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1Marketing Management Plan IntroduccinRigoletto comenz en el verano de 2009, por cinco frustrados estudiantes de MBA en Miramar, Florida.Durante los primeros seis meses de operacin Rigoletto vendi 18,250 pizzas,100avg. diarias.Rigoletto espera que su xito dependa de su garanta de entrega en 25 minutos o gratis. Rigoletto tiene muy en mente diversificar su producto y servicio despus de su primer ao.


Nuestra misin: Nos enorgullece en preparar una pizza de gran calidad y proveer un servicio excelente , rpido y garantizado a un precio muy competitivo . Nuestra visin:Convertirnos en el mejor y ms rpido restaurante de pizza en la Florida, proveyendo mejor servicio, valor, calidad y satisfaccin a nuestros clientes , trabajando en equipo y manteniendo un crecimiento constante para nuestros inversionistas y empleados.

3Resumen EjecutivoApertura en Junio 1,2009 Rigoletto pizza a demostrado una gran aceptacin entre la clientela local en nuestro restaurante y en las entregas de la pizzas.Nosotros siempre mantendremos como objetivos principales Mantener siempre en mente nuestra misin y visinConsistencia en el producto y servicioTrabajar en un ambiente de equipoMantener un crecimiento constante



Proveer una pizza de calidad, gran servicio, rapidez y gran valor por el dinero concentrando nuestros esfuerzos a clientela local de todas edades raza y posicin econmica que deseen una pizza rpida, saludable y sabrosa.Mantener un crecimiento constante que nos permita satisfacer nuestros clientes e inversionistas.


SWOT Anlisis

FortalezaNuestra pizza estar lista sabrosita ,calientita y en su casa en 25 minutos o gratis, dentro del rea local de nuestro establecimiento. Debilidades Muy corto tiempo en el negocio, Presupuesto limitado y nuevos equipos y empleados.


SWOT Anlisis

OportunidadesEspectacular equipo de trabajo que est muy motivado y concentrado en nuestra visin. Oportunidad de estar en una industria que no hay lmites de crecimiento como la industria de restaurante y comida rpida.

7SWOT Anlisis AmenazaGran competencia como lo son Pizza Hot, Papa Johns, Little pizza y Domins que poseen una gran experiencia y capital de trabajoLa actual economa o recesin podra ser un obstculo inicial que podra reducir las ventas

8Marketing ResearchIndustry Analysis' according to the National Restaurant Association, food service sales were $320 billion for the 500,000 restaurants in the U.S. The U.S. restaurant industry grew 5.2 percent

Customer satisfaction research Rigolettos make quantitative and qualitative studies as a regular basis to verify how satisfy are the customers with our product and service9Customer AnalysisRigolettos target market since we have a new flavor choices like the great Rigoletto special, and we offer concepts like delivery in 25 minutes or free and taking internet orders, we are constantly bringing new ideas to the table ,we are getting the attention of the younger to mid age people.



Rigoletto realized that the top ten fast food restaurant chains controlled over 60% of fast food sales in the U.S. and we are very positive about the other 40% which is a great deal of customers out there willing and able to buy our product. Pizza Hut has the largest market share, 40% of the pizza industry, followed by Domino's with 20%.

11Marketing MixRigoletto is considering very seriously to offer a new product that will be call Rigolettos Extreme ,this pizza is the bigger ever and we will sell it with double the chesses and topping as the Rigolettos standard large pizza, this strategy should gives us a competitive advantage to gain the competition.

12Strategies for price, promotion and distributionPrice , Rigoletto will used high and low pricing strategy when setting the retail price of our products.Promotion- The main theme that will be used to promote our product are: Hot and tasty in 25 min. or free El secreto esta en la masa


Advertising, public relation, and sales promotional strategies

Advertising- With limited budget we will start advertising our product in local TV and radio but using most of our energy and resorts in direct marketing including direct mail, flyers and coupon

Public relation we are focus in our vision and goals, we have a great experience in the business plan and communications skills to successfully deal with customers, vendors and government official.

14Promotional strategiesSales promotional strategies- Rigolettos primary objective of a sales promotion is to improve a company's sales by predicting and modifying our target customers, purchasing behavior and patterns. Sales promotion are very important, our Pull Strategy will present an aggressive marketing campaign including TV ,radio and direct marketing.

15BudgetRigolettos sold over 18,000 pizzas during the first six months of operations an average of one hundred per day in his only location in Miramar. Rigoletto is budgeting to sell over 40,000 pizzas in the first year of operations and will continue opening new businesses.

16Sales ProjectionsRigolettos prepares forecast for the futures three years by putting together historical information from sales ,market condition, taking into consideration offer and demand in the pizza industry, estimates and financial ratios . Rigolettos breakeven point in units is 40 lg. pizzas per day or $480 a day, or $14,400 per month, any sale after that amount is profit.

17ControlsRigolettos have an internal control manual that address who will be responsible for the control measures we plan to take. Our success or failure will be determined as follow, we will compare results to our objectives and vision alone with profit and sales revenues.

18Media Marketing Rigollettos Pizzawww.rigollettospizza.com

19Marketing Management Plan Introduction 1Rigoletto begin operation last summer by five Partners MBA students from Miramar ,Fl.During the first six months of operation Rigoletto sold 18,250 pizzas,100 avg. Per day.Rigolettos success depend on his 25 minutes delivery warranty or free, value and quality. Rigoletto is always keeping in mine to diversify his product after his first year of operation.


Mission:2 We are proud in prepare a great quality pizza and provides an excellent service , fast, and delivery warranty at a great value. Vision:To become the best and faster pizza restaurant in Florida, by providing better service, value, quality, customer satisfaction ,team work and keeping an steady business grow for our investors and employees.

213 Executive Summary Since our opening last June ,2009 Rigoletto pizza has show great acceptance amount the local customers in our restaurant and delivery.We are always keeping in mind our main objectives witch are our mission and vision. Consistency in product and servicePerform in a Team work environmentKeeping a constant business grow


4 Objetives

Provide a quality pizza, great service , fast and great value for your money. Concentrating our effort in all age, raze and economic position to whom are wishing a fast ,healthily and tasty pizza.To keep an steady business grow that allow us to satisfy our customers ,employees and investors.


SWOT Anlisis

Strength 5Our pizza will be ready, hot and tasty in your home in 25 minutes or free within our area coverWeakness Too little time in this business ,limited budget and brand new equipment and employees.


SWOT Anlisis

Opportunities 6Successful team working very motivate and concentrate in our vision statement. An Opportunity to belong in an industry with unlimited growing like the restaurant and fast food business.

25SWOT Anlisis Threat 7Huge competition from Pizza Hot, Papa Johns, Little Caesar and Dominos who are very well known by their experience and working capital.Our economy or recession may be an offset that can reduce our sales.