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At Swiss Jobs and Career Center we share the best and most relevant information and advice on career and job-searching in Switzerland that we can put our hands on.

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2. Your CV Must BeTotally PerfectAnd TotallySwiss-Proof 3. You compete against many otherjobseekers In a job market that is veryconservative, AND... Where getting noticed is not anobvious thing if you are a foreigner!The Swiss Reality 4. Fortunately, WeAre There To HelpSo YOU CanSucceed 5. The CV Makeover and Swiss-ProofingServices Designed to make your CV 100% fitwith tight Swiss hiring protocol So you get the attention of therecruiters that YOU are looking forHow Can We Help? 6. Step 1: We Speak With You Step 2: We Structure and Edit Your CV Step 3: We Swiss-Proof Your CVWhat Can You Expect? 7. You Get A FullySwiss-proofedand professionally-edited, new, shinyCV 8. But There Is More We CanDo To Help You in The SwissEmployment Market 9. Increase your LinkedIn visibility andappeal to recruiters and talentacquisition specialists!LinkedIn Profile Building 10. Let your cover letter become ateaser that makes recruiters readyour CV with great care and keeninterest!Cover Letter Writing 11. Present yourself without engaging inanything that smacks of a hard sell,such as when you send in your CVand cover letter!Executive Bio Writing 12. Tailor your CV individually for eachjob that you are particularly keen tointerview for!Ultra CV Re-Modelling 13. Re-assess your overall strategy andapproach to job-search. Get anindependent and expert advice oneverything you do in your search foremployment in Switzerland!Personalized Follow-Up 14. Let Us Help YouIncrease The Oddsof Getting Hired InSwitzerland 15. What They Say?Thank you so much for rewriting my CV. It was daunting to acknowledgehow badly I needed your help. My only regret is that I have not tried yourservices earlier. I am very happy to recommend you to others -Mimir A. Villadsen, Zrich, SwitzerlandVisit