinkown PC co-creationranked by themwritten what divides them IMEX MAY 2012Synthetron 9. Moderate 1. Prepare discussion script 2. Observe content micro level Script (over shoulder of participants) 1. Observe content: macro level invitation discussion (synthetrons list) 2. Watch the dashboard Output 3. React by adapting the script Repot IMEX MAY 2012 10. Some references10 10IMEX MAY 2012 11. Synthetron for better meetings, active interaction,hybrid solutions and ongoing engagementpre meetingPREPARE to understand participants ingoing position re topicContent content, the issues and expectations, the mindset and Engagementbuzz words... and hence be able to draft a better Crowd sourceagenda, go beyond the issues and know how tocommunicate most stickingduring meetingMEETING to support Hybrid mass interaction with large groups Hybrid participation onlineOn site harvestingto engage all in a single massive brainstorm moments brainstorm to harvest classical table discussionspost meetingTRACKImpactkeep momentum , making people reflect on outcomeKeep momentum and understand impactReflectIMEX MAY 2012 12. More [email protected] listeningwww.synthetron.comCrowd sourcing Social brainstormContact us directly inGermany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Fra Online discussions nce, Mexico, Canada, Brazil IMEX MAY 2012